Ice Bag Pink

Free UK Delivery Carrying a bottle around with you at a party can be rather uncivilised, plus you'll probably end up with a rather warm bottle by the end of the evening. So your alternative solution is to either carry it about in a supermarket carrier bag or bring the whole ice bucket with you! Not very practical when you're socialising with friends. The Ice Bag however, combines these two solutions into one handy water-tight portable carrier.

This funky pink Ice Bag has strong, comfortable carry handles for taking bottles of wine, champagne or soft drinks with you. Perfect for those large parties, wedding receptions and other special events. The Ice Bag also comes in handy when heading to your friend's house, taking unfinished bottles home or even enjoying a limo ride into town.

If you're the party host, distributing Ice Bags is a perfect accompaniment to a drinks bar, helping guests stay within their limit and preventing the bar from overcrowding. Simply add your bottle, surround with fresh water and ice cubes and within minutes your drink will be ready to serve.

Already used by major events such as Doncaster Racecourse, the Ice Bag is also perfect for more domestic use such as short picnics, or hosting a garden party. The Ice Bag enables people to socialise without the hassle of making their way back to the bar to top up!

Please Note: Champagne and glasses not included!

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