Ice Bag Blue

Free UK Delivery Tired of having to keep your champagne and wine bottles stuck in a stationary ice bucket? Well, now you can carry your favourite tipple with you wherever you go! Ideal for parties, just distribute a few Ice Bags to your guests and let them refill their own drinks when their thirst gets the better of them!

If you are planning on hosting a large party or event, then, of course, alcohol will be a main feature of the day! While having a dedicated drinks stand is a must-have, the Ice Bag introduces a unique way of serving bottles of wine and champagne.

The water-tight construction allows you to fill this stylish carry bag with ice and water, so when you introduce your bottle, it will remain chilled! If you fancy moving around and mingling with other people, all you have to do is pick up your Ice Bag and be on your way!

Please Note: Champagne and glasses not included!

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