Hurricane Solid Brass Steeltip Darts

Free UK Delivery Anyone looking to get some darts to play at home for a bit of fun now don't have to fork out for some professional flashy darts to have a couple of games here and there. Introducing the Harrow Solid Brass Steeltips Darts, perfect for anyone getting into the game!

The simple construction of these darts make them much more hard wearing and long lasting than a normal set of darts, you're not going to need to replace any fiddly flights on these as they are a one-piece dart! This makes them great for those not always guaranteed to be on target, kids and adults alike.

Built around a solid brass grip which is knurled to give optimum grip, topped off with a steel-tip these darts are truly hard wearing. The Hurricane Solid Brass Steeltip Darts are precision made by Harrow technologists. The one piece flight and shaft combines to create a perfect dart for recreational enjoyment.

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