Home Skittles

Free UK Delivery Sad to say, but it’s true. The old pub games are dying out. When did you last see anyone playing shove ha’penny across the bar? Or playing cribbage in the corner, their pints of foamy stouts set before them like large fluffy sheep? Or playing skittles… hang on.

The revival of skittles in the bars of this great land may not have caught on just yet, but there are tentative stirrings. Due in part to products such as this, skittles is becoming popular again!

Wooden framed, this set is similar to the league model for bar skittles. With this home skittle set, you can practice at home until the day your local reintroduces skittles in the bar!

This set features a deluxe mahogany game tray lined with a green baize, and has a lengthy wooden pole with an attached ball and chain ready to knock down the 9 skittles! Included on the game tray is a scoring board with four pins provided so you can keep tally of how many frames you are winning!

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