Guinness Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml

Free UK Delivery Be sure to always get an exact pint of Ireland's finest with these CE marked Guinness Pint Glasses! With the classic tulip shape, these officially branded Guinness glasses are exactly what you might use down your local pub to sample the Black Stuff!

Printed with a CE mark on one side, these Guinness Pint Glasses are certified for use in pubs and bars as a legal pint measure. If you've got an event just around the corner and you need some professional glassware, then look no further than the Guinness Pint Glasses! Alternatively, if you just fancy some top quality pint glasses for home use, then these beauties are ideal for lining your home bar ready for when guests come round!
Your future career as a pub landlord is just around the corner!

Please Note: These Guinness Pint Glasses are CE marked, which means they can be used in pubs.

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