Guinness Label Rubber Bar Mat

Free UK Delivery When at a pub, you can place your glass down anywhere and you don't have to worry so much about small spillages because it's not your home! But for those of us that enjoy a nice cool Guinness at home, the problem of keeping our wood veneers looking nice and clean can be something worth losing sleep over!

The simple solution to sticky Guinness stains is the Guinness Label Rubber Bar Mat! Officially licensed by Ireland's finest stout, this rubber bar mat simply lays on your bar top and is the ideal surface to put your full glasses and bottles mid-drink. The bar mat has a depth to it that helpfully holds all of the stray drips so they don't sit on the surface, or touch your precious bar top!

Proudly displaying the classic yellow Guinness label design, this PVC rubber bar mat is the perfect place to put your pint of Guinness, but is also ideal for any other drink you might fancy!

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