Frosty Mug 14.1oz / 400ml

Free UK Delivery Tourists, it seems, have the general impression of English pubs as smoke-filled old tavernas, where smelly locals grunt monosyllabically at each other whilst cradling filthy pints of warm beer. It is a shame that such an impression of the fine old British Boozer continues to perpetuate, especially given that things have now changed – warm beer is very rarely now served!

However, for those of us who continue to have the misfortune of drinking room-temperature brew, there is now a solution! This tough, clear acrylic mug incorporates an internal bag which is filled with a freezable liquid. A couple of hours in the freezer and this mug can handle even the most revolting of lukewarm beers, chilling your drink a few precious degrees, or keeping your already-cold, fridge-fresh lager at the perfect temperature.

No longer must the masses suffer the ignominy of serving their guests deliciously chilled beers, only for the sun to do its evil work and render these perfectly-chilled pints curdled and undrinkable! Get the Frosty Mug, and never drink a warm beer again!

Please Note: The Frosty Mugs are gift-boxed individually.

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