Exacto Pourer Blue 25ml

Free UK Delivery Also known as a Speed Pourer, Posi Pourer or Exacto Pourer. Simply push into your favourite bottle of spirit and tilt. This little gadget will then dispense an approximate 25ml measure into your glass.

Exacto Pourers will fit on most branded bottles of spirits. Perfect for dishing out the alcohol in equal amounts.

Exacto Pourer Operating Instructions:

Exacto Pourer inside a bottle neck, pouring• Simply attach the Exacto Pourer to your bottle
• Make sure you turn the bottle to a high angle when pouring
• The ball-bearing system inside the Exacto Pourer follows the flow of the liquid and plugs up the spout ensuring you get the right amount
• To dispense another measure you must turn the bottle upright again; the ball-bearing will then return to it's original position, ready for the next measure

Please Note: If you find the ball-bearing system is not working properly, please ensure you are holding the bottle at a suitable angle. If you hold the bottle at a too horizontal angle the ball-bearing will not flow very easily, if at all. Instructions are included.

Pourers will fit on most bottles but are not suitable for Baileys and other 'thicker' liqueurs or 150cl bottles.

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