Esperienze Champagne Flutes 10.6oz / 300ml

Free UK Delivery Champagne is often considered as a drink only experienced while celebrating, no matter if it's a birthday, a wedding, or just a private celebration over dinner. True connoisseurs will remind you that Champagne is a variety of wine, and should be savoured as such. This handmade piece of designer stemware is the ideal way to experience your favourite bottle of bubbly.

The first noticeable piece of uniqueness when looking at the Esperienze is the unusual rippled bowl; this is to aid and speed up the oxygenation process of your Champagne, helping to bring out the aromas and flavours. So, before you've even taken your first sip, the Esperienze has helped to give you a better taste experience.
The Esperienze is made from a fine blown crystal glass, giving it a brightness and transparency unrivalled in other common wine glasses. The thin, delicate stem gives the Esperienze an elegant look, and is created using a special stretching process that helps improve its strength.

Perfect for tasting your Champagne, the Esperienze Champagne Flute is certain to make a positive impression on dinner party guests.

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