Econ Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 0.9oz / 25ml

Free UK Delivery Once a few sambucas have been knocked back, you and your friends would be forgiven for not seeing clearly enough to place your glass neatly on the bar. As shot glasses are used to serve up a high alcohol volume to tipsy drinkers, they need to be strong enough to withstand quite a few drunken bashes and bumps.

If you're planning your latest house party and don't want to spend the next morning picking shards of broken glass from your shag pile carpet, then the easiest solution are the Econ Shot Glasses. Made from Polystyrene plastic, these 25ml shots feature a rigid construction that ensures they can be dropped and knocked about without fear of them smashing across your bar top.

CE marked at 25ml to the brim, these shot glasses are legally usable in bars and clubs, and are ideal for catering events, while the sensible polystyrene plastic material makes them ideal for home use. The fact that these plastic shot glasses are dishwasher safe means they are the obvious choice for all shot lovers!

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