Econ Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses CE 1.25oz / 35ml

Free UK Delivery When you've knocked back a few shots, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. There's a distinct possibility that one or two glasses could get accidentally knocked over, providing your eyes are working well enough to even see them!

To help you out on those heady nights, the Econ range of Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses are the ideal vessels for your favourite shots! While the initial draw of these plastic shots is their robust nature, reducing the risk of breakages, what stands out is the bold range of colours.

This pack of 6 colourful translucent shot tumblers ensures a bold and exciting display, no matter what drink you're serving! What's more, these plastic shots glow under UV light, meaning they will mesmerise anyone, whether they've already had a shot or not! With a mixture of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple, you are guaranteed a colourful light show!

Each of the Neon Polystyrene Shot Glasses is even CE marked, allowing them to legally be used in pubs and clubs. Whether you've got a large event to cater for, or just need something to brighten up your Friday nights, these vibrant shot glasses are the ideal choice!

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