Drinks Paddle Board 6 Shot

Free UK Delivery It can be difficult to negotiate a bustling environment to to hand out shots at a party. How can you carry more than 2 glasses without resorting to dipping your fingers in the actual shot?

The solution comes in the form of the Drinks Paddle! This ancient device has been used throughout history as far back as the ancient Egyptians, and now we've evolved enough as a civilisation to put it to it's proper use, to serve more drinks!

Originally used to share out drinks in ancient ceremonies in a toast to the gods, the Drinks Paddle is an ideal way to serve up to 6 shots in one go. Also used in old sea-faring times, Navy captains would use these unique trays to hand out rum after a victory.

Fast-forwarding to modern times, the Drinks Paddle is an ideal piece of equipment to reduce the need to make continuous trips back and forth to the bar. Simply load up your Drinks Paddle with as many shots as you can carry and your party can continue with as few interferences as possible!

Made from a dishwasher safe bamboo, the Drinks Paddle makes carrying shots a doddle, which is essential when you've already had a few drinks yourself!

Please Note: Be aware of the size of the Drinks Paddle holes when choosing a shot glass to put in it. Fluted glasses work best as these will slot in more comfortably.

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