Custom Wine Rack

Free UK Delivery Whether a connoisseur or new to wines, this traditional wooden wine rack brings you the best of both worlds - the beauty of natural Pine together with the strength of steel.
The beauty of racking is that you maximise your storage space, no matter how limited that may be. Why not build your own cellar? Whether you need a small rack or a whole cellar, we specialise in the proper racking. We design configurations to fit any space, from spare cupboards to restaurants and hotel cellars.

All racks are ready assembled and delivered to your door for immediate use. When ordering please check that the rack's overall measurements can be handled easily through doorways or round corners to reach their final position.
If your racking needs to fit through various doors and around corners, you could order it as a few smaller racks, and then piece it together once it is in place. To do this, simply use the connecting kit, available separately.

The racks are constructed from galvanised steel and solid pine, they stand without fixing to the wall on a level floor but eyelets are provided in case fixing to the wall should be necessary. Wine racks that do not stand directly on to the floor should have strong additional support underneath such as a shelf or brackets.

What's The Minimum Number of Holes I Can Have?
While there is no minimum number of holes you can have.

What Colours Can I Have?
You can choose from 8 different colour stain options for your Custom Wine Rack. All racks are made from natural Pine and stained to the selected colour. See the list at the bottom of the page for the range of colours available.
The shades of colour stain on the wine racks may differ slightly to image shown, we cannot guarantee a true colour match.

Custom Wine Rack Measurements:Custom Built Wine Racks
Using the following diagram, you can determine how many holes you will be able to fit in your chosen space. If you measure your wine rack space in conjunction with the size of the actual racking, you can order your racking with ease!

To Order Your Custom Wine Rack:

• Enter the quantity of holes you require for your rack in the "Quantity" box (think of it as how many bottles of wine you want to store)
For Example: 20 holes
Custom Wine Rack

• Continue to the checkout process, on the Confirm Delivery page enter the size and colour of your desired Custom Wine Rack in the box titled "Add notes to my order"
For Example: 4 x 5 and Red Mahogany
Custom Wine Rack

Need More Help?
Perhaps you have a whole wine cellar to fill with racking, or you have an unusual space for your racking.
If you have something more ambitious in mind and you need more advice on creating your own Custom Wine Rack, contact our customer services team

Please Note: Please allow up to 14 days for delivery of custom wine racks. contact us for a quote.

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