Coors Light Frosted Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml

Free UK Delivery As every self respecting beer drinker will know, a pint is best served chilled! Ideally, the coldest you can get it without your drink turning to a block of ice, the better!

If you're enjoying a chilled pint on your own, then you could probably get away with swigging it from a bottle, but if you're playing host to your mates for the latest footie match, then there's got to be some more presentation involved.

The Coors Light Frosted Pint Glass gives your chilled beer the perfect companion. With a frosted glass exterior, this pint glass is finished with the Coors Light logo printed on one side, and the Colorado mountains around the base.

CE marked at 1 pint, this pint glass is ideal for use in pubs and clubs as well as for casual home use, and with a nucleated base, your pint of Coors will keep its head for longer.

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