Conique Head-On-It Pint Glasses CE 20oz / 568ml

Free UK Delivery As much as you try, it can be difficult to recreate the full pub feel at home. You can fill your home with as many bar related items as possible, but there will always be something missing - a perfect pub pint!
The Conique Pint Glass helps bring the pub back home, allowing you to host a party with a perfect pint every time!

With the classic conical shape, you will instantly recognise this pint glass from your local, and the CE mark ensures you can serve an exact pint every time, cementing your future as the perfect party host!
To help give your beer that true pub authenticity, the Conique Pint Glasses feature a painted nucleated base which utilises Arcoroc's aptly named Head-On-It technology. This will ensure the bubbles keep flowing, which in turn helps retain the head of your pint for longer.

To top it all off, these glasses are made from toughened glass, making them up to 5 times stronger. So, when you're playing host to a few tipsy friends, you can be sure these glasses can withstand a few knocks without showering your home in broken glass!

The perfect pint glass for bringing the pub home, the Conique Pint Glass is a must have addition for any home bar owner, and is ideal for parties where glassware is in demand!

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