Coca Cola Green Glasses 16oz / 460ml

Free UK Delivery Most pub-goers will agree that recreating the pub experience in your own home is a difficult task. Serving up drinks in standard tumblers just doesn't have the right feel to it. There's something so satisfying about being served a Coca Cola in its very own glass!

Now you can bring part of that pub feel into your own living room with the officially branded Coca Cola Glasses! Embossed with the Coca Cola logo, there's no mistaking that these are the real deal!
The Coca Cola Georgia Green Glass is sized at over half a pint so you can comfortably fill it up with plenty of ice for a nice chilled drink, while still having plenty of room for your half pint of Coke!

These classic style glasses are made from the traditional Coca Cola green glass which is called Georgia Green after the drink's origins in Atlanta, Georgia. Most Coke glasses made outside of the US are made from clear glass, so these glasses are more than simply a drinking glass, they're a piece of memorabilia! The vintage style of this hiball tumbler makes it a must have for any self respecting cola fan!

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