Chopstick Kids

Free UK Delivery Using chopsticks don't come easily to everyone. If you find those slippery noodles a pain, it's time to call upon the Chopstick Kids for a helping hand.

These soft, washable, food-safe hinges really keep your chopsticks in line and add an element of fun to the dining experience. And they're not just for kids either! Why not cut down on your partners clothes washing and eat with less mess and pure ease!

The Chopstick Kids are moulded from coloured food-grade silicone rubber. They come with a nice set of melamine chopsticks, or you can use them with your own - the openings at the bottom stretch to hold those break-wood chopsticks or even your nice ivory ones.

Please Note: The Chopstick Kids are available as His (red) and Hers (pink), which are sent at random when dispatched, we cannot guarantee a certain colour.

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