Brass Last Orders Bell Large 7inch / 180mm

Free UK Delivery Fun as it may be inviting your friends, their friends, and that random bloke that sits outside the corner-shop all day back to your place for a few drinks of a sunny Sunday, it can get quite embarrassing, not to mention irritating, when, after a good sleep, you awaken to find that they’re all still there, drinking your booze and moaning at you for not keeping them properly entertained.

This bizarreness can descend from the merely farcical to the truly surreal when you return from work to find that your living room or bar area has become the neighbourhood’s de facto local.

As you cover your head with your hands in dismay, you wonder, fleetingly, why pubs don't have this problem. And then you remember: They have a bell! A last orders bell. And now so can you.

This superbly finished brass bell is stylish enough to hang in any home or bar and is perfect for ensuring that the stragglers finish their drinks in good time to stagger home.

Wall mounted with a diameter of 7 inches (180mm), you will never again awaken to find that the tramps you call your friends have set up home after a few drinks at yours!

Please Note: Wall bracket included. Screws and fixings are not included. Screw type is dependent on what you are screwing into.

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