Bomb Shotz Clear 3.7oz / 105ml

Free UK Delivery In need of a drink that's a bit original? Keep up with the latest craze, with the emergence of the new energy drink shots! A twist on the traditional chaser, these Bomb Shotz combine both shot and soft drink that will keep you buzzing all night!

However, creating your 'bomb' by pouring into a shot glass and dropping it into another glass can be time consuming and wasteful. That's without mentioning all the mess created, washing up to do, and the hazards of a shot glass hitting your teeth! The Bomb Shotz is a two chamber cup which will hold a 25ml shot in the centre, separated from the chaser liquid until it's time to drink!

Made from disposable and recyclable clear plastic, they offer a cheap and practical alternative to glass, making them ideal for parties, bars and special events. This unique, patented tumbler also features ribbed sides to prevent it slipping or crinkling in your hand and making a mess of a perfectly good shot!

This perfectly measured cup ensures you get correct and even servings each time, so every shot tastes as good as the last! The perfect party accessory, these are perfect for making Jager Bombs, Tick Tacks, Melon Bombs or Cherry Bombs for you and your friends!

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