Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Divided Plates

Free UK Delivery In the catering industry there is ever increasing pressure to follow the 'green' route, but how do you get started? There's eco-this, eco-that, carbon footprints, and various other areas to cover. The simplest route into the world of environmentally friendly catering is by rethinking your disposables.

Paper plates are a common part of a buffet or outdoor event, but because of their mass disposal at the end of the night, they seriously need to be rethought. These Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Divided Plates are made from sugarcane fibre, which is 100% biodegradable, and a fully renewable source material. These sturdy pieces of tableware feature three separate compartments, making them perfect for buffets and BBQs and keeping everyone happy.

Sugarcane is a natural by-product of the sugar industry in South East Asia that would conventionally be discarded or burnt in order to dispose of it. Compliant with EN13432 (the European standard of compostability), catering disposables made from this material can tolerate the freezer or microwave, and won't absorb oil or leak.

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