Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls

Free UK Delivery Unfortunately, there's often a lot of clearing up when catering for buffets or outdoor events. Chances are you will have an overflowing rubbish bin the following morning, resulting in a lot of wasted materials. If you're looking for a greener alternative, the Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls can be disposed of with compostable rubbish, making these sturdy bowls the perfect substitute to plastic coated paper disposables.

These bowls are made from sugarcane fibre, which is 100% biodegradable and from a fully renewable source material. They will break down with either regular rubbish or compostable waste and is less harmful to the environment if any happen to unavoidably get swept away by the wind.

Sugarcane is a natural by-product of the sugar industry in South East Asia that would conventionally be discarded or burnt in order to dispose of it. Compliant with EN13432 (the European standard of compostability), catering disposables made from this material can tolerate the freezer or microwave, and won't absorb oil or leak.

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