Biodegradable Bendy Straws

Free UK Delivery In this modern world, there is a lot of pressure to keep up with eco-friendly trends and guidelines. It's a very important part of modern life, so every 'green' route that can be followed is practically a necessity, and you can't get much greener than these green Biodegradable Bendy Straws!

These biodegradable straws do exactly as their name suggests - when they come into contact with heat, moisture and bacteria the degradation process begins. Within a few months the structure of the product breaks down leading to total degradation.
And what's more, their funky green colour makes them look really cool too! Whether you put them in a glass of coke, or use them to add extra colour to your cocktail, the Biodegradable Bendy Straws are a great addition to your kitchen or bar.

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