Beer Bag

Free UK Delivery Many of us have a 6 pack of beers stored away somewhere in the fridge, ready for your next night in front of the football with friends, or just for a quiet night in. But what if you've got some plans to get adventurous? Maybe it's time to get up from your sofa and explore the big wide world!

So, how can you transport your beers from the fridge and get them all the way to the park without loosing the ideal icy chill? The simple solution is the Beer Bag!

Simply fill up this water-tight bag with your 6 bottles or cans, then pour in some icy water. It's as easy as that! Now your bottles have got an ice cold surround to keep them chilled for the perfect enjoyment.

The Beer Bag is perfect if you're heading down the local park to watch a footy match, or if you're heading out on a picnic with your family. Take the Beer Bag to the beach for a chilled afternoon, or take it with you to a music festival to start your exciting evening!

Perhaps the only bag that a man won't moan about carrying, the Beer Bag is an easy-to-use piece of equipment ideal for barbecues and parties!

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