Americano Polycarbonate Hiball Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml

Free UK Delivery Glass replacements can take a large bite out of your monthly budget. Whether you're running a busy pub filled with inebriated customers, hosting a private party, or you're just a bit clumsy at home, it's easy to accidentally knock over a drinking glass.

The new 10oz Americano Tumbler from Arcoroc is made from polycarbonate plastic, giving it a high resistance to knocks and drops. No more shattered glass all over your floor, now the worst you'll have to deal with is a spilt drink.

These plastic glasses are even CE marked at half a pint, so they can be legally used in licenced establishments. Perfect for large events and parties, the Americano Tumblers are great for barbeques, and even lend themselves to everyday use.

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