AlcoSense Elite Professional Breathalyser

Free UK Delivery It is a common worry that after a night on the tiles, having it large, you are still over the limit come the morning. Rather than taking the risk and driving when you could still be illegal and unsafe, you can now test yourself before getting behind the wheel.

Stop yourself from being caught over the limit and test your level of intoxication before you leave with this brilliant Pocket Breathalyser.
The breathalyser unit is set to alert the user at 0.80%BAC (UK drink drive limit at July 2007). The AlcoSense can be set to alert at other levels should the law change.

The breathalyser works on the same principles as police breathalysers and with its patented technology, it can be used again and again without losing accuracy.

The measures are accurate to +/- 0.02% BAC.

Sir Stirling Moss, motor racing legend says that, "I wouldn't drive the morning after, neither would I let my family, without first checking ourselves with AlcoSense"

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