Acrylic Ribbed Wine Glass 12.3oz / 350ml

Free UK Delivery When it's time for your latest party and you're thinking about stocking up on the usual party accessories, don't forget to consider your glassware! You might very well have some glasses stored away in your cupboard, but if you hand them over to your tipsy guests you run the risk of a few breakages by the end of the evening.

To save your prized glassware collection, the simple solution is plastics. Don't fear, the world of plastic glassware doesn't have to be dominated by flimsy, disposable cups. This Acrylic Wine Glass provides an alternative to real glassware, while retaining a fine aesthetic that rivals most items of real glass.

The robust nature of this glass makes them perfect for even the most raucous parties, and also allows them to be used for day to day needs. The bowl of this Acrylic Wine Glass features a ribbed surround, elevating its design above that of other standard plastic glassware.

Whether you need a wine goblet for your evening drink with friends, or you've got a barbeque planned for all your neighbours, the Acrylic Ribbed Wine Glass is the ideal solution to glass breakages.

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