Acrylic Champagne Tulip Flute 5.3oz / 150ml

Free UK Delivery As the name suggests, champagne flutes are created with one thing in mind - champagne! Unfortunately, at a party where a drop of alcohol is involved, there are going to be a few light headed clumsy guests.

When you're getting ready to host your next celebration, it's probably not a good idea to bring out your finest crystal glassware in case someone gets all fingers and thumbs. You could end up with a few less glasses than you began with!

More often than not, plastic glassware is considered to be an inferior alternative to the tradition of real glass. It can be difficult to find a plastic flute that can rival a real champagne glass. Turning this thought on its head, the Acrylic Champagne Tulip Flute is an elegant piece of plastic glassware that easily stands among other real glass flutes.

Now there's no need to worry about broken glass at your garden barbeque or party celebration; this flute can withstand plenty of bumps and accidental drops without breaking!

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