25ml Barsolve Cup and Pourer

Free UK Delivery The Barsolve Combo Cup and Pourer. Selected as the best quality product available on the market at present. It has been approved by National Weights & Measures Laboratory (NWML) and carries the CE mark.

The cup (measuring device) provides an airtight seal which ensures no loss of ABV (alcohol content) and/or condensation. It is hygienic, preventing dust or contamination entering the bottle. Each spirit bottle has its own cup ensuring purity and not requiring a time wasting wash between different spirits.

Completely machine washable. The Barsolve Pourer has been tested to 120°C. Because of its durability, the 'Combo' is cost effective as it does not require replacement anywhere near as often as other pourer and measuring systems.

Use of the combo ensures a correct measure every time it is used. Providing an excellent means of stock control.

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