Red Cups

Red American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £11.99

Red Party Cups have become a party essential and cultural icon across the pond. Featured in films such as American Pie, the Red American Party Cups from [email protected] are perfect for your own American style party! Perfect for indoor parties, outdoor catering and large events, they can even be used for a classic game of Beer Pong! [more...]

Solo Red American Party Cups 12oz / 340ml - From £8.99

Perfect for celebrating like only the Americans know how, the Solo Red American Party Cups are found at all frat parties across the US, and are even famous for appearing in movies like American Pie. These disposable red plastic cups are perfect for serving some nice refreshing beer to party guests. [more...]

Solo Red American Party Cups 10oz / 285ml - From £7.99

Not one to be outdone on drinking trends, the Americans favour the stylish red party cup for serving their ice cold beer. The Solo Red American Party Cups have made their way over to the UK and are perfect for serving beer at student parties. [more...]