Plastic Cocktail Glasses

Cactus Acrylic Margarita Glasses 11oz / 310ml - From £14.99

Bring a touch of South America to your margarita with the Cactus Acrylic Margarita Glasses. Made from durable acrylic plastic and finished with a cactus design stem, these 31cl glasses are ideal for serving up tequila based cocktails at your party or bar. [more...]

Palm Tree Acrylic Margarita Glasses 13oz / 370ml - From £16.99

Add a touch of paradise to your party with the Palm Tree Acrylic Margarita Glasses. These unique and novelty 37cl glasses feature a palm tree stem, perfect for Hawaiian and summer themed parties at home or in your bar. [more...]

Two Tone Acrylic Margarita Glasses Black Stem 12oz / 340ml - From £11.99

The Two Tone Acrylic Margarita Glasses are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor parties, offering a practical and stylish design with a black stem. Ideal for margaritas and other cocktails, these 34cl reusable glasses are a great alternative to breakable glassware. [more...]

Two Tone Acrylic Margarita Glasses Clear Stem 12oz / 340ml - From £11.99

Enjoy your party and put an end to broken glassware with the Two Tone Acrylic Margarita Glasses. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor parties, events and bars, these 34cl reusable glasses are a great way to serve margaritas and other cocktails. [more...]

Enchanted Evening Plastic Martini Glass 8.1oz / 230ml - From £2.49

Perfect for enjoying an evening cocktail, the Enchanted Evening Plastic Martini Glass is an essential for your party or event. Ideal for cocktail parties, functions and weddings, each reusable acrylic glass features a silver stem with a glitter and star decoration around the bowl. [more...]

Floral Paradise Lime Green Margarita Glass 12.5oz / 355ml - From £5.99

One sip from the Floral Paradise Lime Green Margarita Glass and you'll feel like you're in paradise. This tropical themed glass is made from reusable plastic, eliminating the worry of glassware breakages at your next party. This large margarita glass is also perfect for serving up a tasty ice cream dessert. [more...]

Glam Tritan Plastic Martini Glasses 7oz / 200ml - £24.99

The Glam Tritan Martini Glasses are perfect for serving up your favourite cocktail. These 20cl glasses combine the elegance and clarity of glass with the durability and robustness of plastic. The Tritan construction means these glasses are reusable, unbreakable and BPA-free. [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl Black 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £8.99

Serve up something unique with the Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl in Black. Perfect for adding an air of mystery to your cocktail, this bowl is ideal for a spooky party as a witch's cauldron, and looks great finished with decorations and enough straws to share with friends. [more...]

ICED Acrylic Martini Glasses 10oz / 285ml - £11.99

There's no need to water-down your cocktails with ice anymore! The special liquid inside the ICED Martini Glasses is freezable meaning your drinks will be kept cooler for longer, and will retain their full-flavoured taste! [more...]

Disposable Martini Glasses Clear 5.3oz / 150ml - From £5.99

Perfect for your next event or party, the Disposable Martini Glasses are ideal for serving up a classic martini or funky cosmopolitan cocktail. There's no need to worry about glassware breakages, as these 15cl glasses are constructed from crystal polystyrene plastic. [more...]

Disposable Margarita Glasses Clear 6.3oz / 180ml - From £3.99

The perfect alternative to breakable glassware, the Disposable Margarita Glasses are ideal when catering for events and parties. Manufactured from crystal clear plastic, they are ideal for serving up cocktails such as margaritas or even a tasty dessert! [more...]

Outdoor Perfect Hurricane Glasses 15.5oz / 440ml - From £36.99

The Outdoor Perfect Hurricane Glass is constructed from highly resistant S.A.N. plastic (styrene-acrylonitrile resin) for a stress-free cocktail party. This reusable glass is rigid like glassware yet offers the extra resistance of plastic making it ideal for parties and outdoor events. [more...]

Disposable Martini Glasses Black 5.3oz / 150ml - From £5.99

Whether you're throwing a party for friends or hosting a large event, the Disposable Martini Glasses provide the perfect alternative to breakable glassware. These 15cl glasses feature a unique black stem for a sophisticated look, ideal for serving up a variety of martini style cocktails. [more...]

Disposable Margarita Glasses Black 6.3oz / 180ml - From £3.99

With a wide 18cl bowl, the Disposable Margarita Glasses are equally suited to serving up a cool cocktail or a delicious dessert. The black stem gives these glasses a unique look, ideal for all those outdoor events and for indoor parties as a safer alternative to glassware. [more...]

Slim Jim Polypropylene Hiball Tumblers 10.6oz / 300ml - From £2.99

Ideal for serving a variety of drinks, the Slim Jim Polypropylene Hiball Tumblers offer something different to the norm with a tall plastic tumbler suitable for cocktails and long drinks. With a rigid reusable construction, these stackable polypropylene tumblers are ideal for serving drinks at parties. [more...]

Elite Premium Polycarbonate Martini Glasses 7oz / 200ml - £34.99

Enjoy a cocktail in the sunshine with the Elite Premium Polycarbonate Martini Glasses. Made from highly durable plastic, they are ideal when entertaining outdoors, at large parties or in busy bars. With a delicate stem, these plastic glasses offer a sophisticated and practical design. [more...]

Summer Cocktail Party Pack - £27.99

If you're looking to inject a bit of colour into your next cocktail party, you can't get much brighter than this Summer Cocktail Party Pack! Featuring everything you need to get your guests in a perfect summery mood, even if it's raining outside! [more...]

Summer Coloured Hurricane Cocktail Glasses 16.5oz / 470ml - £19.99

These Summer Coloured Hurricane Cocktail Glasses are guaranteed to get you and your guests in a summery mood. Featuring four bright plastic glasses, they are perfect for sipping delicious fruity cocktails in the sunshine. Made from polycarbonate plastic, they are durable enough to withstand knocks and regular reuse. [more...]

Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses Brown 12.5oz / 355ml - From £16.99

Give your pina coladas a touch of realism with the Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses. Styled to look like a real coconut, these novelty plastic cocktail glasses include a flexible drinking straw that simply slots in to the hole in the top for you to enjoy your tasty cocktail! [more...]

Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses Clear 12.5oz / 355ml - From £17.99

For a unique touch to your tropical party theme, the Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses let you serve some pina coladas in style! Complete with a flexible drinking straw, these clear plastic cocktail cups are styled like a coconut, making them perfect for Hawaiian parties. [more...]

Flashing LED Martini Glasses Set - £8.99

The perfect way to liven up your next cocktail party, the Flashing LED Martini Glass Set includes a pink and blue Flashing Martini Glass. Instantly bringing colour to any drink, each glass features 3 different light settings; fast flashing, intermittent flashing and static. [more...]

Flashing LED Blue Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

A modern twist on a classic glass, the Flashing Blue Martini Glass will ensure any party is far from dull. Its coloured base contains an LED light with three different light phases; static, fast or slow flashing for a miniature light show while you sip your drink. [more...]

Flashing LED Green Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

If you want your party to be the talk of the town, you need to have something unique for the bash of the century. These Flashing Green Martini Glass provide a great talking point while celebrating birthdays, engagements and get-togethers with friends. [more...]

Flashing LED Pink Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

Bring some colour to your next cocktail party with this Flashing Pink Martini Glass. Perfect for Sex and the City style cosmopolitans and girly martinis, this cocktail glass features a light up pink base and tinted bowl. [more...]

Palm Tree Plastic Glasses 27oz / 750ml - £17.99

Kick your Hawaiian party up a notch by introducing the Palm Tree Plastic Glasses! Holding around 75cl of your favourite beverage, these vibrant green plastic beer glasses are ideal for serving beer, and are even better for serving a nice fruity punch with straws for people to share. [more...]

Pineapple Glass 20.8oz / 590ml - From £7.99

If you're getting a bit fed up of your usual cocktail glassware, then it's time you tried this plastic Pineapple Cocktail Glass. Unique, novelty and shaped like a fruit, you'll be the yellow envy of all your friends as you sip on a Pina Colada at your next party! [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £5.99

For all you party drinkers out there, or even party hosts, this is a must have drinking novelty. The only thing you need to do is add the drink, buy some straws and invite your friends round! [more...]

Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses 40oz / 1.1ltr - From £19.99

Whether you're serving lemonade, or a nice fruity cocktail, the Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses live up to their name with their large yellow lemon wedge shape! Complete with a green lid and a flexible drinking straw, these plastic glasses are ideal for taking with you on the move! [more...]

Super Martini Acrylic Glass 48oz / 1.4ltr - £30

Bound to be the centrepiece of your party or your star drink behind the bar, the Super Martini Acrylic Glass is the ideal vessel for sharing a drink with friends. Experiment with various vermouths and flavours to create your perfect drink, or try another classic cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri or Manhattan. [more...]

Super Margarita Acrylic Glass 36oz / 1.1ltr - From £21.99

If a regular 10oz margarita glass doesn't hold quite enough to quench your thirst, then try this Super Margarita Acrylic Glass. Standing at over 8" tall, it's perfect for sharing the ultimate tequila cocktail with friends. [more...]