Outside Catering Equipment

Biopac Biodegradable Half Pint Tumblers CE 10oz / 285ml - From £9.99

Choose a greener disposable option with the Biopac Biodegradable Half Pint Tumblers. Made from 100% compostable materials, these eco-friendly tumblers will simply degrade after use, meaning you can pop them on your compost heap or in your green bin. [more...]

Biopac Biodegradable Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml - From £9.99

The Biodegradable Pint Tumblers from Biopac are set to make a significant difference in the amount of landfill waste that is produced from catered events, as an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. These tumblers are made from polylactic acid (PLA) making them fully compostable after use and are CE marked for use in licenced establishments. [more...]

Biopac Biodegradable Spirit Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - From £6.99

The Biopac Biodegradable Spirit Tumblers provide the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic disposable cups. Made from PLA which is derived from corn starch, these tumblers are fully compostable so they won't fill up landfill sites. [more...]

Biodegradable Bendy Straws - £2.99

To help you keep on the green path of eco-friendliness, these Biodegradable Bendy Straws do exactly as the name suggests and will degrade within a few months of use. The funky green colour reminds you of how you're helping the environment, and it looks really cool in a cocktail! [more...]

Disposable Poly Cups 7oz / 200ml - £29.99

Obviously it's not always convenient to carry around a fine china cup, so for all those situations where you need a portable alternative, these Disposable Poly Cups come in very handy. Their polystyrene construction results in a smoothwall finish and will keep hot beverages insulated from the cold. [more...]

Disposable Poly Cups 10oz / 300ml - £44.99

For all those situations where real cups aren't appropriate, these Disposable Poly Cups provide the ideal alternative. Suitable for hot beverages, from tea to soup, these cups are made from polystyrene for a smoothwall finish and insulation from the cold. [more...]

Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers - From £13.99

These Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers are a practical choice for caterers and takeaways. Each disposable stirrer is paper wrapped and made from biodegradable and compostable wood. Suitable for use in hot beverages, these stirrers are ideal for coffee shops, cafes, takeaways and functions. [more...]

Reusable PET Plastic Wine Glasses 7.4oz / 210ml - From £14.99

A great alternative to breakable glassware, the Reusable PET Plastic Wine Glasses offer a practical and stylish design for use in your home or bar. Suitable for both white or red wine, these 21cl glasses are made from highly durable PET plastic, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor parties, events and bars. [more...]

Tomato Sauce Dispenser - £3.49

It's time to get saucy at the dinner table with the Tomato Sauce Dispenser! This novelty piece of tableware is the ideal vessel to serve up the country's favourite condiment, tomato ketchup! [more...]

Swift Mustard Bottle - From £1.99

For quick and easy dispensing, the Swift Mustard Bottle is the perfect choice. Ideal for BBQs and dinners at home, this bottle can also be used in your takeaway or cafe. Shaped like a pepper, the yellow finish lets everyone know this bottle dispenses mustard. [more...]

Wine Glass Plate Clips - From £2.99

Perfect for parties, this pack of 4 Wine Glass Plate Clips, also known as Buffet Maid Clips, makes mingling easier by providing you with a free hand to meet and greet! Simply clip one of these on to the side of a plate and your piece of stemware can comfortably sit alongside your plate so you don't have to hold it! [more...]

Champagne Glass Cocktail Trays - From £6.99

The practical and stylish Champagne Glass Cocktail Trays allow you to be sociable at parties without leaving your drink unattended. This rigid sugarcane plate has space for holding a champagne flute, while the elegantly curved plate lets you carry and enjoy party nibbles. [more...]

Swantex Recycled Kraft Napkins 33cm 2ply - From £4.99

It's time to get on the eco-friendly bandwagon with the Swantex Recycled Kraft Napkins. Made from 100% recycled materials and printed with water based inks, these napkins help you do your bit for the environment. [more...]

Swantex Recycled Novafold Napkins 32 x 30cm 1ply - From £8.99

The Recycled Novafold Napkins from Swantex offer a simple solution for helping the environment. Made from 100% recycled material and printed with water based inks, these paper napkins are the ideal choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly alternative to standard paper napkins. [more...]

3 in 1 Baking Potato Station Green - £1149.99

The 3 in 1 Baking Potato Station produces 15 baked potatoes every hour, and has enough space for 15 cooked potatoes to be stored, ready for serving. Ideal for mobile catering, this electric oven also includes a menu board for you to display your prices, and 2 bain-maries to keep some toppings stored away. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot Black 40oz / 1.2ltr - £16.99

The Connoisserve Coffee Pot is ideal for beverage service in hotels, restaurants, canteens and offices. Manufactured from durable resin with a polycarbonate liner, it has the look of elegant porcelain with the durability of plastic. Ideal for keeping coffee warm for hours. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Knives - From £3.99

Great for outdoor and large events, the Birchwood Disposable Knives are made from biodegradable wood that has been sourced from sustainable forests. These environmentally friendly knives can be disposed of with natural waste or composted, taking only months to decompose. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Forks - From £3.99

Help preserve the environment by using Eco-friendly Birchwood disposable cutlery. They look good and are much more effective than plastic whilst being harvested from re-planted forests. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons - From £3.99

Perfect for parties, buffets and BBQs, the Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons offer a practical and eco-friendly design. Harvested from sustainable forests, these spoons are biodegradable, taking only months to compost. [more...]

Wooden Toothpicks - £3.99

After a hearty meal, you are often left with the trouble of cleaning out your teeth. The delicate art of using your tongue as a toothpick doesn't always yield the results you would wish. These individually wrapped boxes of toothpicks are the hero of this situation. [more...]

Village Fete Blue & Red Striped Paper Straws - From £3.99

Brighten up your drinks with the Village Fete Striped Paper Straws which feature a retro design and come in a red or blue finish with white stripes. The perfect way to enjoy your favourite milkshake, soft drink or cocktail, these disposable straws are great for parties, events and fetes. [more...]

Pink n Mix Pink Striped Paper Straws - £3.99

A must-have for any girly party the Pink n Mix Striped Paper Straws feature a retro pink and white stripe design. Perfect for adding to your strawberry milkshake or woo woo cocktail, these straws will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. [more...]

Blue Striped Paper Straws - £3.99

The classic Blue Striped Paper Straws are perfect for adding a retro feel to any party. Finished with white and blue stripes, these straws are perfect for adding to cold beverages such as milkshakes, soft drinks and cocktails. [more...]

Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Paper Straws - From £19.99

These Individually Paper Wrapped Red Stripe Paper Straws are a great choice for any environmentally friendly business or home. Finished with a classic retro red and white stripe pattern, these paper straws are covered in bee's wax, ensuring they are biodegradable. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Knives - From £6.99

Help do your part, and let your conscience relax with the Starch Disposable Knives! Made from 100% compostable cornstarch, these pieces of biodegradable cutlery are perfect for you to enjoy your party with peace of mind that you can dispose of your cutlery without it harming the environment. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Forks - From £6.99

Introducing the interesting concept of eating food with food, these disposable party forks are made from cornstarch which is highly eco-friendly because they are 100% biodegradable. Perfect for outdoor events such as buffets and barbeques where disposables are an essential. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons - From £3.99

There's no need to have the weight of non-eco-friendly disposables on your mind anymore - now these Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons offer a 'green' way to cater for a party! Made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch, you can comfortably dispose of these party spoons with a clear conscience that they won't harm the environment. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Long Handled Teaspoons - From £6.99

When the need for disposable cutlery arises, ensure you choose the environmentally friendly option with the Starch Plastic Disposable Long Handled Teaspoons. Manufactured from PLA, derived from renewable and sustainable cornstarch resin, these plastic spoons can be thrown away with other compostable items and will biodegrade naturally. [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Small Plates - From £8.99

Aside from asking your guests to share plates or handing out your best china, you need a suitable alternative to the common paper plate. The Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Plates are made from sugarcane fibre, which is 100% biodegradable, and a fully renewable source material. These sturdy plates are an obvious choice for the environmentally conscious [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Large Plates - From £21.99

Everyone wants to feel like they're doing their bit for the environment. We recycle our rubbish, use the car less and reuse our plastic bags at the supermarket. Now you can swap your plastic coated paper plates at your next BBQ, buffet or outdoor event for the Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Plates. [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls - From £11.99

Unfortunately, there's often a lot of clearing up when catering for buffets or outdoor events. Chances are you'll have an overflowing rubbish bin the next morning, resulting in a lot of wasted materials. If you're looking for a greener alternative, the Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Bowls can be disposed of with compostable rubbish, making them the perfect substitute to plastic coated paper disposables. [more...]

Biopac Sugarcane Disposable Divided Plates - From £12.99

These Divided Plates from Biopac are the perfect solution to an eco-friendly disposable. Made from sugarcane fibre these plates are 100% biodegradable, meaning you can cater for a buffet or party the green way! [more...]

Soup Kettle 10ltr - £109.99

Serving soup for large groups has always been tricky! This needn't be the case anymore with this fantastic 10ltr Soup Kettle. Designed and manufactured to a professional standard, the soup kettle is ideal for use at catering events, the home kitchen for a large family meal, or even at a hotel or B&B. [more...]

Paper Plates 15cm - From £3.99

Why on earth would you use your fine china for a barbecue? And where on earth would you get so many plates for all your friends? Imagine all the breakages! The simple answer is Paper Plates! One of the most used products in the world, the Paper Plate is so simple it's known by everyone! [more...]

Paper Plates 23cm - From £4.99

Highly versatile, the 9 inch Paper Plates are the ideal choice when catering for events of any size. These disposable plates feature a plastic coating, perfect for serving up food at BBQs, buffets and parties or for use in your takeaway and at catered events. [more...]

Utility Tongs 9inch - From £2.99

The Utility Tongs from [email protected] are a must have essential for any home or professional bar. From serving ice to picking up olives, these multipurpose tongs are manufactured from stainless steel for a professional finish. [more...]

Katerglass Plastic Half Pint Tumblers 12oz LCE at 10oz - From £4.99

Ideal for catering both large and small events, the Katerglass Plastic Half Pint Tumblers are completely disposable or recyclable after use. LCE at half a pint, they are suitable for use at licenced bars, as well as home use. [more...]

Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clips - From £1.49

The Stainless Steel Tablecloth Clips by Genware are manufactured to a professional standard ensuring high quality. Used for fastening tablecloths to a whole range of different tables, these clips are ideal for use in the commercial catering sector. [more...]

Red American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £11.99

Red Party Cups have become a party essential and cultural icon across the pond. Featured in films such as American Pie, the Red American Party Cups from [email protected] are perfect for your own American style party! Perfect for indoor parties, outdoor catering and large events, they can even be used for a classic game of Beer Pong! [more...]

Solo Red American Party Cups 12oz / 340ml - From £8.99

Perfect for celebrating like only the Americans know how, the Solo Red American Party Cups are found at all frat parties across the US, and are even famous for appearing in movies like American Pie. These disposable red plastic cups are perfect for serving some nice refreshing beer to party guests. [more...]

Plastic Champagne Flutes Black 4.4oz / 125ml - From £3.99

One of the most annoying things about having people round for champagne is when they have a little too much and some of your precious glassware gets broken. Well, with these simple disposable plastic champagne flutes all your breakage worries will be over! [more...]

Blizzard Induction Cooker - £584.99

The Blizzard Induction Cooker offers a safe, clean and efficient alternative to gas or electric cooking. Heat is generated through magnetic cookware, meaning there's no flames or hot surfaces and an even heat distribution. [more...]

3 in 1 Baking Potato Station Stainless Steel - £1149.99

Maximise your output with the 3 in 1 Baking Potato Station. Producing 15 potatoes every hour, this counter top oven also has space for 15 cooked potatoes to be stored, ready for serving. Ideal for mobile catering units, this oven also includes 2 bain-maries and a menu board. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot White 20oz / 0.6ltr - £11.99

The Connoisserve Coffee Pot offers excellent insulation with its unbreakable polycarbonate liner to keep your coffee fresh and hot for hours. Ideal for commercial catering, such as hotel breakfast service or office meetings, this pot is manufactured from resin for a durable yet elegant finish. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot White 40oz / 1.2ltr - £17.99

The Connoisserve Coffee Pot is ideal for beverage service in hotels, restaurants and offices, offering excellent heat retention with triple-wall insulation. Unlike glass thermal jugs, the Connoisserve features an unbreakable polycarbonate liner for a durable and long lasting design. [more...]

Foil Platter 14inch - From £4.99

These foil platters are a cheap way of instantly providing a smooth, clean surface for presenting your food.
Great for posh dinner parties, buffets and celebrations, they can be washed and re-used. [more...]

Foil Platter 17inch - From £9.99

Whether you're hosting a party for friends or a family gathering, it's almost inevitable that every piece of cutlery and crockery in the house will get used. Save yourself some stress and present buffet food and snacks on this Foil Platter. Completely disposable, it also means one less thing to wash up! [more...]

Foil Platter 22inch - From £4.99

This large Foil Platter is ideal for presenting party and buffet food. Whether you're catering for a birthday party or Sunday lunch, this disposable platter is an ideal alternative to splashing out on some fancy silver trays. [more...]

Lighthouse Salt Shaker - From £1.49

The classic design of the Lighthouse Salt Shaker is ideal for pubs, restaurants and homes after a traditional look. Holding 1oz of salt, this glass shaker is easy to use and has a simple screw top for refills. [more...]

Lighthouse Pepper Shaker - From £1.49

The Lighthouse Pepper Shaker offers a classic design that's easy to use. With a clear glass design for easy identification of contents this shaker has a silver screw top for easy refills. This commercial quality shaker is ideal for use in restaurants, pubs and at home. [more...]

Swantex White Napkins 33cm 2ply - From £1.99

Perfect for large parties and buffets, these quality White Napkins from Swantex are also equally suited to use in restaurants and hotels. Completely disposable, they provide a great alternative to linen. [more...]

Swantex White Napkins 40cm 2ply - From £4.99

Perfectly matched with any tableware, the Swantex White Napkins are ideal for your next dinner party or big event. Completely disposable, these napkins are made from a high quality paper for commercial use. [more...]

Wine Glass Clamp - £5.99

Gone are the days of placing your wine glass on uneven ground or drinking champagne from a plastic tumbler as the Wine Glass Clamp attaches to the arm of your chair or table and securely holds your glass. Perfect for camping trips, picnics, festivals and BBQs, you'll be able to relax and enjoy a refined glass of wine safe in the knowledge it won't be knocked over. [more...]

Juice Dispenser - £149.99

A Juice dispenser that, holds 8 litres of the drink of choice, is made from stainless steel so looks the business and can be used wherever you like. Now that's smart! [more...]

Guinness Pint Apron - £13.99

This Guinness Pint Apron ensures you keep your clothes stain free without losing your sense of style. A must have whether you're grilling on the BBQ with a pint in hand, cooking up Steak & Guinness Pie in the kitchen or pulling pints behind a bar! [more...]

Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ - £99.99

The Oil Drum Charcoal BBQ is the perfect accompaniment to your garden party. Big enough to serve up to 10 people, you'll have people flocking round for the authentic taste of chargrilled food. With a two part adjustable grill, windshield and storage shelf, this will be the centre of entertainment. [more...]

Hands Free Wine Glass Holders - £4.99

Holds wine glasses & Champagne flutes, on the grass or at the beach...
Ends the frustration of spilled drinks & juggling glasses! Perfect for picnics, barbecues, outdoor concerts, beach or even the garden! [more...]

Party Indoor Sparklers - From £2.5

If your cocktails or birthday cakes don't quite have that magic sparkle, just stick a few of these Indoor Sparklers in the top and watch everyone's face as they become filled with envy! [more...]

Three Burner Gas Wagon BBQ - £284.99

The Three Burner Gas Wagon BBQ from Landmann makes it easy for you to enjoy an authentic BBQ taste with its enamelled gas grill. With a cooking area large enough to serve up to 10 people, this is ideal for making the most of the British sunshine. [more...]

Round Embossed Foil Platters 30cm - From £9.99

The Round Embossed Foil Platters are perfect for catering at events. Made from aluminium they offer a reusable design that is also disposable and recyclable at the end of their life. Finished with an elegant embossed design, these platters are ideal for buffets, BBQs and parties. [more...]

Royal Genware Triangular Salt and Pepper Pots - £13.99

Bring a unique touch to your dining table with the Triangular Salt and Pepper Pots from Royal Genware. These professional quality condiment dispensers feature a unique triangle shape and are finished with a white porcelain glaze. [more...]

Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips Colours - From £6.99

It can feel like a juggling act when you're attempting to shake hands, pick up buffet food and keep hold of your napkin at a party. The Cocktail & Party Wine Glass Plate Clips are designed to snugly fit onto the side of your plate to hold a stemmed glass, allowing you to keep one hand free. [more...]

Instanta Counter Top Water Boiler CPF210 - £659.99

The CPF210 Counter Top Water Boiler by Instanta is as it's peers, designed for commercial use. Perfect for placement in a wide array of locations, from canteens to coffee house counters. Highly reliable with great tap clearance for even the tallest of jugs and teapots. Perfect for efficient and regular flow of boiled water. [more...]

Royal Genware Salt Pot - From £3.99

An essential of any table service, the Royal Genware Salt Pot does exactly what it says on the tin. Made form high impact resistant porcelain with a glossy white glaze finish, these classic salt shakers will complement any table service. [more...]

Royal Genware Pepper Pot - From £2.99

Make sure dinner guests get the perfect seasoning with the white porcelain Royal Genware Pepper Pot. These pepper shakers feature a classic design that enables them to effortlessly blend with any existing tableware. [more...]

British Garden Party Cup Set - £34.99

There's nothing more British than a summer garden party, complete with a barbecue, long tables, sausage rolls and red, white and blue decorations. Ensure your party is appropriately themed with the British Garden Party Cup Set, which contains red, white and blue party cups. [more...]

British Garden Party Napkin Set - £8.49

A British party just isn't British unless there's a buffet going on, so make sure you're well catered for the occasion with the British Garden Party Napkin Set. Perfect for cleaning up after munching on sausage rolls and cheese & pineapple sticks, these 2ply paper napkins are completely disposable and come in Union Jack colours of red, white and blue! [more...]

Safety Firepit - £99.99

The high quality Safety Firepit is constructed from cast iron and steel and is supplied with a spark guard and hinged cooking grill for Barbeque use as well as a firepit. [more...]

Tabletop Popcorn Machine - £139.99

Ideal for parties, and for cosy nights in watching your favourite DVD, this popcorn maker brings the atmosphere of the cinema right into your home, only without the long queues and the slow service from the teenager behind the counter! [more...]

Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe 20ltr - £329.99

This large capacity 20ltr Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe holds the equivalent of 120 cups, making it ideal for fixed placement in any establishment needing a good supply of hot water at preordained times, such as canteens, function rooms and halls. The Burco is also suitable for mobile catering vehicles due to its securable feet. [more...]

Light Sparkles - From £5.99

Make your party explosive with these indoor Light Sparkles. They create an electric atmosphere, wow your guests and make any night an event to remember. They emit a shower of sparkling pinpoints of light for 45 seconds. [more...]

Stainless Steel Skewers 250mm - £3.99

The Stainless Steel Skewers are perfect for loading with meat and vegetables for grilling or barbecuing. The pointed ends make for easy skewering, while the looped handles make them simple to turn when cooking. [more...]

Solo Red American Party Cups 10oz / 285ml - From £7.99

Not one to be outdone on drinking trends, the Americans favour the stylish red party cup for serving their ice cold beer. The Solo Red American Party Cups have made their way over to the UK and are perfect for serving beer at student parties. [more...]

Solo White American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - £12.99

Ideal for a variety of beverages, the Solo American Party Cups are a great all-rounder that help you create an American style party in your home! Great for party games like beer pong, these white dixie cups are imported straight from the US for that authentic college party feel. [more...]

Solo Blue American Party Cups 16oz / 455ml - From £9.99

Favoured by American college students, party-goers and even Starbucks, Solo Party Cups are making their way across the pond. Often seen in American movies and TV series such as Sex and the City, they are perfect for parties, BBQs, outdoor events and drinking games. [more...]

Money Pocket Waist Apron Black - £5.99

Designed with bistro chefs and waiters in mind, the Money Pocket Waist Apron is ideal for use in commercial establishments. The large pockets allow for change to be stored easily and be easily accessible. These aprons are tough and are more resistant than any standard non commercial apron. [more...]

Movie Popcorn Machine - £399.99

No longer will you have to suffer the ills of poorly prepared microwave popcorn. With the Movie Popcorn Machine you can enjoy the freshly popped taste of real home made popcorn! This machine is great for use in a home cinema where snacks are a must! [more...]

Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp - £22.49

This patterned glass holder is designed for use with official Hollowick burners. The burner uses lamp fuel, with a reliable burn time of 36 hours. Small and compact, this Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp adds a subtle touch of ambiance where needed. [more...]

Connoisserve Coffee Pot Black 20oz / 0.6ltr - From £13.99

This Connoisserve Coffee Pot has an unbreakable polycarbonate liner, insulated to minimise heat loss. The resin finish has the look of porcelain with the durability of plastic making it ideal for use in the commercial sector. [more...]

Home Cinema Popcorn Pack - £16.99

No movie night is complete without the smell, taste and crunch of freshly popped corn. The Home Cinema Popcorn Pack contains Zaramama's popular gourmet popping corn along with UK grown, extra virgin rapeseed oil. [more...]

Bamboo Mini Dishes - From £14.99

Personalise each serving with the Bamboo Mini Dishes. Small enough for bite size food samples, these mini dishes are ideal for serving amuse bouche, appetisers, sushi or canapés. Each elegantly curved dish is made from sustainable bamboo wood which is biodegradable. [more...]

Thani Bamboo Mini Dishes with Skewers - From £15.99

Add a creative touch to any buffet with the Thani Bamboo Mini Dishes with Skewers. Each biodegradable wooden skewer is topped with a small curved dish which can be used to hold a tasty morsel of food such as canapés, sushi or amuse bouche. [more...]

Nagano Short Half Circular Bamboo Dishes - From £13.99

Create a traditional oriental table service with the Nagano Short Half Circular Bamboo Dishes. These disposable dishes make for an attractive and practical way to serve small bites such as sushi, canapés and appetisers or for serving sauces and condiments. [more...]

Nikko Bamboo Tube Raft Sushi Dishes - From £9.99

Perfect for parties, events and restaurants where presentation is key, the Nikko Bamboo Tube Raft Sushi Dishes are styled like a traditional oriental raft. These mini trays are the perfect size for presenting food samples, sushi, amuse bouche and appetisers. [more...]

Lasha Silver Rectangular Plates - From £21.99

The Lasha Silver Rectangular Plates are perfect for adding a touch of sparkle and sophistication to your table setting. The silver finish offers the look of stainless steel, yet these small platters are made from rigid recyclable plastic making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor catered events. [more...]

Stainless Steel Soup Tureen & Lid 158oz / 4.5ltr - £48.99

Perfect for serving all types of soup and stew, this tureen is manufactured to a professional standard and will hold 4.5 litres of soup making it perfect for both commercial and domestic use. The hardy 18/10 stainless steel design along with a mirror finish makes this tureen truly a sight to behold on your table. [more...]

Econ Rigid Reusable Pint Tumblers CE 20oz / 568ml - From £3.5

When glassware isn't a viable option, the Econ Rigid Reusable Pint Tumblers provide the perfect alternative. Ideal for outdoor events, house parties or use in pubs, they are made from polystyrene plastic which offers a lightweight, rigid, reusable finish that's also dishwasher safe. [more...]

Garden Marquee - £899.99

Having a party or need some shelter in you garden? Well now its easy to assemble and even more affordable. Use it for your home to entertain you friends and family, or use it for your business, for example, pubs gardens and even wedding events. [more...]

Genware Chafing Dish - From £1.99

The Genware Chafing Dish is perfect for buffets, dinners and family gatherings. It can be used to gently slow cook meals or keep them warm. With a high quality stainless steel finish, it offers a durable and smart finish. [more...]

Plastic Cake Dome - 30cm - From £5.99

Display cakes and other baked good with peace of mind that they will be kept fresh and clear of dirt. The Plastic Cake Dome is made from a high impact styrene which means it is sure to last. [more...]

The Dog Hut Hotdog Steamer - £689.99

Serve up a quick and tasty snack with The Dog Hut Hotdog Steamer. This commercial machine will cook a range of hot dogs and sausages while also warming buns. Ideal for shops, cafes, cinemas, fast food outlets and stalls, this American made machine is perfect for turning a profit. [more...]

Burco Gas Water Boiler Standard 20ltr - £259.99

Ideal for catering on the go, the Burco Gas Water Boiler Standard has been designed for portable installations, allowing you to connect to bottled Butane or Propane gas. With a 20ltr capacity, the equivalent of 120 cups, this manual fill boiler is ideal for small events. [more...]

Urban 550 Firepit - £99.99

Get the experience of a real fire feeling on the deck or patio, providing atmospheric lighting and heat. Constructed from and stainless steel, the Urban 550 is a durable and long lasting product, ensuring your garden parties will continue for years to come. [more...]