Novelty Plastic Glasses

Crystalware Punch Bowl and Ladle Set - £42.99

Perfect for cocktail parties and other occasions, the Crystalware Punch Bowl and Ladle Set lets you serve up a classic cocktail punch in style. This set features an 11.4 litre punch bowl, which offers the look of crystal but is made from durable plastic, and a classic stainless steel ladle for ease of service. [more...]

24 Hole Test Tube Rack with Test Tube Shots - £22.99

Unleash your inner scientist and get experimenting with this 24 Hole Test Tube Rack with Test Tube Shots. Giving your drinks service a unique touch, this set is perfect for getting creative with molecular shots or simply giving a novelty twist to classic shooters. [more...]

Plastic Test Tube Shots with Red Cap 0.7oz / 20ml - From £4.99

From classic shots to molecular cocktails, the Plastic Test Tube Shots offer a unique way to serve drinks at your party or bar. Made from reusable plastic and topped with a red cap, these test tubes will make a great talking point. [more...]

Plastic Test Tube Shots with Yellow Cap 0.7oz / 20ml - From £4.99

The novelty Plastic Test Tube Shots are a great way to get experimenting with your party shots. Topped with a cap, these 2cl test tubes are ideal for serving both classic shots and experimental molecular cocktails. [more...]

Plastic Test Tube Shots with Neutral Cap 0.7oz / 20ml - From £4.99

The Plastic Test Tube Shots are finished with a cap and offer a unique and novel way to serve up some classic shots at your party. Alternatively you could get experimental and serve up some creative molecular cocktails at the bar. [more...]

Plastic Test Tube Shots with White Cap 0.7oz / 20ml - From £4.99

Perfect for getting experimental with some shot creations, these Plastic Test Tube Shots are a novel way to serve up molecular shots or give classic shots a new twist. Topped with a white cap, these test tubes are easily transportable for use at the bar or parties. [more...]

Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Champagne Flutes 5.25oz / 150ml - £24.99

Light up your celebration with the novelty Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Champagne Flutes, perfect for low-lit parties and gatherings. Each plastic glass features a different colour LED which starts flashing when filled with bubbly. [more...]

Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Tumbler 10oz / 280ml - £9.99

Perfect for getting you in a party mood, simply fill the Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Tumbler with your favourite cold drink and watch as it comes to life, flashing through a range of colours. Great for parties, gatherings and promotions, this plastic tumbler looks great in low light. [more...]

Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Shot Glasses 2.1oz / 60ml - £14.99

Light up your party with the fun Aqua Glow Liquid Activated Flashing Shot Glasses, perfect for parties, gatherings and drinking games. Made from reusable plastic, these 6cl glasses each feature different colour LEDs which are activated by pouring a shot into the glass. [more...]

Plastic Test Tube Shots with Black Cap 0.7oz / 20ml - From £4.99

The Plastic Test Tube Shots are perfect for mixing up some unique shot creations, especially if you've got some willing guinea pigs. Perfect for experimenting in the world of molecular mixology, these shots are made from reusable polystyrene plastic. [more...]

Cactus Acrylic Margarita Glasses 11oz / 310ml - From £14.99

Bring a touch of South America to your margarita with the Cactus Acrylic Margarita Glasses. Made from durable acrylic plastic and finished with a cactus design stem, these 31cl glasses are ideal for serving up tequila based cocktails at your party or bar. [more...]

Palm Tree Acrylic Wine Glasses 11oz / 310ml - From £16.99

Relax and get a taste for paradise with the tropical themed Palm Tree Acrylic Wine Glasses. Perfect for Hawaiian themed parties, these 31cl glasses feature a novelty palm tree stem and are made from durable plastic so there's no need to worry about glassware breakages. [more...]

Palm Tree Acrylic Margarita Glasses 13oz / 370ml - From £16.99

Add a touch of paradise to your party with the Palm Tree Acrylic Margarita Glasses. These unique and novelty 37cl glasses feature a palm tree stem, perfect for Hawaiian and summer themed parties at home or in your bar. [more...]

Bomber Cups Orange 3.8oz / 108ml - From £14.99

Specially designed for serving bomb shots, the Bomber Cups feature an innovative design that's ideal for your party or bar. Made from durable and reusable acrylic plastic, these two-chamber cups are an ideal alternative to dropping a shot glass in a tumbler. [more...]

British Garden Party Cup Set - £34.99

There's nothing more British than a summer garden party, complete with a barbecue, long tables, sausage rolls and red, white and blue decorations. Ensure your party is appropriately themed with the British Garden Party Cup Set, which contains red, white and blue party cups. [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £5.99

For all you party drinkers out there, or even party hosts, this is a must have drinking novelty. The only thing you need to do is add the drink, buy some straws and invite your friends round! [more...]

Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl Black 105.5oz / 3ltr - From £8.99

Serve up something unique with the Plastic Cocktail Fish Bowl in Black. Perfect for adding an air of mystery to your cocktail, this bowl is ideal for a spooky party as a witch's cauldron, and looks great finished with decorations and enough straws to share with friends. [more...]

Plastic Yard of Ale Glass with Lid 2.4 Pint - From £19.99

Perfect for raucous parties, this novelty glass is made from a robust reusable plastic, meaning it can be treated with a bit more gusto than the usual pricey and delicate glass yards. Each yard comes complete with its own lid, making it suitable for taking to garden parties, BBQs and festivals. [more...]

Reusable Bomber Cups Neon Yellow 3.9oz / 110ml - From £12.99

Discover a unique drinking experience with the two chamber Reusable Bomber Cup. With Jager Bomb shots becoming ever more popular, the Bomber Cup offers a safer and more durable alternative to placing a shot glass in a glass. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale - From £1.99

Drink half a yard of ale in one that's a party trick! Made from break-resistant plastic, this can be used over and over again until you can't drink anymore! [more...]

Bomb Shotz Blue 3.7oz / 105ml - From £11.99

Fed up with tequila slammers? Bored of vodka? Why not liven things up with the Bomb Shotz, a plastic shot glass that combines a shot with a chaser. The perfect alternative to using a shot glass inside another glass, the Bomb Shotz offer a unique way of drinking. [more...]

Bomb Shotz Clear 3.7oz / 105ml - From £11.99

In need of a drink that's a bit original? Keep up with the latest craze, with the emergence of the new energy drink shots! A twist on the traditional chaser, these Bomb Shotz combine both shot and soft drink that will keep you buzzing all night! [more...]

Bomb Shotz Red 3.7oz / 105ml - From £11.99

The biggest craze to hit parties and bars in years, these Bomb Shotz are ideal for serving up some unique bomb shots. These disposable plastic cups are a safer alternative to dropping a shot glass in a pint and allow you to serve up the perfect balance of liquor to chaser. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Red - From £1.99

There are many challenges in life we have to face and racing your friends to finish your pint seems to be one of them! See if your friends are up to the test by pitting yourselves against each other with this Plastic Half Yard of Ale. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Blue - From £1.99

If you feel your party is lacking a little something, then it's time to bring out the Plastic Half Yard of Ale, the perfect party glass. This half yard has a sleek dark blue finish and is made from reusable plastic, allowing you to enjoy using it as long as you can carry on drinking! [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Orange - From £1.99

Bring some luminosity to your next shindig with this funky orange Plastic Half Yard of Ale Glass. Perfect for that tropical party feel, these plastic glasses are almost unbreakable even in the most clumsy of hands. [more...]

Plastic Half Yard of Ale Green - From £1.99

If you're looking for a new way to impress your friends, then look no further than the Plastic Half Yard of Ale; specially designed for you to enjoy your beverage in a fun and unique way. With a vibrant green finish, you'll be the envy of all your friends. [more...]

Rainbow Polycarbonate Wine Glasses 10.6oz / 300ml - £26.99

These unbreakable polycarbonate wine glasses are great for summer barbeques, or any party occasion. They look stylish with a lovely sheen and come in six bright colours which are sure to brighten up any party even if the not so lovely British weather forces you inside! [more...]

Rainbow Polycarbonate Champagne Flutes 6.4oz / 180ml - £23.99

Our unbreakable polycarbonate champagne flutes come in packs of 6 containing one of each colour: red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange and pink. [more...]

ICED Fruit Infusion Jug 98oz / 2.8ltr - £19.99

The ICED Fruit Infusion Jug includes a fusion rod that you can fill with fruit to slowly release the flavours in to your water. Perfect for creating a refreshingly fruity glass of water or iced tea, this unique jug also includes an ice core to help you chill your drinks for longer. [more...]

ICED Carafe (28.2oz / 800ml) - £14.99

With a freezable liquid stored inside the double walled construction of the ICED Carafe, you can serve chilled drinks for longer at the dinner table. Perfect for a variety of beverages, from milk to juice, to cocktails. [more...]

Illusions Punch and Salad Bowl Combo Set - £39.99

Whether you're looking for an alcohol fuelled drink-a-thon, or a relaxed dinner date, the 2 in 1 Illusions Punch and Salad Bowl Combo Set caters for both occasions. Great for serving punch, this large bowl includes a ladle and 8 punch cups, or if you prefer to serve some nice crispy salad instead, just use get out the supplied salad servers! [more...]

Pig Snout Beakers 10.6oz / 300ml - From £9.99

If you've been wondering how to make your friend, family or worst enemy look rather silly, then these Pig Snout Plastic Beakers are perfect! Whenever they take a sip of their drink, they will end up looking rather ridiculous with a pig snout! [more...]

'Cheers' Flashing LED Projector Glass 17.5oz / 500ml - From £4.99

The 'Cheers' Flashing LED Projector Glass offers a unique way to say cheers when drinking with friends! The base of the glass projects a full colour image showing silhouetted people and the word 'cheers' when you pick up your glass. [more...]

Bomber Cups Clear 3.8oz / 108ml - From £14.99

Create your perfect bomb shot with the reusable Bomber Cups, made from durable acrylic plastic. A great alternative to breakable glassware, these unique Bomber Cups are stackable with or without liquid. Each cup features a 25ml inner chamber for your spirit or liqueur of choice and an outer chamber which holds 1/3 of a 250ml energy drink can, allowing for fast and easy serving for both bartenders and party hosts. [more...]

Syringe Shooters 1oz / 30ml - From £4.99

Inject some fun into your party with the Syringe Shooters! The perfect prescription for fun, these novelty shaped shooters are just what the doctor ordered! Simply block the end of the syringe, fill it to the line with your favourite shot and push to dispense. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Martini Glass 500oz / 14ltr - £179.99

Be the host with the most... literally! This Giant Acrylic Martini Glass makes a great party accessory for any occasion! With each glass averaging around 3ft high you can fill it with your favourite beverage, fill them with sweets, fill them with whatever you're mind can think of! [more...]

Giant Acrylic Margarita Glass 1230oz / 35ltr - £159.99

If you've got a creative streak, then try mixing up a cocktail in the Giant Margarita Glass! With plenty of room for a giant cocktail creation, this acrylic glass is perfect for party guests to share some punch! Use your imagination and who knows what you will come up with! [more...]

Giant Acrylic Champagne Flute 670oz / 19ltr - £169.99

For a night of celebration, the Giant Champagne Flute makes a great centrepiece for your happy guests to marvel over, and is a great place to keep iced bottles of bubbly! Perfect for filling with cocktail, bottles or decorations. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Hiball Glass 1478oz / 42ltr - £189.99

If you're feeling thirsty then the Giant Acrylic Hiball Glass might just be the glass for you! Holding a whopping 42 litres, this jumbo glass is perfect for filling with a cocktail punch, using as a decorative centrepiece or for filling with ice and chilling cans and bottles at your next party. Made from durable acrylic, this giant glass will certainly become the focal point for your party. [more...]

Giant Acrylic White Wine Glass 352oz / 10ltr - £149.99

Holding the equivalent of 13 wine bottles, the 10 litre Giant Acrylic White Wine Glass might be better suited to serving up a cocktail punch or filling with ice and using as a bottle cooler. Made from durable acrylic, this oversized piece of stemware is the perfect centrepiece for your next party. [more...]

Giant Acrylic Brandy Glass 193.5oz / 5.5ltr - From £19.99

Holding a massive 5.5 litres, the Giant Acrylic Brandy Glass will give you all the room to swirl your brandy that you need! This giant glass is also perfect for filling with a cocktail punch for sharing, or for use as a decorative centrepiece at your next party. [more...]

Super Martini Acrylic Glass 48oz / 1.4ltr - £30

Bound to be the centrepiece of your party or your star drink behind the bar, the Super Martini Acrylic Glass is the ideal vessel for sharing a drink with friends. Experiment with various vermouths and flavours to create your perfect drink, or try another classic cocktail such as a Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri or Manhattan. [more...]

Super Margarita Acrylic Glass 36oz / 1.1ltr - From £21.99

If a regular 10oz margarita glass doesn't hold quite enough to quench your thirst, then try this Super Margarita Acrylic Glass. Standing at over 8" tall, it's perfect for sharing the ultimate tequila cocktail with friends. [more...]

Palm Tree Plastic Glasses 27oz / 750ml - £17.99

Kick your Hawaiian party up a notch by introducing the Palm Tree Plastic Glasses! Holding around 75cl of your favourite beverage, these vibrant green plastic beer glasses are ideal for serving beer, and are even better for serving a nice fruity punch with straws for people to share. [more...]

Pineapple Glass 20.8oz / 590ml - From £7.99

If you're getting a bit fed up of your usual cocktail glassware, then it's time you tried this plastic Pineapple Cocktail Glass. Unique, novelty and shaped like a fruit, you'll be the yellow envy of all your friends as you sip on a Pina Colada at your next party! [more...]

Bomb Shots Clear CE 3oz / 85ml - From £11.99

Join in the latest drinking craze with these Bomb Shots! A great alternative to a plastic shot glass in a glass, these keep the shot and chaser separate until you're ready to drink. They are ideal for serving up bomb shots. [more...]

Alien Space Invaders Plastic Glasses 29oz / 820ml - £15.99

To give a spooky edge to your party, look no further than the Alien Space Invaders Plastic Glasses. Similar to a half yard plastic glass, these novelty drinking glasses are shaped like a classic large-eyed little green man, and even come complete with a black lid and flexible green drinking straw. [more...]

Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses 40oz / 1.1ltr - From £19.99

Whether you're serving lemonade, or a nice fruity cocktail, the Lemon Wedge Plastic Glasses live up to their name with their large yellow lemon wedge shape! Complete with a green lid and a flexible drinking straw, these plastic glasses are ideal for taking with you on the move! [more...]

Frosty Mug 14.1oz / 400ml - From £4.99

Tough clear acrylic mug with a vacuum typed lining which has a freezable liquid in it. Simply bung it in the freezer until frozen, fill with your desired beverage and it will keep your drink cold just that bit longer! [more...]

Frosty Ice Tumbler 11.4oz / 325ml - From £3.99

While there's nothing quite like sipping on an icy cold drink after a long day, it's not quite so fun when you find your ice cubes have turned your cola into a flat, watery mess. This Frosty Ice Tumbler provides the ideal solution, keeping your drink perfectly chilled without any dilution. [more...]

Crystalware Punch Bowl with Pedestal Base 400oz / 11.4ltr - £39.99

Bring a classic and elegant feel to your party with the Crystalware Punch Bowl with Pedestal Base. With a generous capacity, holding almost 20 pints, this large bowl will cater for all your guests. Perfect for serving up a cocktail punch, this bowl is equally suitable for fruit or salad. [more...]

Guitar Plastic Glasses 22.75oz / 650ml - £11.99

For a rocking start to your party, just bring out the Guitar Plastic Glasses with a stylish guitar design running down the side. Just fill this tall plastic glass with your favourite beer or lager and you've got a fun smaller alternative to the classic yard of ale challenge! [more...]

ICED Acrylic Martini Glasses 10oz / 285ml - £11.99

There's no need to water-down your cocktails with ice anymore! The special liquid inside the ICED Martini Glasses is freezable meaning your drinks will be kept cooler for longer, and will retain their full-flavoured taste! [more...]

Test Tube Shots Green 1oz / 30ml - £4.99

It's time for a chemistry lesson with a difference! The Test Tube Shots in Green are designed to hold your favourite concoction of spirits and liqueurs for a unique party shot. Made from reusable plastic for a durable finish, these glasses are ideal for handing out at your next party. [more...]

Test Tube Shots 1oz / 30ml - From £4.99

Unleash your mad scientist with the novelty Test Tube Shots! Perfect for concocting your very own mix of poison for your lab rats, these shots are ideal for spirits and liqueurs such as tequila, sambuca or vodka. Manufactured from durable plastic, these reusable glasses are ideal for themed nights and parties. [more...]

Flashing Pink Champagne Flute 6oz / 170ml - From £5.99

Celebrations shouldn't be dull, that's why you've uncorked the bubbly in the first place! Make sure everyone's in the party mood with this Flashing Pink Champagne Flute, which features three different phasing modes for every mood. [more...]

Flashing LED Pink Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

Bring some colour to your next cocktail party with this Flashing Pink Martini Glass. Perfect for Sex and the City style cosmopolitans and girly martinis, this cocktail glass features a light up pink base and tinted bowl. [more...]

Flashing LED Martini Glasses Set - £8.99

The perfect way to liven up your next cocktail party, the Flashing LED Martini Glass Set includes a pink and blue Flashing Martini Glass. Instantly bringing colour to any drink, each glass features 3 different light settings; fast flashing, intermittent flashing and static. [more...]

Flashing LED Green Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

If you want your party to be the talk of the town, you need to have something unique for the bash of the century. These Flashing Green Martini Glass provide a great talking point while celebrating birthdays, engagements and get-togethers with friends. [more...]

Flashing LED Blue Martini Glass 6oz / 170ml - From £4.99

A modern twist on a classic glass, the Flashing Blue Martini Glass will ensure any party is far from dull. Its coloured base contains an LED light with three different light phases; static, fast or slow flashing for a miniature light show while you sip your drink. [more...]

Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses Clear 12.5oz / 355ml - From £17.99

For a unique touch to your tropical party theme, the Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses let you serve some pina coladas in style! Complete with a flexible drinking straw, these clear plastic cocktail cups are styled like a coconut, making them perfect for Hawaiian parties. [more...]

Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses Brown 12.5oz / 355ml - From £16.99

Give your pina coladas a touch of realism with the Acrylic Coconut Cocktail Glasses. Styled to look like a real coconut, these novelty plastic cocktail glasses include a flexible drinking straw that simply slots in to the hole in the top for you to enjoy your tasty cocktail! [more...]