Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Chiller Cellar Black

Free UK Delivery Wine always tastes best when served at its optimum temperature, which is why the Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar from [email protected] is specially designed for storing wine at a constant temperature. With a fully adjustable digital thermostat with electronic display and wide temperature range, this wine cabinet is a great way to chill or warm your white, rose or red wine bottles, ensuring they're ready to serve straight away.

Finished with a double glazed glass fronted door with interior light for a clear display, this contemporary wine store is a great addition to your home bar, kitchen or living room. The thermoelectric design means this efficient cooler and warmer has a quiet running operation for domestic placement.

Please Note: This Wine Cellar is primarily designed for domestic use and is not intended for placement in commercial environments.

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