Pod Bar Wine and Champagne Preservation Cabinet

Free UK Delivery The Pod Bar represents the higher end of wine and champagne refrigeration. Ideal for wine bars, the Pod Bar allows you to preserve the freshness in your wine and champagne for continual single glass servings. Incorporating the innovative Le Verre de Vin preservation technology which keeps your bottles fresh for up to 21 days.

The Pod Bar is the only refrigeration unit that allows you to store champagne for by the glass service. The special preservation system allows you to keep champagne bottles without losing the integral fizz.

The Pod Bar uses the industry standard wine preservation system along with a digitally controlled refrigeration cabinet that allows you to store your bottles at the correct serving temperature. Perfect for front of house display, the Pod Bar lets your customers witness the easy to use preservation technology in action, allowing your customers to be sure they are getting the best tasting wine every time.

Whether you need a unit for a commercial bar, or you want something for your own private wine collection, the Pod Bar provides premium connoisseur technology for top results every time.

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