Mini Bars

Dometic miniBar HiPro 6000 Standard - £574.8

The unique and practical design makes the Dometic miniBar HiPro 6000 the perfect choice for hotels and B&Bs. Completely silent, this stylish mini bar has a large 60 litre capacity for stocking up with a variety of chilled beverages and snacks. [more...]

Dometic miniBar HiPro 4000 Standard - £499.2

Cater for your guests' every need with the Dometic miniBar HiPro 4000. This silent absorption mini bar is perfect for placement in hotels and B&B rooms, allowing you to offer your guests a selection of snacks and beverages. [more...]

Dometic miniBar HiPro 3000 Standard - £458.4

Specially designed for placement in guest rooms, the Dometic miniBar HiPro 3000 is the perfect choice for your hotel or B&B. This silent running mini bar has two shelves and door racks making it ideal for providing a selection of chilled food and beverages for your guests. [more...]

Dometic miniBar Glass Door RH 423 LDAG - £379.2

Ensure your guests are catered for with the Dometic miniBar Glass Door. This mini bar offers a clear glass fronted display, ideal for presenting a selection of snacks and beverages in B&B and hotel rooms. This silent running fridge won't disturb sleep, while the energy saving specification ensures bills are kept low. [more...]

Tefcold TM30 Mini Bar - £299.99

Tefcold's TM30 Mini Bar features silent running operation, making it ideal for use in hotel and guest rooms where silence and comfort are key. The professional build and quality easily transfer themselves for use in the home, especially in games rooms and student accommodation. [more...]

Tefcold TM50 Mini Bar - From £399.99

A large 50 litre storage capacity is combined with completely silent operation to make the TM50 the first choice for a variety of situations. Whether you need a fridge for your games room, or you need to kit out your hotel rooms with a customer mini bar, the Tefcold TM50 applies itself perfectly to any environment. [more...]

Tefcold TM40G Mini Bar - £499.99

Ideal for use in environments where silence is required, the TM40G Mini Bar from Tefcold features silent operation. Great for use in bedrooms, especially hotel rooms and guest rooms, this glass fronted 40 litre mini bar is suitable for both food and drink. [more...]

Frostbite Mini Fridge Silver - £159.99

The Frostbite Mini Fridge allows you to store up to 50 cans of your favourite beverages that will be chilled to perfection, ready to drink! Just keep this counter top mini fridge at hand in your games room or lounge and you will never again need to run to the kitchen! [more...]

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr White - £119.99

The small and practical ChillQuiet Mini Fridge is perfect for chilling all your favourite beverages, whether you're running short of space in your refrigerator or need a convenient place to store drinks close to hand. With a quiet running operation due to thermoelectric cooling technology, this 17 litre fridge is ideal for hotels and guest houses. [more...]

Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Chiller Cellar Black - £149.99

Wine always tastes best when served at its optimum temperature, which is why the Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar from [email protected] is specially designed for storing wine at a constant temperature. With a fully adjustable digital thermostat with electronic display and wide temperature range, this wine cabinet is a great way to chill or warm your white, rose or red wine bottles, ensuring they're ready to serve straight away. [more...]

Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer Silver - £79.99

For ultimate versatility, the Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer from [email protected] can be used for cooling or warming food, either at home or in the car. You'll be able to load it up with a variety of chilled cans, bottles and snacks to fend off the summer heat, while come winter you'll be able to keep hot snacks and drinks at their optimum temperature. [more...]

LEC Wine & Beer Chiller - £169.99

What better, then, than to display your expensive imported Belgian beers and your bottles of Premier Cru than this LEC drinks fridge? [more...]

Frostbite Mini Fridge Black - £159.99

Keep your drinks chilled to perfection with the Frostbite Mini Fridge. Holding up to 50 drinks cans, this counter top mini fridge offers an easily adjustable thermostat so you can give your drinks a light cooling, or a full chill. [more...]

Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver - £149.99

Perfect for any contemporary home, this sleek and stylish Sommelier 6 Bottle Wine Cellar from [email protected] lets you store your wine at its optimum temperature. The wide temperature range and adjustable thermostat with electronic display makes this wine cellar ideal for keeping white and rose wines chilled or for gently warming red wines. [more...]

Coca Cola Mini Fridge - £144.99

Being one of the most featured soft-drinks in people's fridges, it was about time Coke had it's own bright red refrigerator to keep it cool! No normal mini fridge will do, this 'mini' fridge has a massive 49 litre capacity! [more...]

Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer Black - £79.99

For an efficient and stylish way to keep food and beverages at their optimum temperature, the Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer from [email protected] is ideal. This 15 litre capacity fridge offers complete versatility with a cooling and warming option, making it ideal for chilling beverages or keeping hot snacks warm. [more...]

ChillQuiet Mini Fridge 17ltr Black - £119.99

The ChillQuiet Mini Fridge offers a convenient and stylish way to cool down your favourite beverages. Perfect if you need some extra cooling capacity, this 17 litre fridge is ideal for living rooms, guest houses and offices. [more...]

Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cellar Black - £149.99

Ensure your bottle of vino is at its perfect serving temperature with the Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cellar from [email protected] Specially designed for holding white, rose and red wine bottles, this wine cellar has a wide temperature range with adjustable thermostat to suit your wine collection. [more...]

Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver - £149.99

Serving wine that is too cold or warm will impair the flavour and aroma so make sure it's always at perfect serving temperature with the Sommelier 12 Bottle Wine Cellar Black and Silver from [email protected] The slim and sleek design with a black finish and a silver framed glass fronted door is a great choice for any modern home and this cooler uses thermoelectric technology for quiet and efficient operation. [more...]

Stella Artois Mini Fridge - £144.99

This little Stella Artois branded cube can hold everything you will need to have a jolly time with your friends, namely 40 cans of lager! Simply put this beauty in your living room, or perhaps your bedroom, and you will be the centre of any party! [more...]

Guinness Mini Fridge 250th Anniversary Edition - £144.99

When settling down for an evening of football, or a film, its essential to have a stock of your favourite beverage at hand! If you're entertaining a few friends, its compulsory! What better drink to enjoy with friends than a nice cool Guinness. [more...]

Budweiser Bottle Design Mini Fridge - £144.99

An ice cold Bud always tastes best, but why wait for it to cool in a bucket of ice or let it take up precious space in your kitchen fridge. From the king of beers, comes this Budweiser Mini Fridge ensures you always have a perfectly chilled beer to hand; an essential for any party, football game or quiet night in. [more...]

Husky Union Jack Refrigerator - £149.99

Celebrate all things British with a nice refreshing drink from the Husky Union Jack Refrigerator. With a bright, colourful Union Jack flag finish, this mini fridge is the perfect way to show off your patriotic side. Ideal for home bars, games rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices, this refrigerator offers a generous 50 litre capacity. [more...]

Carlsberg Mini Fridge - £144.99

If Carlsberg did mini fridges... they would probably be the best in the world. As it turns out, this officially branded Carlsberg Mini Fridge has been made by Husky, experts in fridge manufacturing. This low noise chiller is perfect for the living room, bedroom, home bar or anywhere else you feel you might need a refreshing drink to hand. [more...]

Undercounter Wine and Drinks Refrigerator - £299.99

Make sure you're always stocked up on your favourite wines, beer and soft drinks with the Undercounter Wine and Drinks Refrigerator. Offering a large storage capacity with a choice of shelf configurations, this refrigerator allows you all the cooling space you need for a selection of chilled beverages. [more...]

Husky London Refrigerator - £149.99

There's always a party going on in the capital so ensure you're well stocked up on food and drink with the Husky London Refrigerator. Featuring some of London's most iconic scenes, including Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, a red telephone box and a black cab, this fridge is perfect for anyone with a patriotic side. [more...]

Reflections Wine Cooler - £159.99

With a black exterior, the Reflections Wine Cooler is finished off with a mirrored glass door that has a unique touch screen digital temperature control. Finally, the future has arrived and your wine can be adequately stored to your specification! [more...]

Student Bar Starter Set - £119.99

When starting a new term at university a student needs all their essentials; textbooks, fresh underwear and the Student Bar Starter Set! Ensure your pad is the place to party with this set, which includes the ChillQuiet Mini Fridge. [more...]

Pod Bar Wine Preservation Cabinet - £2499.99

The Pod Bar elevates the use of the classic wine refrigeration cabinet by integrating the innovative industry standard Le Verre de Vin wine preservation technology. Perfect for commercial use, this refrigeration unit allows you to seal wine to keep it fresh for up to 21 days. Ideal for bars offering wine-by-the-glass service. [more...]

Pod Bar Wine and Champagne Preservation Cabinet - £2999.99

The Pod Bar allows you to store your wine and champagne in the ideal conditions for freshness every time you open the bottle. This wine and champagne cabinet incorporates the Le Verre de Vin preservation technology making it the only fridge that allows you to store champagne for by the glass service. [more...]

Customised LEC Wine & Beer Chiller - From £234.99

Have your own personalised mini fridge with any logo you like printed on the side! Ideal for corporate events, for use in pubs, or just for having your own unique mini fridge for your home. The ever popular LEC Wine & Beer Chiller is the ideal all-round mini fridge for keeping chilled drinks at hand. [more...]

Coca Cola Undercounter Fridge - £299.99

The world's favourite cola deserves the finest chilling, so what could be better than the officially branded Coca Cola Undercounter Fridge? Larger than a standard mini fridge, this drinks cooler holds a massive 93 litres, so you can store plenty of coke cans to last you through the evening. [more...]

Personal Wine and Drinks Refrigerator - £189.99

Sometimes there's not enough room for all the important things in your fridge, such as bottles of pinot grigio and cans of lager. If you find yourself resenting your butter for taking up too much room, then the Personal Wine and Drinks Refrigerator is the ideal solution. With a 48 litre capacity this chiller will keep up to 40 beer cans or 12 wine bottles at an ambient temperature ready for you to enjoy. [more...]

Stella Artois Undercounter Fridge - £299.99

If you like your drink, then you will probably be familiar with Stella Artois! This undercounter drinks chiller features the Stella Artois logo printed in frosted white on the clear glass door, which makes it ideal for showing your mates what your favourite drink is! [more...]

Blizzard Wine Cooler 105 - £364.99

Serve your wine at the perfect temperature with the Blizzard Wine Cooler 105. With a capacity for 30 wine bottles, this cooler is ideal for use in bars and restaurants or in households that enjoy wine. This refrigeration unit has specially designed scalloped shelves for resting wine bottles and a glass fronted door for clear display. [more...]