Bestway Lay Z Spa XL Side Tables

Free UK Delivery As well as the much larger size, one of the advantages of the Lay Z Spa XL is it's side tables. With one mounted either side, you can keep all your favourite beverages at your side for instant refreshment!

Of course, these tables are intended purely for putting your glasses, plates, or perhaps your towels on. What if someone decides to use your handy table as a spring board for a bit of raucous behaviour? Chances are you will end up with the need of a replacement table!

Please Note: These Side Tables are suitable for the Lay Z Spa XL Series 3 only, they are not compatible with the original Lay Z Spa or Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4. These Side Tables come as standard with every Lay Z Spa XL. This item is for replacement purposes only.

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