Bestway Lay Z Spa 3x Stop Caps

Free UK Delivery When removing your pump from the Lay Z Spa, you need to ensure there isn't a sudden rush of water pouring all over your feet - that is where the Stop Caps come in! They simply fit on the Lay Z Spa's interior Adapter and Skimmers for easy removal of the pump, meaning you can store the pump inside overnight, or allow you to attach your Drain Valve Adapter.

Without these clever little caps, Lay Z Spa life is made just that bit more awkward! If you have mislaid your Stop Caps, this pack of 3 will get you up and running again!

Please Note: These Stop Caps come as standard with every Lay Z Spa Series 2. This item is for replacement purposes only.

Please Note: This spare part is NOT suitable for use with the Lay Z Spa Premium Series 4 or Lay Z Spa Platinum Series Rigid Wall Spa.

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