Spare Parts

Bestway Lay Z Spa Setup DVD - £4.99

If you've mislaid your Lay Z Spa DVD and need a helpful reminder how to set up your own personal hot tub, the Bestway Lay Z Spa Setup DVD will helpfully guide you through the process. Containing everything you need to get your Lay Z Spa started, this DVD is an essential piece of kit. [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa XL Side Tables - £29.99

What if someone decides to use your handy table as a spring board for a bit of raucous behaviour? Chances are you will end up with the need of a replacement! Look no further! [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa Chemical Floater - £9.99

If you've mislaid your very useful Chemical Floater, then simply pick up a spare one right here! The Chemical Floater works in conjunction with our Lay Z Spa Chemicals to help distribute them evenly about the water. [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa 3x Stop Caps - £9.99

Without these clever little caps, Lay Z Spa life is made just that bit more awkward! They help with storage of your spa and aid the process of drainage. If you have mislaid your Stop Caps, this pack of 3 will get you up and running again! [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa 3x SID Air Valves - £11.95

Without the SID Air Valves you wouldn't even be able to inflate your Lay Z Spa! If you have managed to lose them in the depth of your garage, or garden, then look no further for a replacement! [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa Drain Valve Adapter - £2.49

One of the smaller components of the Lay Z Spa, with the addition of your hose, the Drain Valve Adapter allows you to easily drain the water from your spa for storage. This replacement is ideal if you have mislaid your original valve. [more...]

Bestway Lay Z Spa Air Inflation Adapter Hose - £7.99

If you have mislaid your inflation hose and are in need of a replacement, then simply pick one up right here! When attached to the Lay Z Spa Pump, this inflation adapter hose fits perfectly into the corresponding holes of the spa for maximum power inflation! [more...]