Lay Z Spa Platinum Series Rigid Wall Spa

Free UK Delivery Expanding on the Lay Z Spa family of inflatable hot tubs, the new Lay Z Spa Platinum Series introduces a new element to the world's most affordable hot tub. The Lay Z Spa Platinum is reinforced with a rigid outer wall, which allows it to be built in to decking for a more permanent hot tub fixture.

While maintaining all the fun and easy to set up elements of the classic Lay Z Spa, the Platinum Series gives you the option of choosing Bestway's affordable portable hot tub and creating a relaxing spa area in your garden by building the unit in to decking.

Relax in warm 40°C water temperatures in your own spa at a fraction of the price of a normal hot tub. With space for up to 4 people, the Lay Z Spa Platinum Series features an inflated base and walls for maximum comfort, and even includes 4 inflatable cushions to enhance your comfort further.

Please Note: Please be aware of the filled weight of the Lay Z Spa Platinum Series. Please ensure your chosen location can support the filled weight - approx. 1973Kg (4349lb).

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