Kitchen Utensils

Chrome Plated Lobster Cracker - £10.99

Take the frustration out of opening lobster and other shellfish with this handy Chrome Plated Lobster Cracker from Tablecraft. Shaped like a pair of lobster claws, this cracker is ideal for use at the dinner table and is made from chrome plated zinc. [more...]

Progressive Mini Pyramid Grater - £11.99

With a practical and stylish design, the compact Progressive Mini Pyramid Grater is ideal for the domestic cook. This Pyramid Grater features three sides, including an extra sharp fine and ultra fine grater in stainless steel, and a ginger/garlic grater. [more...]

Progressive Mini Fine Grater - £7.99

Designed to make light work of grating and zesting, the Mini Fine Grater from Progressive is a kitchen essential. Small and compact, this lightweight grater features a stainless steel extra sharp grating surface for ingredients such as parmesan cheese, ginger, garlic and citrus fruits. [more...]

Marble Mini Pestle & Mortar Black - £16.99

Enhance the flavours of your dishes by getting to grips with the Marble Mini Pestle & Mortar. Perfect for grinding and crushing herbs, spices and other ingredients, this pestle and mortar will become a kitchen essential for any keen cook. [more...]

Kitchen Craft Oyster Opening Set - £7.99

The Kitchen Craft Oyster Opening Set makes light work of the frustrating task of shucking oysters. Ideal for any seafood lover, this set features a moulded oyster grip to securely hold your oyster while you gently prise it open with the stainless steel knife provided. [more...]

Stainless Steel Punch Ladle - £12.99

Serve up a warming beverage with the Stainless Steel Punch Ladle. Perfect for cold nights, this stainless steel ladle can be used for serving punch, cocktails and warmed mulled wine straight from the pot. [more...]

Mason Cash Stainless Steel Mini Grater - £2.99

The Mason Cash Stainless Steel Mini Grater is the perfect size for grating small foods such as nutmeg for your recipe or a piece of chocolate over a hot drink. Made from durable stainless steel, this miniature grater has four sides for grating different consistencies. [more...]

Mason Cash Measuring Cup Set - £13.99

The Mason Cash Measuring Cup Set offers a quick and accurate way to measure out ingredients when baking and cooking. Made from chip resistant stoneware with a traditional cane colouring, these measuring cups are an essential item for any keen baker. [more...]

Mason Cash Cane Measuring Spoon Set - £8.99

Perfect for any keen baker or cook, the Mason Cash Cane Measuring Spoon Set is a kitchen essential. This selection of four measuring spoons allow you to accurately measure out your ingredients in style.
Made from stoneware, these spoons offer a traditional design and Mason Cash's signature cane colouring, making them ideal for matching with other products in the range. [more...]

Typhoon Large Zen Hachoir Set - £13.99

Chopping herbs is made easy with the Typhoon Large Zen Hachoir Set which comes complete with a specially designed sustainable beech wood board with hollowed middle. The Hachoir features a double stainless steel blade that makes preparing herbs effortless. [more...]

Serving Spoon Plain 14inch - £2.99

This long handled 14 Inch Serving Spoon is perfect for a variety of applications in the kitchen, at buffets or at the dining table. Ideal for your home, restaurant or canteen, this spoon is manufactured from high quality stainless steel and comes with a hanging hole for easy storage. [more...]

Mason Cash Pestle & Mortar Medium - £11.99

Blend some flavours with the Mason Cash Pestle & Mortar, made from durable stoneware. The pestle and interior of the mortar have an unglazed finish for perfect grinding of herbs and spices. The traditional style makes this set perfect for any kitchen and the mortar features a glazed exterior for a smart finish. [more...]

Perforated Serving Spoon 10inch - £2.49

The Perforated Serving Spoon is suitable for a variety of applications in the domestic or commercial kitchen. Manufactured from 18/0 stainless steel for a professional finish, this long handled spoon features drainage holes and a hanging hole. [more...]

Perforated Serving Spoon 12inch - £2.49

Manufactured to a professional standard, the Perforated Serving Spoon is ideal for use in commercial or domestic kitchens. With a highly resistant stainless steel finish and drainage holes, this serving spoon is ideal for dishing out vegetables and main courses. [more...]

Serving Spoon Plain 12inch - £2.19

Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, the 12inch Serving Spoon from Genware offers professional quality for use in commercial environments, such as canteens, delis and cafeterias. Also ideal for use in the kitchen, this spoon features a hanging hole for storage. [more...]

Utility Tongs 9inch - From £2.99

The Utility Tongs from [email protected] are a must have essential for any home or professional bar. From serving ice to picking up olives, these multipurpose tongs are manufactured from stainless steel for a professional finish. [more...]

High Heat Spoonula 16inch - £7.99

Perfect for use in heats up to 260°C, the Genware 16 inch Spoonula is the ultimate in spreading technology. Ideal for use in the making of pastry and cakes along with a wide array of other applications, the Spoonula is a must have for any household or commercial catering establishment. [more...]

High Heat Spoonula 14inch - £7.19

Suitable for use up to 260°C the fantastic 14 inch Spoonula by Genware is ideal for commercial and domestic use. From spreading pastry or cream to mixing chocolate, this fantastic spoon shaped spatula offers a wide range of applications and versatility. [more...]

Economy Ice Cream Dipper - £4.69

Serving ice cream has never been easier than with the fantastic Ice Cream Dipper by Genware. Designed with liquid inside to help transmit body heat from your hand down the dipper to help cut through the ice cream effortlessly, this scoop is perfect for ice cream stands, counters or even home use. [more...]

Wide Neck Ladles 250ml - £5.79

The Wide Neck Ladle by Genware is manufactured from stainless steel ensuring longevity and durability. Perfect for use in the commercial catering environment, this serving spoon is also brilliant for domestic use. [more...]

Wide Neck Ladles 160ml - £4.99

The Wide Neck Ladle by Genware is manufactured from stainless steel and is designed for heavy duty use. Perfect for the industrial catering market but also ideal for domestic use, this fantastic ladle is made from a single piece for durability and longevity. [more...]

Pastry Brushes with Nylon Bristles 1inch - £3.39

With nylon bristles and a smooth plastic handle, the professional quality of this pastry brush is impeccable. Perfect for use during food preparation, including baking and cooking, this brush offers a high fluid retaining capacity but does not trap food. [more...]

Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer 10inch - £19.99

Ideal for making cakes, pastry and a whole host of other items, the Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer by Genware is perfect for both commercial and domestic use. Made from stainless steel with a double tinned mesh, this item is not only durable, but able to strain or sieve a large amount at any one time. [more...]

Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer 8inch - £9.99

Able to withstand the rigours of commercial use, the fantastic double tinned mesh of the Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer is perfect for assisting you with a wide array of tasks from straining rice and pasta to sieving flour for baking. [more...]

Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer 6inch - £6.99

Able to deal with the wear and tear of every day commercial use, the stainless steel 6 inch Heavy Duty Bowl Strainer offers a meld of professional design and quality with a flexibility of use that makes them ideal for application in commercial catering establishments as well as in your home kitchen. [more...]

Stainless Steel Colander 11inch - From £7.99

The Stainless Steel Colander by Genware is designed to drain water from all manner of foods. Ideal for use with pasta, rice and a vast amount of other produce, these colanders are the perfect choice for any kitchen user. [more...]

Stainless Steel Colander 16inch - From £13.99

The Genware 18/0 Stainless Steel Colander is the perfect tool for water draining. Just pop the food in and let gravity do the rest. With its commercial quality manufacture this colander is designed with longevity in mind, making it the premier choice for all draining needs. [more...]

Stainless Steel Potato Masher 625mm - £22.99

Ideal for the most demanding potato mashing needs, the large 25 inch Potato Masher from Genware helps you mash vegetables in even the deepest containers. With a durable 18/0 stainless steel construction, this extra long masher is perfect for commercial applications. [more...]

Roasting Meat Tongs 200mm - £2.99

Perfect for all round use in the kitchen, the fantastic Roasting Meat Tongs are the ideal utensil for cooking meat. With a 2-pronged fork and a spatula end, their versatility makes them ideal for barbeques, roast dinners and any meal for serving meat. [more...]

Spaghetti and Sausage Serving Tongs 200mm - £3.19

Designed for hot food service, this fantastic pair of multi-use tongs are ideal for BBQs as well as kitchen cooking. Manufactured from 18/0 stainless steel, not only are they hard-wearing but also dishwasher safe. [more...]

Four Sided Box Grater - £3.99

Designed to a professional standard with commercial and domestic use in mind, the Genware Stainless Steel Box Grater has 4 different grating types and is perfect for food presentation. With uses ranging from cheese grating to citrus zesting, this box grater has a wide range of applications. [more...]

Pierced Blade Turner - £6.99

Manufactured to a professional standard using stainless steel, the Genware Pierced Blade Turner is designed with the commercial caterer in mind. It has a nylon, heat resistant handle for secure use, fantastic for using with burgers and other such food. [more...]

Stainless Steel Potato Masher 14inch - £5.99

With a solid and durable design, Genware's Stainless Steel Potato Masher makes mashing a quick and simple process. Suitable for both commercial and domestic kitchens, this masher has a wire design for easy cleaning. [more...]

Serving Spoon Plain 10inch - £1.99

With a wide range of applications, the 10inch Serving Spoons by Genware are ideal for serving at delis, buffets, canteens and cafeterias. Utilising an 18/0 stainless steel construction, these fantastic spoons offer a durable finish for longevity. [more...]

Stainless Steel All Purpose Tongs - £1.99

With a practical design, the Stainless Steel All Purpose Tongs are ideal for any kitchen. From serving salad at the table to turning burgers in the kitchen, these tongs offer professional quality and a highly resistant finish. [more...]

Stainless Steel Conical Strainer 130mm - £9.99

The Stainless Steel Conical Strainer by Genware is manufactured to a professional standard using 18/10 stainless steel. The high quality of this kitchen strainer means it is viable for use in almost any restaurant or catering venue or business. An excellent purchase at an economical price. [more...]

Stainless Steel Conical Strainer 180mm - £15.99

Featuring handles and hooking bars to allow for ease of use and able to strain a large amount at any time, the Conical Strainer is perfect for use in the commercial environment. Made from 18/10 stainless steel by Genware, you can be assured of great quality. [more...]

Stainless Steel Conical Strainer 230mm - £17.99

The Genware Stainless Steel Conical Strainer is manufactured from high grade 18/10 stainless steel for a professional and durable product. With handles and hooking bars for ease of use and able to strain a large amount at a time, this strainer is perfect for use in the commercial sector. [more...]

Stainless Steel Conical Strainer 270mm - £24.99

Carrying the Genware name, the Stainless Steel Conical Strainer is, as you would expect, manufactured to a professional standard from 18/10 stainless steel. With handles and hooking bars for ease of use and able to strain a large amount, this strainer is ideal for use in the commercial catering environment. [more...]

Garlic Press - £3.49

Crush garlic cloves in seconds with this manual Garlic Press. Perfect for both commercial and domestic kitchens, this press is made from anodised aluminium and also includes a nut cracker. [more...]

Pizza Dough Docker - £16.99

A must have tool for Italian cuisine, the Pizza Dough Docker helps prevent air bubbles forming in your pizza base. It works by piercing the dough to combat over rising and blistering for the perfect pizza. This Docker can also be used with other types of dough such as pastry. [more...]

Mermaid Food Ring Mate Set 70mm - £17.99

To help you create some visually appealing appetisers, or some exciting desserts, the Food Ring Mate Set from Mermaid Cookware offers the chance to make layered foodstuff to help bring out the professional chef in you. [more...]

Stainless Steel Cake Lifter - £5.99

Avoid dropping crumbs all over your guests and serve with elegance by using the Stainless Steel Cake Lifter. This professional quality server is ideal for serving cakes, desserts, tarts and flans with ease, offering a smart and easy to maintain finish. [more...]

Flan Server - £4.99

Manufactured from one-piece 18/10 stainless steel, the professional quality Flan Server is perfect for a variety of food service uses. With a hooked handle the Flan Server allows for easy storage. [more...]

Stainless Steel Egg / Fish Slice - £3.99

The Stainless Steel Egg and Fish Slice from Genware lets you cook and serve tricky food with ease. Made from high quality stainless steel, this slice is ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchens and includes a hooked end for storage. [more...]

Microwave Heated Ice Cream Scoop - £3.99

We've all struggled with a tough tub of frozen ice cream at some point, perhaps some of us more often than we should! Simply place this ice cream scoop in the microwave for 30 seconds and the tip heats up while the handle stays cool, allowing you to easily scoop out some sweet dairy goodness! [more...]

Stainless Steel Cake / Sandwich Tongs - From £3.99

Perfect for a variety of occasions, Genware's Stainless Steel Cake and Sandwich Tongs are designed for an elegant and hygienic service of cake slices and sandwiches. Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, these tongs feature flat, slotted paddles for easy service. [more...]

Stainless Steel Skewers 250mm - £3.99

The Stainless Steel Skewers are perfect for loading with meat and vegetables for grilling or barbecuing. The pointed ends make for easy skewering, while the looped handles make them simple to turn when cooking. [more...]

Ice Cream Portioner 16 Scoop - £11.99

This Ice Cream Portioner is manufactured to a professional quality using 18/10 stainless steel. This scoop will serve the correct size every time with ease, making it ideal for use in the commercial environment. Offering great value this scoop will give superb results every time. [more...]

Serving Spoon with Hook Handle - £4.49

Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, this hard wearing and practical serving spoon is perfect for use in a busy commercial kitchen. Being of great quality while at an economical price, these serving spoons are also perfect for domestic use. [more...]

Perforated Serving Spoon with Hook Handle - £4.99

Brandishing the household name of Genware, the fantastic Serving Spoon is an easy and effective way to serve food. Being perforated these spoons are able to offer a more effective way to drain your food as you serve. [more...]

Ice Cream Portioner 12 Scoop - £11.99

Manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel to a professional standard, this Ice Cream Portioner is designed for commercial use. Able to scoop the perfect portions of Ice Cream every time, this scoop is an excellent value. [more...]

Genware Carving Fork 150mm - £11.99

Designed to make carving roasted meat joints easier, the Genware Carving Fork is ideal for both commercial and domestic kitchens. With a hygienic plastic handle and heavy gauge stainless steel two pronged fork, this indispensable kitchen utensil will help keep meat secure whilst carving. [more...]

Kitchen Craft Citrus Zester - £4.99

The stainless steel Citrus Zester from Kitchen Craft is the ideal tool for topping off your cocktails with some extra pizazz. The added canelle blade means you can carve the slightly larger strips of fruit to really show off your bartending skills. [more...]

Tri Grater And Corian Base - £54.99

Stainless Steel grater with base made from white matt finish Corian®. [more...]

Balloon Whisk 300mm - £4.99

Utilising 12 wire construction and manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel, the Genware Balloon Whisk is perfect for use in both the domestic and commercial environments. Their 12 wire construction means that they are designed to make lighter mixing. [more...]

Balloon Whisk 350mm - £4.99

Brandishing the Genware name, this Balloon Whisk is designed and manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel. With a professional finish they are perfect for use in the domestic and commercial sectors. Using 12 wire construction these whisks are designed for lighter mixing but are very versatile within this role. [more...]

Balloon Whisk 400mm - £5.99

Using 12 wire construction the 16 inch Genware Whisk is perfect for, but not limited to, lighter mixing. Their 18/10 stainless steel mass means that they are hard-wearing and professional quality, making them perfect for use in both the domestic and commercial environment. [more...]

Clearcut Stainless Steel Zester - £8.99

Cocktails are all about the combination of different flavours making a really nice drink and anyone who would call themselves a keen cocktail mixer knows that the smallest garnish can make a huge difference. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer - £2.99

Drink healthily straight from your favorite fruits with the fantastic Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezes. Just chop up your fruit and place it in the squeezer and well...squeeze. Lemon juice will soon start gushing out ready for use in your cocktails. Perfectly simple. [more...]

Wooden Lemon Reamer - £2.99

A classic kitchen essential, this Wooden Lemon Reamer is ideal for quickly extracting the juice from any citrus fruits. The sustainably sourced beech wood ensures the product doesn't react with acidic juices, making it more durable. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer - £8.99

The Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer is a useful tool that can be used to extract juice from a wide variety of citrus fruits. The pointed end will allow you to pierce into the fruit, while the serrated conical blade ensures you get every last bit of juice. Simply strain the juice before using to create some mouthwatering cocktails! [more...]

Kitchen Scales 2kg - £26.99

An essential for any working kitchen, Genware's Kitchen Scales have a maximum limit of 2kg making them ideal for a variety of cooking uses. Perfect for baking, these classic food scales display both g and lb to help you follow all types of recipe. [more...]

Kitchen Scales 5kg - £26.99

Perfect for a wide range of cooking uses, the Kitchen Scales from Genware are great for use in commercial and domestic kitchens. Whether you're weighing up ingredients for a birthday cake, or for a fleet of baked goods for sale in a cafe, these heavy duty stainless steel scales are made to last. [more...]

Stainless Steel Flour Sieve 9inch - £11.99

Perfect for baking and cooking, this professional quality Stainless Steel Flour Sieve is suitable for both domestic and commercial use. With a fine mesh it's ideal for finer powders such as flour or icing sugar. [more...]

Stainless Steel Flour Sieve 11inch - £18.99

This Stainless Steel Flour Sieve has a fine mesh for sieving flour and icing sugar. Ideal for professional and domestic use, this sieve is an essential kitchen utensil for baking and cooking. [more...]

Stainless Steel Flour Sieve 13.5inch - £21.99

With a fine mesh, the Stainless Steel Flour Sieve is suitable for flour and icing sugar. This sieve is surround with a high wall, ensuring mess is reduced. Ideal for both domestic and commercial kitchens, this sieve is invaluable when baking and cooking. [more...]

Deluxe Mango Pitter - £6.99

Cocktails are always the best when they are made with fresh ingredients, so put away the super market mango juice and pick up the Deluxe Mango Pitter. With this simple tool you can slice and remove the stone from the mango all in one simple movement. [more...]

Stainless Steel Pitter / Stoner - £5.99

Removing the stones from cherrys or the pit from olives is tricky work without the right tool, thats where this little gadget comes in. [more...]

Double Headed Melon Baller - £2.99

With its two different sized heads this melon baller has you covered for your next party, whether you're experimenting with cocktails or just want to put out some food for people to pick at, this little tool will give great results. [more...]

Stainless Steel Chip Scoop - £3.99

The Stainless Steel Chip Scoop makes serving up chips and French fries easy. The wide scoop allows you to pick up chips straight from the tray or chip warmer, while the drainage holes let any excess oil drain away. [more...]

Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife - £4.99

Professional and high quality stainless steel grapefruit knife, with integral hanging storage loop. Mix up a Greyhound cocktail with some fresh grapefruit, which will be quick work using the dual sided serrated blade and comfortable oval shaped handle. [more...]

Vitamine C Set - £11.99

Everyone needs their daily dose of vitamin C and one of the most tasty ways to get it is through fresh fruit. So whether your fruit is orange, yellow, green or pink, you can slice, peel and scoop your way into it with this set of specially designed fold away spoons. [more...]

Funnel With Strainer - £6.99

Constructed by leading catering provider, Genware, the 18/10 stainless steel Funnel With Strainer is made to a professional standard. With a removable and easy to replace strainer, the use of this funnel is not only very flexible, but it is also designed with caterers and chefs in mind. [more...]

Glacier Cutlery Set - £67.87

A classical yet contempory range of Elia cutlery. A generously curved, bold design for any modern table setting. 24 piece. [more...]