Food Thermometers

Probe Thermometer - £18.99

This Probe Thermometer is designed with the professional caterer in mind. With a digital reading advising of temperatures between -50°C and 150°C you can rest assured that all food will be the correct temperature. [more...]

Digitron Digital Non Contact Thermometer IR Gun - £119.99

The Digitron Digital Non Contact Thermometer IR Gun has a laser point to read the surface temperature of objects. With a fast, clear response, this gun allows you to view temperature in either °C or °F, ideal for monitoring food temperature. [more...]

Escort Mi-Ind2l Mini Intelligent Data Logger - £89.99

The Escort Mini Intelligent Data Logger has been designed for commercial environments, offering a quick and accurate reading for monitoring the transport of sensitive cargo, the storage of perishable goods and the monitoring of chilled food. [more...]

Digital Probe Thermometer - £12.99

It's very important to ensure meat is thoroughly cooked. This Digital Probe Thermometer gives a clear an accurate reading of temperatures between -40 and +230°C. Ideal for domestic or commercial kitchens, this probe will help you determine whether your meat is ready to be served. [more...]

Genware Safe Probe Wipes - £4.99

Temperature probes are often used with a variety of food so ensure your kitchen stays safe and hygienic with these Genware Safe Probe Wipes. Each tub contains 200 disinfectant wipes which kill harmful bacteria without tainting food. [more...]