Disposable Cutlery

Sorino Plastic Bent Silver Spoons - From £39.99

The elegantly shaped Sorino Plastic Bent Silver Spoons add a touch of sophistication to any event. Made from disposable plastic, these spoons are a great choice for serving small tasters and appetisers at both indoor and outdoor events. [more...]

Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers - From £13.99

These Individually Wrapped Wooden Coffee Stirrers are a practical choice for caterers and takeaways. Each disposable stirrer is paper wrapped and made from biodegradable and compostable wood. Suitable for use in hot beverages, these stirrers are ideal for coffee shops, cafes, takeaways and functions. [more...]

Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Knives - From £2.99

The Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Knives offer a highly durable construction making them the ideal disposable alternative to metal cutlery. Suitable for a variety of occasions, from social gatherings to large catered events, these plastic knives can be recycled. [more...]

Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Forks - From £2.99

Whether you're hosting a party for friends or have a large event to cater for, the Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Forks offer a practical alternative to cutlery. Manufactured from food safe, impact resistant polystyrene, these disposable forks can be recycled. [more...]

Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Dessert Spoons - From £2.99

Whatever type of event you're catering for, the Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Dessert Spoons are a practical choice. Constructed from high impact resistant and food grade polystyrene, these recyclable spoons are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. [more...]

Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Stirrers - From £4.99

The handy Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Stirrers are ideal when serving hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Manufactured from high impact polystyrene, these disposable stirrers are ideal for use in commercial environments and can be recycled after use. [more...]

Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Teaspoons - From £1.99

Ideal for a variety of applications, the Polystyrene Plastic Disposable Teaspoons are suitable for small parties, large catered events or use in cafes and takeaways. Manufactured from durable polystyrene, these tea spoons are completely recyclable. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Knives - From £3.99

Great for outdoor and large events, the Birchwood Disposable Knives are made from biodegradable wood that has been sourced from sustainable forests. These environmentally friendly knives can be disposed of with natural waste or composted, taking only months to decompose. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Forks - From £3.99

Help preserve the environment by using Eco-friendly Birchwood disposable cutlery. They look good and are much more effective than plastic whilst being harvested from re-planted forests. [more...]

Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons - From £3.99

Perfect for parties, buffets and BBQs, the Birchwood Disposable Dessert Spoons offer a practical and eco-friendly design. Harvested from sustainable forests, these spoons are biodegradable, taking only months to compost. [more...]

Plastic Knives Silver - From £1.99

Whether you're dining al fresco or have a large event to cater for, the Silver Plastic Knives are an ideal choice. Made from polypropylene plastic with a silver colour finish these disposable knives offer excellent quality and can be recycled after use. [more...]

Plastic Forks Silver - From £1.99

The Silver Plastic Forks feature a traditional style design to offer the look of stainless steel cutlery. Completely disposable, these forks are ideal for outdoor dining or catering for large events such as weddings. [more...]

Plastic Spoons Silver - From £1.99

The perfect alternative to metal cutlery, the Plastic Spoons have a silver colour finish and traditional style to emulate the look of stainless steel cutlery. Made from disposable polypropylene plastic, these spoons are ideal for event catering, parties and outdoor dining. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Knives - From £6.99

Help do your part, and let your conscience relax with the Starch Disposable Knives! Made from 100% compostable cornstarch, these pieces of biodegradable cutlery are perfect for you to enjoy your party with peace of mind that you can dispose of your cutlery without it harming the environment. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Forks - From £6.99

Introducing the interesting concept of eating food with food, these disposable party forks are made from cornstarch which is highly eco-friendly because they are 100% biodegradable. Perfect for outdoor events such as buffets and barbeques where disposables are an essential. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons - From £3.99

There's no need to have the weight of non-eco-friendly disposables on your mind anymore - now these Starch Plastic Disposable Spoons offer a 'green' way to cater for a party! Made from 100% biodegradable cornstarch, you can comfortably dispose of these party spoons with a clear conscience that they won't harm the environment. [more...]

Starch Plastic Disposable Long Handled Teaspoons - From £6.99

When the need for disposable cutlery arises, ensure you choose the environmentally friendly option with the Starch Plastic Disposable Long Handled Teaspoons. Manufactured from PLA, derived from renewable and sustainable cornstarch resin, these plastic spoons can be thrown away with other compostable items and will biodegrade naturally. [more...]

Finger Food Spoons - £4.99

It's time to relive the days of your childhood when you were allowed to have some fun at the dinner table and play with your food! The Finger Food Spoons neatly slot on to the tips of your fingers for a fun way to eat your dinner! [more...]