Hoshizaki Ice Maker IM-21CLE

Free UK Delivery As one of the leading manufacturers of ice machines in the world, Hoshizaki and their closed cell system are able to produce very high quality clear ice. Lasting longer and removing the need for water softener, the IM-21CLE features a micro computer control which means that no seasonal adjustment is required. With a sleek stainless steel exterior this ice making unit not only offers fantastic service, but high durability.

Hygiene is a priority for Hoshizaki, and in their quest for the ultimate machine they have developed the closed cell system. This system uses an automatic rinse and flush cycle meaning that the cubes are always made from fresh water.

With high density foam-injected insulation on the storage bin, the ice melting process is greatly reduced. A fitted gasket on the insulated door ensures the tightest possible fit and ensures no cross contamination. Also featuring a detachable air filter that can easily be removed and cleaned, and a dirt-free air filter will assist in keeping the Hoshizaki IM-21CLE Ice Maker performing at maximum capacity.

Able to produce up to 22kg of ice in 24 hours in even the hottest temperatures, the IM-21CLE by Hoshizaki is not only durable and reliable, but able to be situated almost anywhere. Perfect for all of your ice needs.

Please Note: This item allows curbside delivery only. Once the item is delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to transport it further. For more information regarding this, please contact us on 0875 428 0958.

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