Cocktail Equipment

Store & Pour 2ltr White - From £5.99

This large capacity 2 litre Store & Pour is ideal for busy bars and cocktail parties, ensuring you've got plenty of juice or mixer to keep the drinks flowing all night. Offering two modes; this bottle features a flat cap for storage and a spout for pouring. [more...]

Stem Citrus Spritzer - £6.99

Eliminating all the hassle of chopping and squeezing citrus fruits, the Stem Citrus Spritzer allows you to spray juice directly from the fruit. Ideal for quickly refreshing and preserving fruits, this spritzer is also an ideal complement to meals and salads, or for speedily making cocktails. [more...]

Twisted Mixing Spoon - From £4.99

To help give you the professional edge, the Twisted Mixing Spoon by [email protected] offers an easy and economical way to stir your cocktail creations. With a long 11 inch construction, this bar spoon can reach to the bottom of a variety of cocktail shakers for maximum effect. [more...]

Cocktail Starter Pack - £39.99

For those who want to emulate the likes of Tom Cruise in the glamorous film Cocktail, the Cocktail Starter Pack contains all the essential elements to get your drink mixing career started. [more...]

Wooden Muddler - From £2.99

With a Wooden Muddler you crush your hard cocktail ingredients, such as mint and ginger, before application to help release the flavours and give yourself a much better drink experience! [more...]

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - £14.99

It's time to step out of the shadows of the cocktail making world and step up to the professional world of bartending. The Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] has been compiled using only the finest cocktail equipment to help you create the perfect range of drinks for party guests. [more...]

Deluxe Twisted Mixing Spoon - £6.99

A true cocktail requires more skill than just pouring a spirit in a glass and topping with coke, which is where the Twisted Mixing Spoon comes in. With its professional stainless steel look, you can stylishly and effortlessly combine cocktails with a simple stir. This spoon can reach to the bottom of almost any tall cocktail glass, so you can go wild and create some giant tasty masterpieces! [more...]

Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer - From £3.99

The [email protected] Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer ensures no large pieces of fruit or ice slip into your glass. The perfect fit for a Boston Shaker Glass, this strainer features 4 prongs for stability, ensuring picture perfect cocktails every time. [more...]

CocktailMaster - £32.99

An ingenious, revolutionary method of mixing cocktails in layers, the CocktailMaster helps you create visually appealing cocktails in seconds! Host your very own cocktail party and wow your friends with your cocktail making skills! [more...]

Plastic Muddler Black - From £5.99

Any good bartender knows the way to bring out the flavour of your cocktail ingredients is to use a muddler. Perfect for making mojitos and similar cocktails, the Plastic Muddler by [email protected] has a serrated end that's perfect for grinding the juices out of mint leaves and lime slices. [more...]

Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Molecular Mixology Kit - £49.99

The Cocktail R-EVOLUTION Molecular Mixology Kit provides you with everything you will need to get creative behind the bar and concoct some wild creations with the aid of an instructional recipe DVD. Packed with sachets of various of gelatins, algaes and other ingredients, this mixology set allows you to wow your friends with some unique and wild cocktails. [more...]

Bar Knife - £3.99

Multi-purpose Bar Knife with sharp straight-edge, serrated edge and forked tip. Ideal for slicing fruit to stick in one of your home made cocktails! [more...]

Cherry Chomper - £12.99

Cherries might be tasty, but they can be a pain to eat. Here to meet your cherry pitting needs is the friendly looking Cherry Chomper. This small chap will happily pit your cherries or olives in one simple motion, ensuring they're safe to eat! [more...]

Jigger Spirit Measure - From £2.95

Ensure your cocktails are made to perfection with the Jigger Spirit Measure from [email protected] Two spirit measures combine in one handy little unit, ideal for use by amateur and professional bartenders alike. With a stylish brushed finish, this stainless steel jigger measure helps enhance any bar set. [more...]

Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set - £19.99

When venturing into the world of cocktails, it can be difficult to know where to start. How can you be sure you've got the right equipment for the job? The Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Set brings together the most useful range of cocktail accessories to help you mix up some tasty drinks for your next party. [more...]

Luxe Lounge Five Piece Cocktail Tool Set - £21.99

The perfect addition to any home bar or cocktail party, the stylish Luxe Lounge Five Piece Cocktail Tool Set contains everything you need to serve the perfect cocktail. Four essential stainless steel bar tools sit in the brushed stainless steel stand which features four cocktail recipes on the reverse. [more...]

Cocktail Accessories Set - £13.99

You can spend hours practising mixing up some tasty drinks, but unless you can top off your glass with some fancy decorations, your drink isn't fit to be called a cocktail! The Cocktail Accessories Set helps you create some true masterpieces with a variety of decorations, picks, and straws to complete your creations. [more...]

Hand Made Lipped Mixing Glass 26oz / 740ml - £22.99

Mix up some cocktails with the professional quality Hand Made Lipped Mixing Glass from Artis. Ideal for professional bartenders or parties at home, this mixer glass is ideal for stirring cocktails and other drinks which don't require shaking. [more...]

Happy Hour Set-Up Stand - £15.99

Make sure you've got everything ready for your cocktail party in one convenient place with the Happy Hour Set-Up Stand. Consisting of a handy acrylic stand, this gift set is completed by including cocktail picks, napkins and coasters. [more...]

ProCrush Muddler & Crusher - £49.99

Take your cocktail making to a whole new level with the ProCrush Muddler & Crusher. The ProCrush features a unique patented design and durable stainless steel construction. The silicone head provides greater cushioning protection to reduce drag and use less energy. [more...]

City Nights Stainless Steel Dual Spirit Cocktail Jigger - £8.99

If you're mixing up some glam cocktails, ensure you get your measure right with the City Nights Stainless Steel Dual Spirit Cocktail Jigger. Helping you to get the flavours and spirits just right, this double sided 25ml/50ml measure is finished with pink rhinestone detailing for some added glitz. [more...]

Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set - £24.99

Creating fabulous tasting cocktails doesn't have to be a complicated process. The Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] makes things simple so you can have fun making cocktails at home with friends. The perfect bit of kit for any budding cocktail mixologist, this set contains everything you need to have the confidence to start mixing. [more...]

ProStirrer Mixing Spoon - £24.99

The highly versatile ProStirrer Mixing Spoon is a must have for any serious mixologist; it offers hassle-free stirring, layering and muddling, helping you create perfect cocktails every time. Made from durable stainless steel, this spoon features a sturdy construction which resists bending. [more...]

Home Cocktail Set - £19.99

If you've always wanted to try your hand becoming a cocktail bartender, then the Home Cocktail Starter Pack from [email protected] is here to help you get on your way to becoming a mix master! Perfect for mixing up a few treats for you and your friends, this kit contains the essentials you will need to get a professional finish. [more...]

VacuVin Cocktail Recipe Sticks - £7.95

The VacuVin Cocktail Recipe Sticks eliminate the need for fiddly cocktail shakers, measures and stirrers. Designed for cocktails which are made in the glass each stick has its own measurements for specific cocktail recipes, including Tequila Sunrise, Tom Collins and Bloody Mary cocktails. [more...]

Catcher Citrus Reamer - £9.99

A common problem when using a conventional hand reamer is having to remove unwanted pips and bits of fruit from the extracted juice. The Catcher™ eliminates this problem by having a soft rubber cup under the reamer head to catch all the unwanted bits. [more...]

White Plastic Ice Crusher - £9.99

There are ways to reduce big, chunky ice cubes to the perfect consistency for cocktails, and thie White Plastic Ice Crusher is one of them! Simply twist the handle and the metal teeth will give you plenty of ice shards for your drinks. [more...]

Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set - £29.99

If you feel your vodka and coke is lacking a little inspiration, then it's time to get creative with the Manhattan Nights Cocktail Gift Set. This stainless steel set contains everything a beginner needs to whizz up a tasty and fabulous looking cocktail in no time. [more...]

Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer - £17.99

When serving up a fancy cocktail you need the right equipment. Somehow straining a cocktail through your kitchen sieve doesn't quite have the same elegance as using a proper cocktail strainer. This Gold Plated Hawthorn Strainer is perfect for use with a Boston Shaker Glass, banishing lumps, a mortal sin in the world of cocktails. [more...]

VacuVin Muddler & Tools - £12.95

There's no excuse for misplacing your most important bar tools again as the VacuVin Muddler & Tools features a 3in1 innovative design. The multipurpose tongs and spirit measure conveniently slot inside the cocktail muddler, ready for use when you're next mixing up some cocktails. [more...]

Copper Plated Classic Bar Spoon - £16.99

Perfect for professional and keen cocktail mixers, the Copper Plated Classic Bar Spoon offers a stylish and practical design. Made from stainless steel with a copper plated finish, this spoon features a long twisted shaft that can be used to layer cocktails or simply stirring drinks. [more...]

The Pearson Paw Bar Measure - £9.99

Serve the perfect measure every time with The Pearson Paw Bar Measure by Urban Bar. This stainless steel measuring device features four different measures for spirits and other ingredients for serving cocktails and mixed drinks at the bar. [more...]

Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer - £24.99

The Juliep Dual Purpose Strainer is no ordinary cocktail strainer, it doubles up as an ice scoop making it a highly versatile and essential bar tool. Manufactured from hard wearing stainless steel, the Juliep offers a unique angled design which fits perfectly with a Professional Boston Tin or Glass for fuss-free cocktail straining. [more...]

Home Cocktail Set with Cocktail Book - £24.99

There's more to cocktails than overpriced martinis at the bar, why not make your own with the Home Cocktail Set with Cocktail Book? Perfect for any beginner, this set contains everything you need to start mixing up professional looking Margaritas and Daiquiris for party guests in no time. [more...]

BulkySoft Cocktail Napkins White 24cm - From £2.99

The professional quality BulkySoft Cocktail Napkins in white are ideal for drinks service in your bar or home. The perfect size for bar caddies, these 24cm 2ply napkins are versatile enough for a variety of applications. [more...]

BulkySoft Cocktail Napkins Black 24cm - From £2.99

Give your drinks service a professional touch with these BulkySoft Cocktail Napkins in black. Ideal for serving with drinks at the bar, these professional quality 2ply napkins are equally suited to cocktail parties and BBQs at home. [more...]

Ring Grip Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

To ensure you don't loose your grip on your precious muddler after a few too many mojitos, this Stainless Steel Muddler features three rubber ring grips on the handle. For when you've got lots of drinks to prepare, you can quickly and firmly crush the flavours out of your ingredients with the serrated base. [more...]

Bar Caddy Starter Kit - £19.99

You've bought your booze, stocked up on pourers, optics and the like, and you’ve even got a quality blender to go with it all. Now all you need are the small accessories that make all the difference! [more...]

Chrome Bar Caddy Starter Kit - £22.99

Show off your cocktail creations to your friends with the Bar Caddy Starter Kit. If you're new to the cocktail world then this set will help you with a bit of razzle dazzle, even if your drinks aren't up to much! This set contains everything you'll need to decorate your latest cocktail creation! [more...]

VacuVin Pineapple Slicer - £8.99

The easy to use corkscrew action of the Pineapple Slicer from VacuVin makes it a doddle to serve up some slices of nice juicy pineapple! Simply removing the fruit from the skin, the Pineapple Slicer creates a tasty pineapple spiral for you to enjoy! [more...]

StrainRay Cocktail Strainer - £29.99

Designed to take the sting out of straining drinks, the StrainRay Cocktail Strainer is an essential tool for any bartender. This stainless steel strainer offers an elegant and sturdy construction and is designed for ease of use. The StrainRay fits perfectly with the Professional Boston Tin or Glass and features a unique finger pusher action for ultimate control. [more...]

Margarita Cocktail Starter Pack - £37.99

Whether you're hosting a cocktail party, Mexican night or quite simply relaxing on a Thursday afternoon, this Margarita Cocktail Starter Pack contains everything you need to get your party started! Use the Ice Republic Cocktail Mix, Glass Rimmer, Palm Tree Picks and Z-Stem Margarita Glasses to make the perfect professional looking Margarita. [more...]

iSi Twist 'N Sparkle Starter Set - £34.99

Add instant sparkle to your drinks with the iSi Twist 'N Sparkle Starter Set. The innovative Twist 'N Sparkle is a great alternative to traditional soda syphons, offering an easy to use and portable complete beverage carbonating system. [more...]

iSi Twist 'N Sparkle Replacement Bottles - £19.99

These iSi Twist 'N Sparkle Replacement Bottles are designed for use with the iSi Twist 'N Sparkle Beverage Carbonating System. Each bottle is made from PET plastic, making it both reusable and recyclable. [more...]

ProStik All Purpose Muddler - £29.99

Taking the effort out of muddling cocktail ingredients, the ProStik All Purpose Muddler is a great choice for the professional bartender. Ideal for use with a hiball tumbler or Boston glass, this muddler makes light work of extracting oils and juices from fruit with minimum effort. [more...]

Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

You can't serve up a cocktail just by throwing some ingredients into a glass. You need to release the full potential of the flavours, otherwise you'll end up with a very bland cocktail. Using a muddler, such as the Flat Base Stainless Steel Muddler, makes it incredibly easy to create the perfect drink. [more...]

Starter Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - £9.99

If you've always fancied mixing up cocktails like a pro, the Starter Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] is the perfect place to start! Containing all the essential tools a beginner needs to start creating cocktails for friends and family, this set features a Boston Cocktail Shaker as used by professionals and an array of useful bar tools. [more...]

Mojito Cocktail Kit - £34.99

The [email protected] Mojito kit contains all the equipment you need to start creating your very own delicious version of the famous Cuban cocktail. Whether you like it made the traditional way or quickly shaken, this kit has it sorted. Don't wait for the sunshine, start making your very own Mojitos today! [more...]

Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass 24.6oz / 700ml - £14.99

The stylish and practical Japanese Yarai Mixing Glass with embossed pattern is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your cocktail service. Ideal for cocktails which don't require shaking, simply add your ingredients, give it a good stir and use the pouring lip to serve into a glass. [more...]

Wooden Muddler 10inch - From £5.99

Specially designed for muddling cocktail ingredients, the Wooden Muddler is perfect for use with tall hiball glasses. Create your own mojitos, mint juleps and other cocktails by bruising and crushing ingredients such as lime and mint together with this professional quality rubberwood muddler. [more...]

Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup - £5.99

Not everyone can mix drinks by eye, it takes years of drink mixing to know what's too much, and even worse, too little! Using the Deluxe Spirit Measure Cup you will know exactly how much of your chosen spirit you're putting in. [more...]

Basic Cocktail Shaker Set - £9.99

The world of cocktail mixology can be a daunting place, which is why the Basic Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] is the perfect introduction to cocktail mixing for any budding bartender. Containing all the essential cocktail equipment you need to start mixing cocktails for friends and family, this set is ideal for any beginner. [more...]

Red Knob Cocktail Spoon - £6.99

The classic Red Knob Bar Spoon, a bartending essential for generations. This stainless steel spoon will help you create the perfect cocktail everytime, whether you intend to make a work of art, or a powerful blend of flavours. [more...]

Basic Cocktail Shaker Set with Cocktail Book - £9.99

Kick your cocktail making career into gear with the [email protected] Basic Cocktail Shaker Set with Cocktail Book! Remember, it's not the size of your set that matters, it's what you do with it that counts! Containing the perfect cocktail accessories to help you start mixing up some wonders, this set is perfect for beginners. [more...]

Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass - £7.99

Designed to help you find your way in the world of cocktails, the Luxe Lounge Cocktail Compass from Bar Craft is perfect for cocktail recipe inspiration. Made from high quality stainless steel, this handy compass features 12 popular cocktail recipes, perfect for any cocktail lover. [more...]

Luxe Lounge Stainless Steel Muddler - £8.99

You can't beat a well muddled cocktail and the Luxe Lounge Stainless Steel Muddler from Bar Craft is perfect for the job. This stylish and durable muddler is made from stainless steel and features a non-slip handle and wide silicone head which is tough on your ingredients without damaging your glass. [more...]

Two Prong Hawthorne Strainer - £3.99

If you served your guests or clients a poorly made cocktail, with big chucks of ice and fruit pips, it would be the social equivalent of serving your mother-in-law lumpy gravy. This Two Prong Hawthorn Strainer is ideal for ensuring there's no unwanted bits floating in your margarita. [more...]

Bartenders Bag - £109.99

The handy Bartenders Bag from Urban Bar is an essential for the travelling bartender. Wherever your event is, this practical kit contains all the essential tools needed to start mixing up some cocktails, all packed in a roll-up nylon carry bag. [more...]

Pina Colada Cocktail Starter Pack - £24.99

To help you save time and money trying to figure out how to mix the perfect Pina Colada, the Pina Colada Cocktail Starter Pack contains everything you'll need to serve up some amazing cocktails! Including a sachet of Ice Republic Cocktail Mix, all you have to do is add water and alcohol for instant enjoyment! [more...]

Stainless Steel Mini Tongs - £1.49

For those making a lot of cocktails for party guests it is not only clean, but much more professional if you do not directly handle the ingredients your awaiting guests are about to consume. You also don't want a huge set of cooking tongs for handling you ice cubes, olives or cherries, so get some of these Stainless Steel Mini Tongs. [more...]

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set - £11.99

What better way to get your party started than with a couple of cocktails? The sleek and stylish Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set is perfect for beginners, containing all the essential equipment you need to start mixing and serving drinks for friends. [more...]

Wyborowa Hawthorn Strainer - £5.99

Serve the perfect cocktail with the help of the Wyborowa Hawthorn Strainer. Branded with the polish Wyborowa Vodka logo, this stainless steel strainer is perfect for use with a Boston tin, ensuring excess ice and fruit pulp doesn't enter the glass. [more...]

Speed Rail 42inch - £60.95

The 42inch speed rail is manufactured from stainless steel to a professional quality to provide only the best in drink service equipment. Ideal for holding multiple 1 litre bottles behind the bar, this speed rail will provide all of your flairing needs. [more...]

Stainless Steel Muddler - From £9.99

No ingredient will be left un-muddled when you present this beautifully ergonomically designed bar tool! The Stainless Steel Muddler is ideal for garnishes that need a bit of extra force - the steel construction ensure this muddler will last through any difficult crushing task! [more...]

Double Jigger Measure - From £5.99

Stainless steel double ended measure essential for all cocktailers. Gives an accurate measure of both 25ml and 50ml shots. [more...]

Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Starter Pack - £25.99

The Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Starter Pack includes Ice Republic's Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Mixer, which makes whizzing up a fancy cocktail so simple, you'll wonder why you haven't tried it before! So invite some friends round, make use of the funky looking Z-Stem Margarita Glasses and Foil Cocktail Umbrellas while pretending you did all the hard work. [more...]

Bar Craft Deluxe Citrus Juicer - £34.99

Fresh always tastes better, but can be hard work at times. If you find your muscles start aching after squeezing a dozen oranges and you only have a pitiful amount of juice, the Deluxe Citrus Juicer from Bar Craft is the perfect relief. The geared pressure lever allows you to quickly and easily extract citrus juices with minimum effort or fuss. [more...]

Bar Caddy Classic - From £5.99

No self-respecting barman would work in a messy bar so make sure you organise your space with the [email protected] Bar Caddy Classic. This plastic black Bar Caddy has separate compartments to help you organise your straws, cocktail decorations and napkins. [more...]

Absinthe Spoons - £9.99

Engage in the traditional French absinthe ritual of adding water to absinthe over sugar with the Absinthe Spoons. These specially designed stainless steel perforated spoons have a hump to rest on the rim of your glass, allowing you to gently dissolve a sugar cube when serving from an absinthe fountain. [more...]

Tower Slicer and Wedger - £29.99

The Tower Slicer and Wedger is an ingenious time and effort saving device, allowing you to chop through fruit and veg in seconds. Whether you want evenly sliced cucumbers and carrots or chunky wedges of potatoes and lemons, the Tower has two interchangeable chopping blades with a patented V-shape design. [more...]

Julep Cocktail Strainer - £2.99

For use with a Boston style shaker, this Julep design strainer acts as the perfect catcher of larger pieces of ice, and any garnishes that have been mixed into your cocktail. The Julep Cocktail Strainer is an essential cocktail tool that no bar should be without! [more...]

Conical Cocktail Sieve - £2.1

If you're the kind of person that gets fussy over bits in your drink, then you're going to need to start fine tuning with the Conical Cocktail Sieve! Any unwanted bits will get caught in this useful piece of cocktail equipment so you can enjoy cocktails as smooth as a milk! [more...]

C-Press Citrus Juicer - £44.99

Juicing lemons and limes for cocktails can be hard work, which is why the C-Press Citrus Juicer is designed to turn it into a painless task. With a sturdy construction and simple design, this citrus press offers a professional finish for use in both bars and at home. Also known as a Mexican Elbow. [more...]

Glass Straw Dispenser - From £12.99

A throwback to a classic retro diner design, the Glass Straw Dispenser from [email protected] provides an attractive and practical way to store your straws. Perfect for your home bar or party, this stylish dispenser can also be used in cafes, outlets and bars. [more...]

Complete Cocktail Kit Bag - £219.99

This Urban Bar Cocktail Kit Bag is the last word in cocktail equipment. Containing the ultimate tool selection necessary to create a peerless cocktail. Whether you're travelling to a cocktail show, bar event or even your friends house, this is an essential piece of kit. [more...]

Twist Peeler Bar Knife - £2.99

The Twist Peeler Bar Knife features multiple uses in one blade, making it an extremely useful piece of barware to keep at hand. Turn your garnishes into attractive displays with the additional zester and twist peeler, as well as the standard cutting blade. [more...]

Novelty Green Olive Cocktail Picks - £4.99

Most martinis get topped off with really boring and cheap picks, why not give yours the style and sophistication a good martini deserves? A must have for any cocktail enthusiast's tool kit, a pair of simple and stylish olive picks with stainless steel forks and a polyresin olive shaped handle. [more...]

ProJig World Multi Measure - £19.99

Because no two cocktails are the same, the ProJig World Multi Measure can measure up to 12 different volume combinations, compared with 4 combinations on a standard jigger. This unique patented jigger features 5ml, 10ml and 15ml compartments at one end and a 30ml compartment at the other. [more...]

Shot Float Kit - £9.99

Makes layered drinks quick 'n' easy! Cocktail books have described layered cocktails or 'shooters' as 'works of art' and 'a sight to behold and drink'. Until now these classic drinks, like the B-52 could take literally minutes to prepare. [more...]

Bar Ice Pick - £5.99

Break the ice the old fashioned way with this Bar Ice Pick. Perfect for making smaller or crushed ice cubes for long drinks, cocktails and soft drinks. [more...]

Boston Cocktail Shaker Set with Jigger Measure - £22.99

Host your own cocktail party and play bartender for the evening with the Boston Cocktail Shaker Set with Jigger Measure from [email protected] Containing all the equipment you need to start mixing up some professional looking cocktails, this set is perfect for any beginner or home bar owner. [more...]

Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker Set - £26.99

If you've always fancied mixing up some professional looking cocktails at home then the Black Vinylworks Boston Cocktail Shaker Set from [email protected] is the perfect choice for any beginner. Containing professional cocktail equipment as used by bartenders this set is both stylish and functional. [more...]

Wooden Mojito Muddler 30cm - £4.99

Bring out your inner bartender with the Wooden Mojito Muddler, perfect for muddling cocktails at home or in your bar. This muddler is made from sustainable FSC certified beech wood and the serrated end makes it a great choice for crushing cocktail ingredients for mojitos, juleps and more. [more...]

Chrome Ice Crusher - £29.99

Create perfect crushed ice with the Chrome Ice Crusher from [email protected]inkstuff. Perfect for cocktail parties or your home bar, this manual rotary ice crusher can produce a quart of fine or coarse crushed ice in less than a minute. [more...]

Roll 'n' Pour Jigger Measure 25ml - £4.99

Place the Roll 'n' Pour Jigger over the mouth of your glass with the arms over either side. Then, just fill it up to the brim and turn the arms to tip the bowl over; pouring the contents into the glass! Et Voila; an easy and convenient way to get an exact measure of your favourite spirit! [more...]

Roll 'n' Pour Jigger Measure 50ml - £4.99

Ensure you don't spill a drop of your precious liquor with the Roll 'n' Pour Jigger Measure. This stainless steel spirit measure rests over your glass while you pour, then just simply roll the arms to tip the contents straight into the glass, eliminating any wastage. [more...]

Condiments On Ice - £24.99

In a busy bar, takeaway or restaurant it's always a challenge to keep fresh condiments cool. Condiments On Ice provides the perfect way to keep garnishes chilled as the chamber below can be filled with cubed or crushed ice. [more...]

Deluxe Mango Pitter - £6.99

Cocktails are always the best when they are made with fresh ingredients, so put away the super market mango juice and pick up the Deluxe Mango Pitter. With this simple tool you can slice and remove the stone from the mango all in one simple movement. [more...]

Mix It Straw Dispenser - £11.99

Offering stylish and handy storage for your drinking straws, the Mix It Straw Dispenser from Bar Craft is filled with colourful straws and is perfect for home bars, games rooms and parties. Offering a retro style look, this plastic dispenser features a lift up lid so you can create that café feel at home. [more...]

Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife - £4.99

Professional and high quality stainless steel grapefruit knife, with integral hanging storage loop. Mix up a Greyhound cocktail with some fresh grapefruit, which will be quick work using the dual sided serrated blade and comfortable oval shaped handle. [more...]

Double Headed Melon Baller - £2.99

With its two different sized heads this melon baller has you covered for your next party, whether you're experimenting with cocktails or just want to put out some food for people to pick at, this little tool will give great results. [more...]

Paper Coasters - From £14.99

Because presentation is everything, these Paper Coasters not only add a touch of elegance to your bar service, but also protect the bar or table top from ring marks. These professional quality coasters have a waxed back and soft texture with a subtle ring pattern. [more...]

Condiment Dispenser 5 Compartment - £19.99

The Condiment Dispenser 5 Compartment adds a professional look to any bar and helps keep it looking clean and tidy. Each acrylic pot is removable and is ideal for filling with cocktail condiments such as citrus slices, cherries, olives and pickles. [more...]

Glass Rimmer - From £14.99

An essential for all you home cocktail connoisseurs and party planners! To make the perfect punch it is sometimes necessary to go the extra mile and coat the rim of your martini glass. Especially when planning the biggest and best barby of the summer. [more...]

Finger Guard - £5.99

When slicing fruit behind the bar, do you find you suffer from cuts and nips to fingers more often than not? It's about time you started protecting your precious fingers; they can often prove handy! This flexible Finger Guard provides invaluable protection for fingers whilst slicing and dicing behind the bar and in the kitchen. [more...]

Bling Bartenders Set - £74.99

Forget boring old stainless steel bar tools, the Bling Bartenders Set is the flashiest cocktail equipment around. Guaranteed to dazzle your party guests, this is the perfect gift for both professional and amateur bartenders. [more...]

Cocktail Napkins Black - From £5.99

Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic black napkins are ideal for parties, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional. [more...]

Cocktail Napkins White - From £5.99

Make sure your furniture stays clean when you have guests round. These classic napkins are ideal for parties, picnics, barbecues or bars and will fit standard size bar caddies. These Swantex napkins are practical and look professional. [more...]

Condiment Dispenser 6 Compartment Chrome - £32.99

From a minty mojito to a fruity daiquiri, you'll be prepared for any cocktail with this Condiment Dispenser. With 6 removable compartment trays for easy cleaning, this holder is ideal for cocktail garnishes and ingredients. The clear perspex lid allows you to easily see the contents, while the chrome effect finish looks great on any bar top. [more...]

Speed Rail 22 inch - From £47.99

Roomy enough to hold several bottles, the 22 inch stainless steel Speed Rail from [email protected] enables you to have all the drinks you need at your fingertips, so that you never need to wander from one side of the bar to another. So go on, keep practicing, and make sure you get a speed rail to really polish up your act! [more...]

Speed Rail 32inch - £42.99

An essential for any bartender that loves to flair, the Speed Rail gives easy access to bottles for a completely smooth flair routine. Also ideal for general bar and cocktail service, this Speed Rail holds 5-6 bottles. [more...]

Double Speed Rail 22inch - £62.99

Ideal for busy bars or flair bartenders, the Double Speed Rail allows for instant access to liqueur bottles and Store & Pour systems. With a high quality stainless steel construction, it offers a practical and stylish addition to your bar. [more...]

Citrus Keeper - From £11.99

The innovative Citrus Keeper puts an end to wasting cut lemons and limes, helping to keep cut fruit fresher for longer. This unique gadget holds up to 8 citrus wedges or a halved citrus fruit to help prevent them drying out. Finished with a colourful base and clear lid for easy identification, this plastic citrus container is ideal for your home or bar. [more...]

2 in 1 Stainless Steel Straw & Stirrer - £4.99

Ever found your straw is just not good enough at mixing up your drink but don't want both a straw and a spoon crowding your glass? This simple idea combines the two to create a spoon with a hollow long stem body for use as a straw. [more...]

Wooden Cocktail Sticks - £2.99

If you are the kind of person who likes to have cocktails and parties, then this box of 1000 Wooden Cocktail Sticks is perfect for you. [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Aluminium - £49.99

Manufactured to a superb quality, the Soda Syphons are the perfect way to keep your drinks fizzy and ensure there are no more late night dashes to the shops! These brushed finished soda syphons have a filling volume of 1 litre. [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Red - £43.99

With the fantastic iSi Soda Syphon, late night trips to the shop for fizz are a thing of the past! Explore the iSi Soda Syphon and unlock its potential as a leading domestic CO2 syphon. Manufactured from brushed aluminium so you can ensure longevity, quality and style. [more...]

iSi Soda Syphon Black - £49.99

This classic Soda Syphon is able to turn standard tap water into lovely fizzy water; ideal for cocktails, soft drinks, or simply for a nice glass of sparkling water! While you won't be drowned for the witchery of changing still water into sparkling water, it is a neat trick that will give your cocktails an extra fizzy edge! [more...]

Liss Soda Syphon Cartridges - From £4.99

Make sure you're never short of fizz with this pack of Liss Soda Syphon Cartridges. For use with the Liss and other Soda Syphons, each cartridge will produce 1ltr of soda water, allowing you to make great cocktails, soft drinks or a simple glass of sparkling water. [more...]

Liss Deco Mesh Soda Syphon 1ltr - £109.99

Forget lugging bottles of sparkling water home, the Liss Deco Mesh Soda Syphon instantly transforms still water into sparkling. Simply fill with water, load the CO2 cartridge and you'll be able to produce freshly carbonated soda water for adding to cocktails and other drinks. [more...]

Lemon & Lime Squeezer - £6.99

These days eating and drinking healthily is important. Those in the know tell us that we should be eating at least 5 different fruits and vegetables a day. Make the most of the juicy fruits with this stainless steel Lemon/Lime Squeezer [more...]

Stainless Steel Pitter / Stoner - £5.99

Removing the stones from cherrys or the pit from olives is tricky work without the right tool, thats where this little gadget comes in. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer - £2.99

Drink healthily straight from your favorite fruits with the fantastic Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezes. Just chop up your fruit and place it in the squeezer and well...squeeze. Lemon juice will soon start gushing out ready for use in your cocktails. Perfectly simple. [more...]

Wooden Lemon Reamer - £2.99

A classic kitchen essential, this Wooden Lemon Reamer is ideal for quickly extracting the juice from any citrus fruits. The sustainably sourced beech wood ensures the product doesn't react with acidic juices, making it more durable. [more...]

Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer - £8.99

The Stainless Steel Lemon Reamer is a useful tool that can be used to extract juice from a wide variety of citrus fruits. The pointed end will allow you to pierce into the fruit, while the serrated conical blade ensures you get every last bit of juice. Simply strain the juice before using to create some mouthwatering cocktails! [more...]

Clearcut Stainless Steel Zester - £8.99

Cocktails are all about the combination of different flavours making a really nice drink and anyone who would call themselves a keen cocktail mixer knows that the smallest garnish can make a huge difference. [more...]

Kitchen Craft Citrus Zester - £4.99

The stainless steel Citrus Zester from Kitchen Craft is the ideal tool for topping off your cocktails with some extra pizazz. The added canelle blade means you can carve the slightly larger strips of fruit to really show off your bartending skills. [more...]

Stainless Steel Bonzer Bar Fruit Cutting Board - £19.99

High quality stainless steel bar board complete with removable wooden block. Perfect for cutting fruit for cocktails and other drinks. [more...]

Joseph Joseph Bar Board Clear - £6.99

The practical and stylish Joseph Joseph Bar Board offers the perfect surface on which to prepare and serve food. Ideal for preparing cocktail ingredients, as well as general food stuff, this board can also be used as a trivet. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Green - From £6.99

Make screw top bottles and foil sealed lids a thing of the past with the fantastic Freepour Bottle. An ideal tool for streamlining your bar service the superb Freepour Bottles are not only stylish but help keep your bar top clean and ordered. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Red - From £6.99

Serving large hordes of people can be time consuming, especially when you're playing around with screw top lids and foil sealed bottles. Well now you can make this task much more efficient with the fantastic colour coded Freepour Bottles. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Yellow - From £6.99

When you're serving drinks and a queue starts forming, the last thing you need is to be fiddling with screw tops and foil sealed lids. The Freepour Bottle is the ideal solution for serving juice and mixers when you're short of time. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Blue - From £8.99

An easy and efficient way to store your beverages in a colour coded manner, meaning you never have to wonder what's stored in what bottle. Perfect for speedy service, these fantastic Freepour Bottles are ideal for use in a speed rail behind a bar. [more...]

Freepour Bottle White - From £6.99

Making bar service streamlined and efficient is always a work in progress. The Freepour Bottles are an ideal way to store your mixers in a speed rail behind the bar to offer rapid service. The colour coded coordination of the Freepour Bottle is a simple, effective and easy way to store and keep track of your drinks. [more...]

Freepour Bottle Orange - From £6.99

Streamline your bar with the fantastic Freepour Bottles. This orange coloured bottle is perfect for colour coding your mixers for use with cocktails, storing them and of course, serving them quickly and efficiently as the queues grow. [more...]

Store & Pour Red - From £4.99

The Store & Pour is a neat little seal-able and reusable plastic bottle with a simple but highly effective pouring spout. Ideal for adding mixers and juice to cocktails and spirits when behind a bar, at a party or hosting a special event. [more...]

Store & Pour Green - From £4.99

This Store & Pour is a great alternative to fiddly juice cartons and mixer bottles which don't always offer a smooth pour. Ideal for professional bartenders, this Store & Pour bottle allows for a perfect pour every time and features a colour coded lid for easy identification. [more...]

Store & Pour Yellow - From £4.99

The Store & Pour offers a practical design for storing and serving mixers in your bar and is colour coded for easy identification. This reusable bottle has two modes; a long-necked pouring spout for serving and a flat lid for storage which doubles as a base when not in use. [more...]

Store & Pour Orange - From £4.99

This Store & Pour bottle features an orange colour coded lid, allowing for easy identification when serving and storing mixers and juices in your bar. With a practical design, this handy bottle can be used to serve mixers when used with the long-necked pouring spout, or for storage with the flat lid which doubles as a base. [more...]

Store & Pour White - From £4.99

The simple and practical Store & Pour is an essential piece of equipment for any bar. Simply fill with your mixer or juice and use the long-neck pouring spout to easily and smoothly serve drinks without fiddling with cartons. After closing time you can use the white removable base as a lid for storage. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Red - From £5.99

Ideal for the bar, kitchen or busy caterers, the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster offers a practical and convenient design. Suitable for the storage of juices and mixers behind the bar, this colour coded store and pour bottle is also ideal for sauces, dressings and condiments. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top White - From £5.99

The SaferFood Solutions PourMaster offers a practical design for use in your bar or kitchen. Finished with a white colour coded lid, this PerfectFlex plastic container can be used for smooth pouring or storage when not in use. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Green - From £5.99

Complete with a colour coded lid for identification, the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster is perfect for your bar or catering needs. This plastic pouring container transforms with the StorMaster cap for easy storage of juices, cocktail mixers or even sauces and dressings. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Brown - From £5.99

Specially designed for use behind the bar, the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster forms part of a colour coded system for easy identification. Made from PerfectFlex plastic, this container offers excellent cleanliness and ease of dispensing. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Orange - From £5.99

A great alternative to using fiddly cartons, the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster ensures the perfect pour every time. When not in use, the bottom StorMaster cap transforms the PourMaster into a storage container, making it ideal for juices, cocktail mixers or your catering needs. [more...]

SaferFood Solutions PourMaster with Low Profile Top Yellow - From £5.99

Put an end to fiddly cartons and bottles with the SaferFood Solutions PourMaster. Specially designed for smoother dispensing of juices, mixers or sauces, this store and pour bottle is the ideal choice for your bar or kitchen and comes complete with colour coded lids for easy identification. [more...]

Condiment Dispenser 4 Compartment - £16.99

Keep all your cocktail garnishes in one convenient place with a condiment dispenser. Just fill each tray with a different foodstuff and they are kept sealed under the clear acrylic hinged lid. Perfect for bar top placement when making drinks. [more...]

Bar Condiment Dispenser & Napkin Holder - £29.99

This great storage facility will not only keep your condiments fresh but they are easy to transport and remove. This 4 pot condiment dispenser has a bar caddy and napkin holder for all your non-edible cocktail essentials too! [more...]

Stainless Steel Long Latte Drinks Spoon - £6.99

The elegantly shaped Stainless Steel Long Latte Drinks Spoon is the perfect accompaniment to a warming glass of caffe latte. The long design of this spoon also makes it suitable for using as a cocktail mixing spoon or even as a dessert spoon. [more...]

Vitamine C Set - £11.99

Everyone needs their daily dose of vitamin C and one of the most tasty ways to get it is through fresh fruit. So whether your fruit is orange, yellow, green or pink, you can slice, peel and scoop your way into it with this set of specially designed fold away spoons. [more...]

Chrome Bar Caddy - From £14.99

The Chrome Bar Caddy provides the finishing touch for your bar, offering a modern and professional look. Made from durable plastic, this caddy has a sleek painted chrome finish with 5 compartments for storing straws, cocktail decorations and cocktail napkins. [more...]

Frappe Cocktail Straws Clear - From £2.99

A must for any home bar, these 4 inch Frappe Cocktail Straws are the perfect straw to accompany any drink served in a shallow vessel such as a martini or margarita glass. [more...]

Leather Bar Blade Holster - £17.99

Are you fed up of misplacing your Bar Blade and lighter? Well we guessed you would be so we've just got in the perfect holster for you to use... [more...]