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Trek Rocks Tumblers 7oz / 200ml - £8.99

The Trek Rocks Tumblers are ideal for serving up a scotch on the rocks or a refreshing glass of water. These 20cl glasses feature a unique dimpled design with a square, heavyweight base and are annealed for a toughened finish. [more...]

Bamboo Steamer Lid Square 8inch - £14.99

The 8 inch Bamboo Steamer Lid adds the perfect finishing touch to your food presentation at the dinner table. Hand-crafted in the traditional style from sustainably sourced bamboo wood, this lid can be used with multiple Bamboo Steamer Bases to create a tiered steamer. [more...]

Bamboo Steamer Base Square 8inch - £14.99

The 8 inch Bamboo Steamer Base offers an easy and healthy way to cook vegetables, meat and fish. It features a unique square shape which makes for a distinctive table presentation of food. This base has been hand-crafted from sustainable bamboo wood. [more...]

KS Classic Cooks Knife 10inch - £9.99

Highly versatile, the KS Classic Cooks Knife is an essential for any kitchen, whether at home or in a busy restaurant. This knife features a high quality professional CRMOV steel blade with a comfortable SoftTech handle. [more...]

LSA Ania Wine Glasses Ebony Black 14oz / 400ml - £26.99

Perfect for a unique dinner table setting, the Ania Wine Glasses from LSA feature patterns around the outside of the bowl influenced by traditional Polish paper craft. A tall stem combines with a large rounded bowl, making these glasses ideal for swirling red wine to allow it to breath. [more...]

Lodge Cast Iron Mini Rectangular Divided Server 9.75inch - From £26.99

Ideal for creating a traditional look, the Lodge Cast Iron Mini Rectangular Divided Server can be used for both cooking and table service. Ideal for oven-to-table service, this server has a pre-seasoned finish ensuring it's ready to use straight away and provides a non-stick surface. [more...]

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Country Kettle 1 US Pint - From £24.99

Serve up a warming soup or stew with the Lodge Logic Cast Iron Country Kettle. Perfect for keeping your food piping hot, this small bowl provides a unique touch to your oven-to-table service. Made from durable cast iron, this kettle has already been pre-seasoned. [more...]

Crescent Griddle 9inch - £16.99

The 9 inch Crescent Griddle is perfect for serving up a freshly cooked sizzling steak, spicy Mexican fajitas or simply keeping food piping hot. This cast iron griddle is suitable for domestic or commercial use and is ideal for use with the Crescent Griddle Underliner. [more...]

Crescent Griddle Underliner 11.75inch - £18.99

This Crescent Griddle Underliner is made from wood to keep your table top protected from the heat of a cast iron griddle. The unique crescent shape makes this underliner ideal for use with the Crescent Griddle. [more...]

Lodge Cast Iron Sizzlin' Chef's Platter 11.5 x 7.75inch - From £39.99

Serve up a sizzling steak with the Lodge Cast Iron Sizzlin' Chef's Platter. Made from heavyweight and durable cast iron, this platter is the perfect size for serving grilled meat, fish and vegetables or using as a sharing platter between friends. [more...]

Lodge Underliner for Sizzlin' Chef's Platter 14 x 9.75inch - From £34.99

The Lodge Underliner is made from layers of plywood and features a walnut finish, offering both a traditional look and practical design. It ensures your tabletop is kept protected from the heat of the cast iron and makes handling easier. [more...]

Tapered Pizza Pan 1inch Deep 10inch - £11.99

Cook your pizza to perfection with the 10 inch Tapered Pizza Pan, specially designed with tapered edges to make removing a cooked pizza easy. This pan is manufactured from high quality aluminium for a professional and robust finish. [more...]

Tapered Pizza Pan 1inch Deep 12inch - £13.99

The Tapered Pizza Pan is perfect for cooking up a deep pan loaded pizza. Manufactured from 18-gauge aluminium, this pan features tapered edges to make removal of freshly cooked pizzas easy. Ideal for use in pizzerias, takeaways and restaurants. [more...]

LSA Ania Tumblers Snow White 13.7oz / 390ml - From £15.99

Inspired by traditional Polish paper cuttings, the LSA Ania Tumblers feature a bold white folk-style floral pattern around the bowl. Luxuriously gift boxed, these tumblers make an ideal gift, perfect for everyday use. [more...]

LSA Celeste Gold Champagne Flutes 7.4oz / 210ml - £29.99

A toast just isn't the same without a drop of champagne, and what better way to celebrate than with the Celeste Gold Champagne Flutes from LSA. With a gold band running around the outside of the bowl, the pattern perfectly matches with your favourite bubbly for an elegant and playful drinks service. [more...]

LSA Coro Platinum Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - From £29.99

The Platinum collection from the Coro range of LSA wine glasses feature a hand-painted base in a striking shade that shines a light onto any occasion. The rounded bowl makes these glasses ideal for swirling your tipple to help release the aromas and flavours hidden within. [more...]

LSA Malika Highball Glasses 15.8oz / 450ml - From £39.99

The Malika Hi-Ball is a beautiful alternative to the everyday Hi-Ball and features a much more generous capacity of 450ml. It is perfect for those special occasions and is sure to be a talking point with its amazingly creative design. [more...]

LSA Bar Cocktail Jug 51oz / 1.45ltr - £23.99

Whether you choose to serve up cocktails at your party, or water at the dinner table, the Bar Cocktail Jug from the LSA range adds a certain elegance to any occasion. This glass jug is mouth blown, giving it an elegant finish, and features a large 1.45 litre capacity. [more...]

LSA Coro Cocktail Glasses Lagoon 7.4oz / 210ml - From £27.99

Let the soothing blue colours of the Lagoon LSA Coro Cocktail Glasses relax you while you sip on a cool martini. Each hand-painted base displays a slightly different shade of blue, allowing you an aqua retreat even if you're not by the sea. [more...]

LSA Coro Gold Tumblers 10.9oz / 310ml - From £18.99

Ideal for multiple uses, the Gold Tumblers from the LSA Coro range immediately stand out from the crowd. Whether you use them as water glasses, or for something a bit stronger, the Coro range is sure to impress! [more...]

LSA Celeste Platinum Wine Glasses 14oz / 400ml - £29.99

Adding a unique touch to your dinner party, the Celeste Platinum Wine Glasses from LSA feature a reflective platinum coloured band running around the outside of the bowl. Matched with LSA's elegant stemware design, the Platinum Celeste Wine Glasses help make your table service stand out for an unforgettable evening. [more...]

LSA Celeste Platinum Highballs 15oz / 425ml - £24.99

LSA's Celeste Highballs offer an elegant platinum coloured band running around the outside fo the glass, adding a refined touch to your dinner party. Ideal for special occasions, the LSA Celeste Platinum Highballs are gift boxed, making them ideal for any drink enthusiast. [more...]

LSA Celeste Platinum Champagne Flutes 7.4oz / 210ml - £29.99

For an elegant champagne toast, you can't get much better than LSA's classic lines and curves. With their Celeste range, LSA have added a bold touch of platinum colour to the bowl to play against the golden champagne inside. [more...]

LSA Ania Wine Glasses Snow White 14oz / 400ml - £24.99

The large bowl of LSA's Ania Wine Glass makes them the perfect choice for swirling red wine to make the most of the hidden flavours and aromas. To make these wine glasses really stand out from the crowd, the Ania range is inspired by traditional Polish folk paper cuttings for a bold printed pattern on the outside. [more...]

LSA Malika Grand Cocktail Glasses Gold 12.3oz / 350ml - From £34.99

Fall in love with the LSA Malika Grand Cocktail Glasses and you'll soon find any excuse to bring them out of the glassware cabinet. These handmade glasses have been designed exclusively for LSA by Monika Lubkowska-Jonas and feature a distinctive hand-applied gold spiral to further reflect light. [more...]

LSA Ania Tumblers Ebony Black 13.7oz / 390ml - From £15.99

To stand out from the world of everyday drinks tumblers, LSA's new Ania range offers a bold traditional folk pattern based around Polish culture. The bold floral shapes on the ebony black Ania Tumblers will help give your drink service a unique visual finish, and the equally attractive gift box makes these glasses an excellent gift choice. [more...]

LSA Malika Grand Champagne Flutes Gold 7.9oz / 225ml - From £36.99

Go for gold with the Malika Grand Champagne Flutes from glass designer LSA. Instantly adding a touch of class to any celebration, the familiar Mailka spiral design has been additionally decorated with a hand-painted gold band. [more...]

LSA Salsa Hiball Glasses 15.8oz / 450ml - From £39.99

The LSA Salsa Hiball Glasses will bring a whirl of elegance to your dinner table or party with their distinctive red glass swirl. This eye-catching piece makes a great beverage glass, whether you're serving water with dinner, soft drinks in the afternoon or cooling long drinks in the evening. [more...]

LSA Wine Collection Wine Funnel - £15.99

Any wine lover knows the importance of letting wine breathe, which is why LSA have designed the Wine Collection Wine Funnel to assist you in decanting your wine into your decanter or carafe. Made from handmade glass, this elegant wine funnel makes the perfect gift piece. [more...]

LSA Coro Platinum Tumblers 10.9oz / 310ml - From £18.99

The Platinum collection from the Coro range of LSA glassware each feature a hand-painted base in a striking shade that shines a light onto any occasion. Whether you fill these visually exciting drinks tumblers with water, juice, or spirits, they are sure to impress. [more...]

LSA Malika Grand Cocktail Glasses Platinum 12.3oz / 350ml - From £36.99

Whatever cocktail you decide to shake up, the LSA Malika Grand Cocktail Glasses will show it off to its full potential. Whether you fancy a dirty martini or classic cosmopolitan, this handmade piece is perfect for displaying a certain level of class at your dinner party or celebration. [more...]

LSA Salsa Wine Goblets 14oz / 400ml - From £44.99

Bring the flair of Salsa to your dinner party with these Wine Goblets from glass manufacturer LSA. Each glass is individually handmade, right down to the hand-applied red glass spiral around the bowl. The distinctive design complements white wine perfectly, while lending itself to modern and bold table settings. [more...]

LSA Celeste Gold Tumblers 13.7oz / 390ml - £24.99

Why do tumblers have to be restricted to a plain glass finish? LSA's Celeste range of glassware intends to buck this trend by introducing an elegant dash of gold to a classic tumbler design. Ideal for anything from soft drinks to liqueurs, these old fashioned tumblers are ideal for a refined drink service. [more...]

LSA Salsa Cocktail Glasses 8.8oz / 250ml - From £46.99

Make your party go with a swing with the vibrantly coloured LSA Salsa Cocktail Glasses. Each handmade glass features a hand-applied red swirl, making every piece as unique and individual as the person who drinks from it. [more...]

LSA Celeste Gold Highballs 15oz / 425ml - £24.99

The hiball tumbler is the most multifunctional of all glasses, and with LSA's classic elegant design, the Celeste Gold Highballs are a must have for a higher class of drink service. With a patterned gold band running around the outside of the glass, these drinks tumblers are ideal for a refined table service, no matter what you choose to serve. [more...]

LSA Celeste Platinum Tumblers 13.7oz / 390ml - £24.99

Whether you've serving a whisky on the rocks or a soft drink, the LSA Celeste Platinum Tumblers are ideal for adding an elegant touch to your drinks service. With a reflective platinum band around the centre of the glass, these old fashioned tumblers help enhance any drink you choose to serve. [more...]

Select Champagne Flutes 5.5oz / 160ml - From £21.99

For perfect elegance every time, the Select Champagne Flute is ideal for parties, dinners and toasts for two. The slim stem smoothly evolves into a fluted wide rim glass to provide excellent degustation when sampling and drinking champagne. [more...]

Pizza Pan Separator Disc 14inch - £7.49

Made to a professional standard from aluminium, the highly practical Pizza Pan Separator Discs are ideal for use in pizzerias, restaurants and gastro-pubs. These discs allow you to stack multiple pizza pans on top of each other for easy and quick cooking. A perfect buy for any pizza lover. [more...]

Pizza Peel 32inch with 9 x 11inch Blade - £18.99

Designed for use with large pizza ovens, this commercial Pizza Peel has a wooden handle and slightly scooped aluminium paddle to lift pizzas. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes and takeaways. 9" x 11" blade. [more...]

Pizza Pan Rack 11 Shelves - £28.99

Stacking pizzas in an orderly fashion has never been easier than with the fantastic 11 Shelf Pizza Pan Rack. Enabling you to keep order over your orders, this shelf is ideal for use in commercial establishments from Pizzerias to food pubs. [more...]

Sip Stir Straws Red and White - £5.99

No self respecting cocktail connoisseur would dream of serving up a drink without an appropriate straw. These small but handy straws are ideal for a range of small drinks, from fizzy cola to sour margaritas. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Straight Salad Bowl 24cm - £34.99

With a stylish and insulated design the Double Wall Stainless Steel Straight Salad Bowl is perfect for serving up a chilled salad. With a polished exterior and brushed interior, this round bowl adds sophistication to any buffet or dining table. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Flared Bowl 30cm - £29.99

With an elegant and sophisticated design this Double Wall Stainless Steel Flared Bowl is ideal for presenting a variety of foods. Specially suited to buffet food such as salad and fruit, this bowl features a double wall insulation to keep food cooler for longer. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Dual Angle Bowl 20cm - £24.99

Get creative with your buffet presentation with the Double Wall Stainless Steel Dual Angle Bowl. This stylish bowl features a unique angled base which allows it to be tilted for a clearly visible display. Ideal for buffets and food displays, this double walled bowl offers extra insulation for cold food. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Dual Angle Bowl 30cm - £47.99

Perfect for a unique and stylish display, the Double Wall Stainless Steel Dual Angle Bowl features an angled base which allows the bowl to lie flat or tilted for a creative display. The double wall insulation makes this bowl ideal for cold buffet service. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Square Bowl 26cm - £42.99

The distinctively shaped Double Wall Stainless Steel Square Bowl makes for a stylish buffet display. This bowl features a double walled construction to provide extra insulation to keep its contents cooler for longer, making it ideal for salads, fruit and more. [more...]

Double Wall Stainless Steel Curve Tray 30 x 18cm - £26.99

Elegant and stylish, the Double Wall Stainless Steel Curve Tray is perfect for a unique food presentation. A great choice for buffet food display, this tray could be used for presenting food such as fruit, canapés or sushi as the double wall construction provides extra insulation to keep food cool. [more...]

Bar Blades Vinyl Coated Red - From £3.99

Whether you're a professional or an amateur flair bartender the Vinyl Coated Bar Blade is a strong and durable tool that will make your tricks look good and run smoothly! [more...]

Vinyl Mini Boston Cocktail Shaker Red - From £2.99

Whether you're a cocktail novice, or an expert in the cocktail making field, the bold red of the Vinyl Mini Boston Cocktail Shaker will help enhance the look of your cocktail shaking skills. The vinyl coating also helps you keep a good grip on your shaker tin so you can really give your drink a good shake without the fear of your tin flying out of your hand. [more...]

Vinyl Mini Boston Cocktail Shaker Blue - From £2.99

Mix up a storm at the bar with the Vinyl Mini Boston Cocktail Shaker. With a handy blue vinyl coating, this Boston cocktail shaker tin allows you to keep a decent grip on your cocktail creation to make sure you can give it a good shake for perfect results. [more...]

Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers No Collar Red - £11.99

Manufactured using the original 1940s American design, the Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers are ideal for the professional bartender. Made from durable and non-corrosive plastic, these medium-fast pourers can be used for cordials and juice, as well as spirits and liqueurs. [more...]

Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers Collared Blue - £14.99

Featuring the original 1940s American design, the classic Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers are a great choice for your selection of spirits. Allowing for a smooth and accurate serve, these medium fast flow pourers are non-corrosive for use with citrus and acidic drinks as well as spirits and liqueurs. [more...]

Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers Collared Red - £14.99

An American bar classic, the Whiskygate Freeflow Pourers are great for serving up spirits, liqueurs, cordials and more. Featuring a medium-fast flow and finished in translucent red with a collared design, these S.A.N. plastic pourers are durable and non-corrosive. [more...]

Professional Shooter Belt - £299.99

A fun and practical way to serve up shots, the Professional Shooter Belt is ideal for bars and clubs selling or promoting drinks. This high quality leather belt consists of two shoulder straps which hold 12 shot glasses and a belt which holds 2 bottles of spirit. [more...]

Lodge Cast Iron Mini Round Eared Serving Bowl 6.75inch - From £26.99

For a unique way to present food, the Lodge Cast Iron Mini Round Eared Serving Bowl is ideal. Made from durable cast iron, this small bowl can be used to bring freshly cooked meals from straight from the oven to the table. The size of this bowl makes it ideal for presenting side dishes and desserts. [more...]

Hasseröder Half Pint Glasses 12oz LGS at 10oz - £9.99

The officially branded Hasseröder Half Pint Glasses are a great way to enjoy your favourite German beer. Lined and government stamped at half a pint, these glasses allow for extra room for that important head on your beer. [more...]

Indulgence Carafe (26.4oz / 750ml) - £14.99

Treat yourself with the Indulgence Carafe, which is perfect for dinner parties, special occasions or everyday use. Made from fine quality mouth blown glass, it features a classic, yet minimalist design that's perfect for wine or water. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Black Label Cufflinks - £12.99

Any fashion expert will tell you that black goes with everything, so why not add the JD Black Label Cufflinks? Whether you're at the office, on a date, or even at a wedding, these gift boxed cufflinks will add the finishing touch to any outfit. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Shot Glasses 2.3oz / 65ml - £14.99

Jack Daniel's is undoubtedly a sharp little drink, which makes it a great tipple to start your evening with. Get just the right amount of JD with the Jack Daniels Shot Glasses! With the classic Old No. 7 logo printed on the front, and the Jack Daniel signature on the reverse, these shot glasses are ideal for any JD fan. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Spirit Dispenser on Plinth - £44.99

Without our Jack Daniel's Spirit Dispenser, your home bar is far from complete! This free standing optic sits perfectly on the bar or sideboard making this rather tasty drink that bit more desirable! [more...]

Jack Daniel's Home Bar Set - £19.99

Drink your favourite whiskey in style with the Jack Daniel's Home Bar Set. Perfect for serving up a tipple of JD for you and a friend, this gift set contains a pair of branded Jack Daniel's tumblers, complete with coasters for resting your drinks. The silicone ice tray lets you spell out 'JACK' in ice making this the perfect set for any JD fan! [more...]

Jack Daniel's Hip Flask Gift Set - £19.99

This deluxe 4oz chrome hip flask comes complete with a shot cup and a funnel for you to easily refill your flask whenever you want some JD on the go. The whole set is presented in a sleek wooden gift box, making this the perfect gift for any JD fan. [more...]

Jack Daniel's Dartboard - £44.99

When a common dart board just won't do, this Jack Daniel's branded beauty will give your games room a bit of style! [more...]

Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink - £2.99

Get a boost in the form of this Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink. This drinks can, inspired by the classic retro game, is filled with a high caffeine cherry tasting energy drink to help you get to the next level. [more...]

Nintendo Donkey Kong Jungle Juice Energy Drink - From £2.99

Where does Donkey Kong get all his energy from? Donkey Kong Jungle Juice of course! One can of this high caffeine energy drink will allow you to run, throw, climb and beat your chest, just like Donkey Kong! [more...]

Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Energy Drink - From £3.19

Give yourself a boost with the Pac-Man Bonus Fruit Energy Drink. Based on the extremely popular 80s game, this retro themed can contains a fruit flavoured high caffeine energy drink, giving you an instant energy boost! [more...]

Vitamine C Set - £11.99

Everyone needs their daily dose of vitamin C and one of the most tasty ways to get it is through fresh fruit. So whether your fruit is orange, yellow, green or pink, you can slice, peel and scoop your way into it with this set of specially designed fold away spoons. [more...]

10° Barserie Old Fashioned Whisky Tumblers 11.4oz / 325ml - £97.99

After a few whiskies, you might be feeling like this old fashioned tumbler! From the 10° Barserie range, this unique whisky tumbler dynamically leans to one side, reaching out for the next drink! Made from Tritan crystal glass, these tumblers present a unique clarity favoured by restaurants across Europe. [more...]

Houdini Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker - £24.99

This cocktail shaker features a unique Flip-Top lid with a built in strainer. Simple to use, you'll be wanting to make cocktails all night long! [more...]

Celsius Oval Casserole Dish Black 7ltr - £69.99

Serve up a hearty casserole with the Celsius Oval Casserole Dish. Manufactured from enamelled cast iron, this lidded dish helps retain heat to keep your casserole pipping hot. This large 7 litre dish is ideal for use in commercial kitchens. [more...]

Barmaster Beer Mugs GS 20oz / 568ml - £9.99

Serve up a more traditional pint with the Barmaster Beer Mugs. Offering a classic beer mug design with a panelled lower half, these mugs are made from heavyweight glass for a durable and practical design. Holding a pint to the brim, these beer glasses are government stamped. [more...]

Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer - £14.99

When it comes to wine, perfection is everything, which is why the Digital Wine Bottle Thermometer from [email protected] has been designed to read the temperature of your bottle so you know when it's at optimum serving temperature. [more...]

Chinelli Fusion Lacy Shot Glasses 1.8oz / 50ml - £79.99

Enjoy a drop of vodka, whisky or other liqueur with the Chinelli Fusion Lacy Shot Glasses. Ideal for after dinner or party drinks, guests will be instantly impressed with the design and splendor of these shot glasses. [more...]

Chinelli Rodhium Bottle Cage with Lock - £24.99

Keep your precious alcohol away from prying hands and thirsty mouths with the Chinelli Rodhium Bottle Cage. Simply put your wine or spirit bottle in the cage, before locking it up securely with the padlock provided. Now all you have to worry about is hiding the key! [more...]

Crystal Decanting Ball with Stand - £11.99

Enhance your wine tasting enjoyment with the lead-free Crystal Decanting Ball. The ball is simply placed in the neck of the decanter before filling with your favourite red wine. This helps achieve maximum aeration to enhance the flavour and bouquet of the wine, so it's ready to serve straight away. [more...]

Sexy Bitch Pink Champagne Flute - £8.99

If you like to accessorise to make a statement, then what exactly is the Sexy Bitch Pink Champagne Flute saying? There's no doubt that this strikingly girly pink champagne flute is stroking your ego with full effect! Lined with unending glitter and fake diamonds, this champagne flute is the ideal gift for a girl who likes a bit of bling! [more...]

KS Hygiene Serrated Slicer 12inch Red - Raw Meat - £9.99

Produced using professional quality CrMoV steel, these blades are perfect for any level of chef. Colour coded for use with raw meat to help prevent cross contamination, they are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. The colour coded handles also help to conform to health and safety regulations. [more...]

Drainer Ice Scoop Large - £6.99

When scooping ice from an ice bucket, it can be quite annoying having to drain away melted ice. The Drainer Ice Scoop has provided a simple solution to your problem - with a series of holes in the base, this ice scoop will help drain away any unwanted water for you with the least of effort! [more...]

Celsius Round Fat Free Skillet 10.5inch - £12.99

The Celsius Round Skillet is manufactured from one piece cast iron, offering a fat free method of cooking by utilising the tread in the bottom of the pan. More space within the pan than a standard frying pan and higher sides allows for alternative cooking methods, these skillets are made to a professional standard. [more...]

Pizza Dough Docker - £16.99

A must have tool for Italian cuisine, the Pizza Dough Docker helps prevent air bubbles forming in your pizza base. It works by piercing the dough to combat over rising and blistering for the perfect pizza. This Docker can also be used with other types of dough such as pastry. [more...]

Winmau Soft-Feel Dart Mat - £59.99

Whether you're an avid dart lover or tournament player, the Winmau Soft-Feel Dart Mat will introduce a professional element to your game. It features official tournament specification oche measurements for an accurate game of darts. [more...]

KS Classic Paring Knife 3.5inch - £2.99

Perfect for preparing small and fiddly ingredients, such as chilies, jalapeños and for preparing garnishes and herbs, the KS Classic Paring Knife will prove invaluable to any professional or domestic chef. This knife features a CRMOV steel blade and SoftTech handle. [more...]

Flairco Flair Bottles White - From £19.99

For the more adventurous among us, our 750ml flair bottles weigh the same as an empty glass bottle but are shatterproof and will take a lot of abuse. [more...]

Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers 11.6oz LCE at 10oz - £9.99

Perfect for serving up a variety of chilled beverages, the Vigne Nordic Hiball Tumblers are the ideal everyday glass for use in your home, bar or restaurant. These 33cl glasses are lined and CE marked at half a pint and are made from highly resistant Kwarx glass. [more...]

Steelite Sheer Bowls - From £21.99

The totally new conceptual design of the Sheer crockery range offers an unprecedented opportunity to show true individualism in food service presentation. This unusual set of bowls features a very slanted rim that helps to enhance any food presentation. [more...]

Ice Ice Baby - £9.99

Alright stop, collaborate and listen, before you sip on your drink, ensure you've topped it up with these cool ice letters, spelling out 'ice ice baby'. It might be 20 years since the famous Vanilla Ice single was released, but you can't deny you still know all the words! [more...]

Striped Drink Tokens - £4.99

When catering for an event, it is common that you will need to keep check of how many drinks are allocated to each person. With free bars being popular for weddings, and other special occasions, using drink tokens as payment will ensure no one is allowed more than their limit. [more...]

Frosted Bubble Sundae Dish 4.5oz / 130ml - From £7.99

No meal is complete without a final course of dessert. The Frosted Bubble Sundae Dish provides the perfect way to present a mouthwatering ice cream sundae or a neat helping of sorbet. The Bubble Dish features a unique, slanted design with a flat base with an appropriately frosted finish. [more...]

Manhattan Nights Champagne Bucket - £19.99

The only thing worse than a warm glass of wine is a warm glass of bubbly. Ensure you don't ruin the celebrations by keeping your bottle nicely chilled with the Manhattan Nights Champagne Bucket. This stylish bucket has a brushed stainless steel finish, making it ideal for dinner parties, celebration drinks and special occasions. [more...]

Claudio Hiball Tumblers 12.7oz / 360ml - £21.99

The unrivalled elegant aesthetic of the Claudio Hiball Tumblers, combined with their crystal glass manufacturing techniques makes them the ideal choice for any suave dinner party. Great for serving juice, soft drinks, cocktails and water, the Claudio Hiballs make an excellent table service accompaniment. [more...]

The City Sofa Range - From £499.99

This abstract designed sofa and armchair will give a retro feel to your living room. Made from wood and upholstered in padded leather, the City range is available as a single seat armchair, and a double seat sofa. [more...]

Floral Design Canvas - £44.99

These smart design pictures will help to bring the outside inside with their simple and very effective floral silhouettes. The stark contrast between the black and white helps to accentuate the beautiful compositions. [more...]

Card Shuffler - £7.99

This automatic card shuffler shuffles any standard card decks completely, right before your eyes! Just push the button and watch it's speedy operation! [more...]

Dice Poker Chips - From £2.5

If you're the sort of person who enjoys a good game, there is no need to look any further. The Dice Poker Chips are available in a set of 300, packaged in a beautiful, smart chip case, fashioned from aluminium. These chips are also available in packs of 25. [more...]

No Smoking Sign Pack - £49.99

Ideal for all establishments covered by the smoking ban, including pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. This set of signs are compliant with the current smoking laws for displaying around your premises and includes exterior and interior notices. [more...]

Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set - £29.95

Bring out the Dice Poker Chips Pre-Packed Set at your next poker game and you're guaranteed to impress your mates. This set features a beautiful smart chip case fashioned from aluminium and is available in a 500 chip set. [more...]

Pro Dealer Button Large - £4.99

Ideal for tournament and professional play. [more...]

Mahogany Roulette Wheel - £449.99

There is nothing more exciting in a casino than the spin of a roulette wheel. We have searched the globe high and low for top quality wheels at a competitive price and here is the result! [more...]

Acrylic Hiball 15oz / 430ml - From £3.99

If you're serving up your own special version of a Long Island Ice Tea, you might find your guests spill almost as much as they have consumed by the end of the night! To avoid large cleaning bills and potential cut fingers, this Acrylic Hiball is the perfect alternative to your regular glassware. [more...]

Churchill White Mediterranean Dish 10 Inch / 25.6cm WH MD10 - £4.69

The classic style Churchill White Mediterranean Dish is ideal for serving up a generous helping of Mediterranean food. This dish is finished with a white gloss glaze and is super vitrified for a durable finish that's covered by a 5 year edge chip warranty. [more...]

Baguette Cutlery Table Knives - £49.99

A classic and elegant design makes the Baguette Cutlery Table Knives the ideal choice for a sophisticated table setting. Made from high quality 18/10 stainless steel, these knives are ideal for both commercial and domestic applications. [more...]

Churchill White Mediterranean Salad Bowls SBL 25.2cm - £114.99

The Churchill White Mediterranean Salad Bowls offer a durable and practical design for commercial applications. [more...]

Churchill White Large Oval-Eared Dish LOED 34.5 x 19cm - From £16.49

The Churchill White Large Oval-Eared Dish is ideal for oven-to-table service in restaurants and hotels. Finished in a white gloss glaze for a professional finish. [more...]

Churchill White Consomme Bowl with Handles CSC 40cl / 14oz - From £5.49

Perfect for food service in restaurants and hotels, the Churchill White Consomme Bowl with Handles is finished in a superior white gloss glaze for a professional finish. [more...]

Churchill White Buckingham Stacking Coffee Cups BCC 4oz / 11.2cl - £66.99

The Churchill White Buckingham Stacking Coffee Cups are ideal for serving hot beverages. They are super vitrified for commercial application. [more...]

UK Plug Adapter SCP3 - £2.99

The UK Plug Adapter SCP3 can be used to convert European plugs to a 3-pin UK plug. Simply place the European plug inside and screw closed. Converts both straight and right angled schukos. [more...]

Esperienze Champagne Flutes 10.6oz / 300ml - From £41.99

This handmade piece of designer stemware is the ideal way to experience your favourite bottle of bubbly. Perfect for tasting, the Esperienze Champagne Flute features a unique rippled bowl that aids oxygenation, and a fine rim that is ideal for tasting. [more...]

ASBO Joke Documentation - £1.99

If you are tired of being on the receiving end of all the jokes, turn the tables and present your mates with an anti-social behaviour order, or 'A Spoof Behavioural Order' as they are called! These are a great product to have a laugh at your mates expense, we have an ASBO for all sorts of bad habits! [more...]

Vampire Costume - £16.99

You dont have to drink blood to become dracula, just wear our authentic costume! [more...]

Birthday Power Cups - £2.49

The Birthday Power Cups are the perfect addition to any birthday celebration, young or old! [more...]

Just A Nod Waiters Corkscrew - £7.99

Not everyone has the strength of Ben Hur, so why not let the Just A Nod Waiters Corkscrew take the strain? This corkscrew features an innovative pivot joint that allows the lever to extend further to easily extract the cork. This award winning design helps reduce the strain and extract corks easier than a traditional corkscrew. [more...]

St George's Car Nose - £2.99

Do you remember those tomato splats that were released with Comic Relief? Well now you can support your country with this St Georges Car Nose!! [more...]

Delice Blanc Square Crockery - From £26.95

The Delice Blanc Range is a very affordable, angular design of crockery. Ideal for oriental or contemporary dishes. [more...]

Neo-Link Create Your Own Neon - From £0.5

Create Neon words in a “Snap” !
Where can you customise a neon sign at 4pm and have it on your doorstep the next morning before 9am???
Well we can now do this for you. Simply select your letters or words and place your order... [more...]

Bobby Soxer Costume - £14.99

Time to party like it's 1959! Get kitted out in this 50's style Bobby Soxer costume for a night of Jiving and Jitterbugging! [more...]

Disco Queen Outfit - £44.91

Dazzle your friends on the dance-floor in a sparkly disco queen outfit! [more...]

Cross Stem Lamp Stand - £69.99

Aluminium multifunctional cross shaped lamp base. Available in 2 sizes. [more...]

Well Doily Coasters - £12.96

Four attractive coasters with a white doily design. Mix or match your place settings. [more...]

Mix-Up Lemon Dinner Set - From £34.93

The Mix-Up Lemon Dinner range is a subtly stylish dinner service that ignores the brash colours and designs and instead concentrates on understated beauty. Each piece in the Mix-Up range features a mix of clear frosted glass and a dull lemon yellow colouring. [more...]

Starck Small Cups - £5.98

These Starck Small Cups are ideal for entertaining at parties, picnics, BBQs and outdoor events. Lightweight and durable, these stylish cups have an indentation in the bottom to fit perfectly with the spike on the Lux plates. [more...]

Starck Large Cups - £5.99

The large cups from the Lux range stand on their own as an interesting and unique disposable. Made from plastic, these cups are light-weight so are easy enough to transport. [more...]

Sexy WPC Costume - £12.99

Walking down the street in this kinky little outfit you might hear a few shouts of 'Leg it! It's the rozzers!' But instead of running away, the chaps will be flocking towards you! [more...]

Sheer Salt Shaker - £8.99

The totally new conceptual design of the Sheer crockery range offers an unprecedented opportunity to show true individualism in food service presentation. [more...]

Jazz Time Honey Costume - £39.99

Take a trip back to the roaring twenties with this black and gold layered dress. You can add some glamour to any 1920s or jazz themed fancy dress party, while pretending to be Joan Crawford for the evening. [more...]

Elia Orientix Oblong Platter - £76.99

This simplistic design of distinct Oriental influence offers a comprehensive selection of pieces for optimum tabletop creativity. The soft white tone of the glaze adds a subtle sophistication for fine dining establishments and domestic use. [more...]

Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp - £22.49

This patterned glass holder is designed for use with official Hollowick burners. The burner uses lamp fuel, with a reliable burn time of 36 hours. Small and compact, this Hollowick Ambre Lustre Dining Lamp adds a subtle touch of ambiance where needed. [more...]

Soccer Party Banner - £2.99

Whether you have a new season, World Cup or European Championship to celebrate, this Soccer Party Banner will get everyone in the mood for the big game. Also ideal for any footie lover's birthday, you can celebrate in style while singing along to your favourite football song. [more...]

Disposable Poly Cups 10oz / 300ml - £44.99

For all those situations where real cups aren't appropriate, these Disposable Poly Cups provide the ideal alternative. Suitable for hot beverages, from tea to soup, these cups are made from polystyrene for a smoothwall finish and insulation from the cold. [more...]

Gastronorm Pan 1/3 One Third Size 150mm Deep - £17.99

Suitable for commercial catering, this Gastronorm Pan allows for the cooking, chilling, storage, transportation and service of various foods. Made from high quality stainless steel, this pan offers high durability and an easy to clean finish. [more...]

Steelite Alvo Low Cups 12oz / 340ml - £154.99

With an embossed design, the Steelite Alvo Low Cups offer an elegant and distinctive look. Perfect for professional beverage service in hotels, restaurants and cafes, these cups are designed to withstand everyday use in commercial environments. [more...]

Artico Hiball Tumblers 12oz / 340ml - £12.95

When choosing day-to-day glassware, you have to be sure that it will last through plenty of use. The heavyweight Artico Hiball Tumblers boast a robust build with thermal shock resistance, which make them the first choice for any glassware cabinet! [more...]

Steelite Bianco Plates 300mm - £74.99

Manufactured with the professional caterer in mind, these beautifully crafted Steelite Bianco Plates are ideal for use in a wide range of environments including both the domestic and commercial sectors. With a fabulous, robust design these plates will take a fair amount of punishment. [more...]

Hygenie Glueboards for D11 Hygenie Uplighter - £13.99

Designed to catch flies, these replacement Hygenie Glueboards are suitable for use with the D11 Insectocutor Hygenie Uplighter. Each board will last about 6 months depending on the fly population and environmental conditions. [more...]

Country Cutlery Table Forks - £26.99

The Country Table Forks are manufactured from 18/10 stainless steel to a professional standard. Perfect for use in both the domestic and commercial environment, their highly polished finish and contemporary design will allow them to fit seamlessly with most existing tableware. [more...]

Royal Genware Deep Oval Platters 25cm - £39.99

Like the Royal Genware Oval Plate, these fantastic Deep Platters offer the same high quality and seamless fitting with most tableware. The only difference is that they are deep, allowing you to hold more of that lovely food. Great for dinner parties, these platters are perfect for domestic and commercial use. [more...]

Silicone Pot Grabber - £6.39

Made from silicone and heat-resistant up to 300°C, these heat-proof pot grabbers protect your hands when holding hot handles on oven or casserole dishes. [more...]

Elia Orientix Oval Plates 230mm - From £8.49

Perfect for fine dining in restaurants and hotels, the Elia Orientix Oval Plates have an Oriental influence. Finished with a soft white glaze, these plates are suitable for domestic or commercial use. [more...]

Elia Cubiq Covered Sugar Bowl - £24.99

A true modern classic, blending effortessly with either traditional or contemporary interiors. The Platinum rim combines perfectly with the delicate gold squares to produce a refined dinner service. [more...]

Wizard Bowls Dip Bowl - £29.99

Make sure you keep ahead of design with the Wizard Dip Bowl. This sleek, chrome finished bowl is perfect for dips and other liquids and will look great at any party. [more...]

Swashbuckler Costume - £49.99

Pirates just aren't what they used to be, now they're sexy! The Swashbuckler Costume treats onlookers to a higher caliber of seafaring traveller in the form of this sultry ladies' fancy dress item. [more...]

Fireman Costume - £49.99

It's no secret that women love firemen! No matter where they come from and what they look like, they are sure to make the women flock! Perhaps it's the heroic nature of the job, or perhaps it's the uniform - why not give the latter a go with this Fireman fancy dress costume! [more...]

Finger Food Spoons - £4.99

It's time to relive the days of your childhood when you were allowed to have some fun at the dinner table and play with your food! The Finger Food Spoons neatly slot on to the tips of your fingers for a fun way to eat your dinner! [more...]

Midnight Celebration Cups - £2.49

Attractive disposable cups to help celebrate any occasion in style! Once used can be disposed of to save on the washing up! [more...]

Tri Grater And Corian Base - £54.99

Stainless Steel grater with base made from white matt finish Corian®. [more...]