Cleaning Products

Proton Renovate Glassware Detergent 5kg - £36.99

Putting glassware through regular glass washing can cause a build up of dirt and wash chemicals on your glassware resulting in flat beer and lack of sparkle. The Proton Renovate Glassware Detergent has been designed to remove this build up by giving your glassware a 'renovation'. [more...]

Genware Sani Safe Wet Wipes - £34.99

Ideal for a variety of applications, the Genware Sani Safe Wet Wipes help your kitchen stay safe and hygienic. These antibacterial and antiviral wipes are suitable for cleaning kitchen surfaces, worktops and thermometer probes. [more...]

Proto-Brite Polycarb Detergent 5ltr - £24.99

The top up Proto-Brite Polycarb Detergent has been specially designed for use with the Krystal Klear Polycarb Rinse Aid. This detergent has been specially formulated for washing plastics in cabinet glasswashers and offers excellent results when use in conjunction with Polycarb Rinse Aid. [more...]

Proto-Brite Polycarb Detergent & Krystal Klear Polycarb Rinse Aid 5ltr - £29.99

Proto-Brite Polycarb Detergent has been specially designed for use with Krystal Klear Polycarb Rinse Aid in cabinet glasswashers to produce spot, streak and film free results. Suitable for washing all types of glasswasher safe plastic glassware, this set offers effective tannin and protein removal from polycarbonates, helping to deliver maximum head retention in plastic beer glasses. [more...]

Opti-Cleanse Optic Cleanser - £12.99

Optic cleaning; the dreaded time when you know your optics need a clean, but how best to do it? With Opti-Cleanse Optic Cleanser this becomes a problem of the past. Simply submerge your optics into a diluted solution of Opti-Cleanse and after soaking for one hour and rinsing, your optics will be as good as, if not better, than new. [more...]

Dustpan and Brush Set - From £2.99

The Dustpan and Brush Set offers a professional design that's suitable for use in the catering industry, as well as at home. The brush has a combination of soft and stiff bristles with the dustpan has a rubber lip for an effective clean without damaging surfaces [more...]

Spot Sweep Dustpan - £39.99

The Spot Sweep Dustpan is ideal for clearing up a variety of breakages and mess. Ideal for use in commercial establishments, this plastic dustpan allows you to safely clear away glass breakages, cigarette butts and other waste. [more...]

Spot Sweep Brush - £19.99

The Spot Sweep Brush is ideal for clearing up breakages and mess with ease. The soft bristles are suitable for use with all floor types, making this broom ideal for use in bars and restaurants. [more...]

Spot Sweep Dustpan and Brush - £54.99

The Spot Sweep Dustpan and Brush is designed to make clearing up breakages and mess a breeze. Ideal for commercial establishments such as restaurants and pubs, the Spot Sweep can be used on all floor types. [more...]

Pipeline Beer Line Cleaner - £26.99

Produced with all types of line materials including popes, meters, pumps, beer engines taps and fittings. Made from alkaline, this cleaner has a built in solution status indicator and also includes bactericides for long lasting effect.

This cleaner works by changing colour if the line is dirty. Starting a strong purple colour, when the mixture is pushed through the pipes, if it becomes clear, the line is dirty. If the cleaner comes out purple you know that the pipes are clean and free of bacteria and yeast. [more...]

Kentucky Mop Head & Handle - £21.99

Designed for heavy duty use, these commercial grade mops are ideal for use in a wide range of varying environments. With an interchangable mop head system and a rubber grip handle, they are perfect for all of your moping needs. [more...]

Bravilor Detergent Stain Cleaner - From £11.99

Made by the leading coffee machine makers, Bravilor, the Detergent Stain Cleaner is designed to remove tea and coffee stains from decanters and inside of the drink machines. With full instructions provided on the sachets getting rid of those horrid stains is now a lot less time consuming. [more...]

Bravilor Renegite Descaler - From £13.99

Bravilor Bonamat advise you to use Renegite to descale all their coffee machines and Flasks. As leading coffee machine manufacturers themselves, they have full understanding of the workings of their machines and the best ways to clean them. Regular maintenance of your equipment will guarantee a much longer life. [more...]

Centre Feed Rolls Blue - £24.99

Great for use in kitchens or bathrooms, this Centre Feed Roll dispenses 2ply paper towel that can be used for a variety of tasks such as hand drying or cleaning. Suitable for use with standard centre feed dispensers. [more...]

Centre Feed Rolls White - £28.99

Ideal for cleaning or as a hand towel, this multipurpose Centre Feed Roll is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. This roll fits standard size centre feed dispensers. [more...]

Mini Centre Feed Rolls White - £24.99

Ideal for use in centre feed dispensers, the Mini Centre Feed Roll is a convenient solution for commercial kitchens and toilets. Made from soft and strong 1ply sheets, this Centre Feed is ideal for drying hands and soaking up spillages. [more...]

Vinology Glassware Cleaning Brushes - £14.99

This pair of Vinology Glassware Cleaning Brushes is perfect for tackling awkwardly shaped glassware that ordinary cleaning brushes can't reach. The shorter brush is ideal for narrow and tall glasses such as wine glasses and champagne flutes, while the long brush is ideal for narrow necked decanters and carafes. [more...]

Genware Safe Probe Wipes - £4.99

Temperature probes are often used with a variety of food so ensure your kitchen stays safe and hygienic with these Genware Safe Probe Wipes. Each tub contains 200 disinfectant wipes which kill harmful bacteria without tainting food. [more...]

Ecolab Topmatic Crystal Glasswash 5ltr - From £39.99

Designed for the commercial and professional environment, the Ecolab Topmatic Crystal Glasswash offers professional clean results in glassware. This liquid ware-washing detergent is suitable for use in commercial glass wash machines. Ideal for pubs, bars, restaurants, canteens and hospitals. [more...]

Quash Lipstick Remover Kit - £24.99

When serving up a glass of your finest wine, the last thing you want is to receive complaints that there is an unsightly lipstick mark around the rim. The Quash Lipstick Remover Kit contains everything you'll need to get your glasses sparkling clean for perfect wine service. [more...]

Quash Lipstick Remover Refill Pack - £29.99

To go alongside your Quash Lipstick Remover Kit, this refill pack contains everything you'll need to maintain your brilliantly cleaned glassware. Including 2 bottles of Quash Concentrate, 4 extra applicator sponges and 1 spare measuring cup, this set will help you keep your glasses lipstick free. [more...]

Pizza Oven Brush - £34.99

Keep your oven spic and span with the Pizza Oven Brush. Designed for ease of cleaning large stonebake ovens and pizza ovens, this brush features brass bristles, a stainless steel scraper and long wooden handle. [more...]

Pizza Oven Brush Head - £26.99

Large pizza ovens can be tiresome to clean, but the Pizza Oven Brush Head makes the job easier. Compatible with the Pizza Oven Brush Handle, this brush head has brass wire bristles and a stainless steel scraper for a thorough clean. [more...]

Pizza Oven Brush Handle - £10.99

The Pizza Oven Brush Handle is compatible with the Pizza Oven Brush Head to assist in the cleaning of large commercial pizza ovens. [more...]