Home Bar Cocktail Set

Free UK Delivery If you feel your home bar is lacking a little something, then it's probably time you invested in the Home Bar Cocktail Set. Including everything you need to make your pad look like a swanky New York cocktail bar, this set features everything you need to mix up the perfect cocktail, long drink or drink on the rocks.

This set includes a range of tools including a jigger, strainer, bar knife and pair of tongs to help you serve up a variety of beverages. The sleek stainless steel ice bucket is perfect for parties, while the rubber bar runner gives your bar a professional look while keeping the top free from stains.

To finish of your cocktail creation, the Chrome Bar Caddy comes packed with a selection of cocktail decorations, straws and napkins. All you need is a few bottles of booze and you're ready to entertain!

Bought separately, these items would cost you £57.89, meaning that with this pack you are saving a total of £22.90! For that you could buy a couple more accessories or even some extra cocktail decorations!

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