Bottle Skips

Longlife Bottle Trolley 165ltr Maroon - £94.99

A practical and convenient way to store your recycling and rubbish, the 165ltr Longlife Bottle Trolley is ideal for placement behind the bar or in back areas. Ideal for glass bottle recycling, this durable plastic bottle skip has four castors for ease of movement. [more...]

Longlife Bottle Trolley 150ltr Maroon - £89.99

This Longlife Bottle Trolley has a generous 150 litre capacity, making it ideal for filling with glass recycling and other refuse. Made from durable plastic, this commercial quality bottle skip has four castors making it high versatile and practical. [more...]

Longlife Bottle Trolley 135ltr Maroon - £86.99

Ensure your bar area stays free from overflowing refuse with this large capacity Longlife Bottle Trolley. Ideal for placement behind the bar or in back areas, this bottle skip has four castors for ease of movement, making it ideal for glass recycling and other refuse. [more...]

Bottle Skip 165ltr Blue - £84.99

Ensure your bar area is kept clear and tidy with this 165 litre Bottle Skip. The ideal solution for the disposal of glass bottles or other recycling, this skip eliminates the need for bin bags and helps prevent overflowing bins. [more...]

Recycled Bottle Skip 135ltr Black - £64.99

Help ease your conscience and do your bit for the environment with this Recycled Bottle Skip. Ideal for storing glass bottles ready for recycling, this skip is also manufactured from recycled polymer plastic, which offers a tough finish for use in commercial environments. [more...]

Recycled Bottle Skip 165ltr Black - £64.99

When you're running a busy bar or restaurant there often isn't time to take the bins out. Save time and effort with this large capacity Recycled Bottle Skip. Ideal for placement in back bar areas, this skip makes the disposal and recycling of glass bottles easy. [more...]

Recycled Bottle Skip 150ltr Black - £64.99

Overfilled bins can be hazardous, so ensure you've got plenty of space for all your glass recycling with the Recycled Bottle Skip. Manufactured from tough recycled polymer plastic, these mobile Bottle Skips are ideal for placement under the bar or back of house. [more...]

Recycled Bottle Skip 185ltr Black - £64.99

This Recycled Bottle Skip is perfect for keeping your bar area free from empty bottles and general waste. With a large capacity, this skip is suitable for use in commercial restaurants and bars, offering extra storage for recycling and waste. [more...]

Bottle Skip 218ltr Black - £74.99

If you've got a busy bar to run, the last thing you want is overflowing bins and black sacks behind the bar. A bottle skip is an ideal solution to this problem, allowing bottles to be easily disposed of or recycled, without causing a hazard. [more...]

Bottle Skip 218ltr Blue - £89.99

With this professionally designed bottle skip, overflowing bins will now longer be a problem. On wheels, this 218ltr Bottle Skip is easy to manoeuvre and a great way to move large amounts of waste bottles around for recycling without causing a hazard. [more...]