Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe 20ltr

Free UK Delivery This large capacity 20ltr Burco Gas Water Boiler Deluxe holds the equivalent of 120 cups, making it ideal for fixed placement in any establishment needing a good supply of hot water at preordained times, such as canteens, function rooms and halls. The Burco is also suitable for mobile catering vehicles due to its securable feet.

This gas operated boiler runs from either a Butane or Propane supply, with a safety flame supervision device for enhanced safety and peace of mind. With a stainless steel and double wall construction, this urn is optimised for high durability and insulation. This Burco Boiler is fully safety and EMC tested, CE marked and supported by a full commercial guarantee.

Please Note:
The gas connection is made using flexible hose (8mm I.D.) complying with BS3212 1991 to either the bottle governor or to a tap fitted at the end of a rigid pipework assembly. Fittings and gas are not included.

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