Blizzard Bottle Coolers

Blizzard BAR20 Upright Bottle Cooler Black - £1099.99

Ideal for busy commercial bars, the Blizzard BAR20 Upright Bottle Cooler offers a large 466 litre capacity for chilling a range of bottles. Specially designed for use in bars, this cooler features forced air pull down to allow for frequent usage and fully automatic operation. [more...]

Blizzard BAR10 Upright Bottle Cooler Black - £799.99

Keep your bar well stocked with the Blizzard BAR10 Upright Bottle Cooler, which offers a 292 litre capacity. Holding up to 324 beer bottles, this glass fronted cabinet lets you offer a wide range of beverages on clear display behind the bar. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-1 Bottle Cooler Black - £459.99

The quiet running of the BAR-1 by Blizzard makes it an ideal professional quality bottle cooler for inclusion in the home, as well as in a commercial environment. With maximum efficiency and a large 130 bottle capacity, the BAR-1 is an ideal bottle cooler for those who need a constant supply of chilled drinks! [more...]

Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler Black - £599.99

Ensure perfectly chilled drinks every time with the Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler. This cooler features a stylish black finish, ideal for contemporary bars, restaurants and cafes. With an efficient design which includes self-closing doors and fan assisted cooling, this cooler achieves cold temperatures at a minimum running cost. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler Black - £789.99

This Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler in black offers a generous capacity, ideal for bars, restaurants and cafes wanting to offer a wide selection of drinks. Offering minimal running costs for daily use, this efficient and stylish cooler also features glass fronted doors for a clear display. [more...]

Blizzard Wine Cooler 105 - £364.99

Serve your wine at the perfect temperature with the Blizzard Wine Cooler 105. With a capacity for 30 wine bottles, this cooler is ideal for use in bars and restaurants or in households that enjoy wine. This refrigeration unit has specially designed scalloped shelves for resting wine bottles and a glass fronted door for clear display. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-1 Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel - £549.99

No matter how demanding your situation, the Blizzard BAR-1 will maintain a high level of efficiency throughout. Chilling bottles to an ideal serving temperature, the Blizzard BAR-1 is ideal for placement behind a busy bar, but is also ideal for use in pubs, clubs, hotels, cafes and restaurants. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel - £729.99

Specially designed to withstand the toughest commercial environments, this Blizzard BAR-2 Bottle Cooler is ideal for busy bars, hotels, restaurants and clubs. The sleek stainless steel body gives this cooler a contemporary look, while the efficient design ensures running costs are low. [more...]

Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler Stainless Steel - £1030

This efficient and stylish Blizzard BAR-3 Bottle Cooler is the perfect way to chill drinks behind your bar. With a stainless steel finish, this cooler offers both a contemporary and practical design and is ideal for undercounter placement at the back of your bar. [more...]